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Easy Way to Promote the WordPress Blog for Beginners

Introduction: Many people are there who are very passionate about their writing and they love to share their content of writing with...

WordPress Blog for Beginners


Many people are there who are very passionate about their writing and they love to share their content of writing with everybody. WordPress is that platform where anyone can share their content by creating a blog and WordPress will help to share those to give those contents a read. Recently, WordPress is stepping forward with a new resolution and it is becoming famous with every count as bulks of users are offered a huge variety of plug-ins. Many of them are free where the users are allowed to have a healthy conversation with their customers. In this case, if anyone wants to improve his or her own brand or blog, then he may use WordPress plug-ins to promote his website. Without an inch of doubt, it can be said that WordPress is also one of the best promo platforms.

An innovation of creativity:

A qualitative content which will be filled with information is definitely an engaging one for any type of blogs and creating this type of content with a proper balance of elements is definitely a piece of art. In this context, if anyone is beginner then he needs to satisfy people with the enrichment of his writing. The writing should be unique and upgraded in such a way that many people will cherish each and every part of the writing and want to read again and again. The writing should achieve the target level of audience and all these will uplift the web presentation of the blog.

Suitable theme Installation:

Appearance always does matter when it comes to presentation. The appearance of the blog is no exception. In this context, web design is the best facet which will imprint on the visitor’s mind. So, one should decorate his blog site with an amazing soothing theme which will showcase the exact purpose of the blog site to the visitors or followers. An individual should be prompt to enhance the appearance of his blog which will attract people to get glued to the blog page.

Stroke of strategic content marketing:

In order to promote one’s blog, “content marketing” assists to identify the potential customer and provide them quality content for solutions of their queries accordingly. This type of marketing will encourage to sell more within a stipulated time. All the blog posts should be shared on the social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ etc. This will help you to drive more web traffic. One can create a Facebook page with targeted visitors and post the WordPress links via Facebook. There is also an availability of social sharing icon through which one can share each of his blog posts on his social media profiles.

The contribution of Permalinks:

One should ensure that the URL of his blog posts contains proper keywords which will optimize the content. WordPress can catalyze permalink automatically but before that, it should be ensured that the content is enriched with keywords and worth reading.

Usage of guest posting:

Basically, guest posting means writing and posting an article on other’s blog site. It is a great strategy through which one can promote his blog and reach out to an online larger population base. Anyone can use a guest post to promote their blog site. This procedure will provide an external link from various authority sites which will uplift the score on search engines- it is definitely a positive sign.

Creation of search engine-optimized blog posts:

In this field, search engines play a pivotal role. WordPress offers a bulk of sturdy SEO plug-ins like Yoast SEO, All In On SEO etc.  These will catalyze SEO-friendly title tags and meta descriptions in each of blog posts. One just needs to ensure that those meta descriptions or title tags contain appealing keywords.

Regular update of blog posts:

One needs to contemporize his blog regularly. He needs to create and make Google know that his contents are serious and those are worth reading.

Operation through YouTube videos:

We know that Youtube is another famous social media platform where one can communicate with potential visitors by the audio-visual message. One should be very innovative and make the visitors engaged with rich contents. He can make unique videos in case.

The above-mentioned suggestions are all proven tips. These will help to enhance one’s blog posts and will conquer across all web platforms by generating higher quality. WordPress design and development services will cooperate for further upgrade of the blog.


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Written by Sunny Chawla
Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs. Web-design & Development Company, helping global businesses to grow to Hire game developer. He would love to share thoughts on Android & iPhone App Development Services, Digital marketing etc..

3 Replies to “Easy Way to Promote the WordPress Blog for Beginners”

  1. Hi Sunny,

    Content no doubt is the key to achieving exposure. Good content will keep the visitors engage and want for more. I believe social media shares are also very important. The more it gets shared, the more wider the audience will be.

    Thank you for sharing. Keep it up. 🙂

  2. Hi Sunny,

    Excellent post! I have been using Yoast SEO for sometime now and I must admit it is a very helpful plugin. It guides you with your SEO plans and gives very good suggestions. I have been thinking about guest blogging. Hopefully I will start it soon.

    Thank you for sharing this post. Have a good day. 🙂

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