Microsoft Copilot Pro with AI-Powered Office Features

Two months after releasing its AI-enabled Office features for enterprises in November, Microsoft also makes them available to customers. Today keeps the...

Two months after releasing its AI-enabled Office features for enterprises in November, Microsoft also makes them available to customers. Today keeps the debut of Copilot Pro, a $20/month membership that grants users access to AI-enabled features within MS Office programs such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Moreover, users will have a priority key to the OpenAI models and can develop their Copilot GPT.

Suppose you are currently a subscriber to Microsoft 365 Personal or Home. In that case, you can access Copilot in Office programs for Mac, Windows, and iPad by paying an additional $20 per month (per person). You can use the inline Copilot experiences in Word to rewrite paragraphs, generate content, and summarize papers. You can even generate complete PowerPoint slide presentations from a chatbot-like prompt. While a preview version is accessible in Excel for data analysis, graph generation, and much more, Copilot will also appear in Outlook to assist with responding to or creating new emails.

Microsoft Copilot

All About Microsoft Copilot Pro’s New Features

With the notable exception of being able to request Copilot to create a PowerPoint presentation from a Word file, the majority of the capabilities that have been accessible to companies for the previous several months will be accessible to consumers. We cannot provide this feature at this time because the consumer version does not utilize Microsoft’s Graph technology.

When you upgrade to Copilot Pro, you have access to the most recent OpenAI models, an improved Image Creator in Designer (formerly Bing Image Creator), and the opportunity to create your very own Copilot GPT and the usual Office integration.

To gain priority access to GPT-4 Turbo inside Copilot, you can subscribe to simply Copilot Pro if you aren’t a Microsoft 365 customer. You can soon switch between models and experience faster performance even during busy hours. With the release of Copilot Pro and the introduction of a new landscape image format, OpenAI’s DALL-E models will be able to generate higher-quality images. Like the business version that came out last year, the subscription will soon have a new Copilot GPT Builder that enables you to make your own personalized Copilot GPT.


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