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Why is Online Anonymity so Highly Desired by Bloggers?

During the last few years, there has been an interest among established bloggers in anonymous blogging so that the best anonymous blog...

anonymous blogging

During the last few years, there has been an interest among established bloggers in anonymous blogging so that the best anonymous blog sites have provided an avenue for the same. Anonymous blogging is a way of writing blogs in which the author does not reveal his/her identity so that there can be sufficient peace of mind after publishing. In many cases, blogs can be quite potent and may carry a lot of information that may be harmful to a lot of powerful people. While writing an anonymous blog, bloggers generally yearn to produce quality, and for that, a lot of data and information can be there in it.  

This type of blog can help in dispelling propaganda and oft-held notions that may not be the correct version. When any event or personality is analyzed using data and reliable information, the result can be more trustworthy and credible. That is the reason why anonymous blog sites have become so highly desired in recent times. Apart from it, there are some more compelling reasons for their success, some of which are discussed here for information.

Provides a platform to work independently

Every blogger wants to blog independently without any pressure on his back. While writing with one’s name, there can be many occasions when a blogger may have to compromise due to different reasons so that the quality may suffer at the end of the day.  Starting a blog can be a good way to preserve one’s independence so that a blogger can bring forth all information that is available with him/her on a topic. It can be a blogger’s research on the subject with sufficient viewpoints across the spectrum so that readers can get a good insight into it. Bloggers can experience enough satisfaction in this way that can help them in being motivated so that more compelling discussions can be pushed forward for everyone’s benefit. Working independently without being coerced into any forced belief can be quite rewarding for any blogger as it can bring out the best in that individual, and readers can always get blogs that are well-researched and carefully crafted. 

It can be an ideal way to fight fake news


Fake news is becoming quite a threat in recent years as it can malign reputations, dash hopes, and create propaganda out of nothing and can lead to unrest, extremism, and violence. Governments and societies have woken up to the threats that it poses, yet there are not many ways in which fake news can be countered efficiently. Fortunately, anonymous blogging is a way of taking on fake news by sharing details and perspectives of an event, occurrence, happening, or any individual. Honest bloggers have realized this aspect in recent times so that there is a greater affinity among them towards anonymous blogging.

Online anonymity can help them in getting rid of any prejudice that they may face while remaining visible. They can share details and stories pertaining to all sides so that readers can decide on their own without forming an opinion in the first place. Fake news can be dealt with in this way quite effectively because it will help in dispelling many wrong notions that may be in circulation due to such type of false news.

An effective tool for taking the high and mighty

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A lot of investigative bloggers are seeking online anonymity so that they can take on some high and mighty people who may be sitting in tall positions. Without being anonymous, fighting with them may be quite an uphill task due to the power or money that they wield. These bloggers want to bring forth the wrongdoings done by such individuals so that readers and society can get to know the wrong deeds of the person. If these bloggers stay visible and do their work, influential people can try to stop them either by luring or threat. In either case, the end objective of the blogger will get hampered. Blogging anonymously can help solve this problem as bloggers can share the facts with readers, and this high and mighty can be brought to the book. 

Bloggers can try their skills in different categories

anonymous blogging

There are many bloggers who try to go anonymous simply because they want to try blogging on other subjects that they may be interested in apart from the ones that made them popular. Readers may readily identify them and their category if they share their names so that they try to write anonymously. If the blog succeeds, then they can surely plan to chart their way forward. Otherwise, they may not have much to worry about as they already have their own space and dedicated reader base. It can be a good way to experiment with other forms of writing.

Online anonymity is highly prized by many seasoned bloggers, and many of them are already into it. Many new effective bloggers have also taken up the idea as they do not want to risk themselves for any reason. Hence, anonymous blogging is certainly going to stay for long within the industry.


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  1. Its a great idea. I want to write stuff sometimes but with friends and family following my blog i avoid contentious issues. Maybe I should become anonymous

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