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How Can a Whiteboard Explainer Video Help Your Company?

‘Content’ is vital for any company. Whether you want to reach many people at once, do marketing, or simply want to rank...

Whiteboard Explainer Video

‘Content’ is vital for any company. Whether you want to reach many people at once, do marketing, or simply want to rank your website to grow your business, it is essential to have useful and fruitful content. A small issue related to the content is the type you should choose to make the people feel connected with you and your company. Each person has different tastes and liking or disliking areas of interest. Some audiences love to read blogs and long-form content. Others may find such format annoying and prefer to read case studies, newspapers, or Ebooks.

On the other hand, it’s a hardcore reality that our young generation generally doesn’t prefer to read books or articles. They love to gather knowledge but find reading a tedious and time-consuming activity. They need some fun and visual effects while learning about the subject. Imagine where they find related information? Yes, you have assumed it right – from the videos and animation!

Video content is one of the best marketing tools during these years. Whether you create or re-share YouTube/Facebook videos, or you make your own set of whiteboard animations exclusively for your blog or business site, such media can quickly draw all the attention.

Why is a Whiteboard Explainer Video Better than a Standard Video?

Well, both types have their own benefits, but sometimes simple videos just don’t click! The reasons for such failures are poor quality, old technology, no style, or the lousy voice used in the videos. It is essential to have a high impact on your audiences to grow your business. They want to get useful information without getting stuck with some old content. A Whiteboard Explainer Video can be a game-changer for that. This article will showcase how it can help your company. But before we start, kindly know what precisely an explainer video is!

Whiteboard Animation vs. Explainer Video

Don’t be confused between a whiteboard animation and an explainer video as both are quite different. In simple terms, whiteboard animation is a ‘video style,’ and an explainer video is a ‘video form’ that uses whiteboard animation. The whiteboard explainer video defines various terms and metaphors to explain an idea, product, or service. It lasts for a few minutes and focuses on catchy lines.

You can make it in various styles such as 3D animation or stop motion etc. Many people believe that such type of videos is whiteboard videos. But, the majority of the time, this name refers to the animation type. Thus, every whiteboard video is not an explainer video. Whiteboard explainer videos are mainly for marketing and to reach as many people as possible to show the company’s fun side.

How Can a Whiteboard Explainer Video Help Your Company?

Whiteboard Explainer Videos allow the company to explain its ideas in such a way that attracts almost everyone. Such videos are fun to watch and easy to understand. If you know how to draw, it doesn’t even take much time to create an explainer video. You can also make an in-house team that can work on such a project. This way, you can cut the cost and earn the most because hey, it’s trending!

1. It is an innovative way of advertising.

Whiteboard explainer videos are one of the most innovative and exciting ways to let your audience or customers know about your products or services. It is also an economical way of advertising as you don’t need to spend your bucks on hoardings or other forms of promotions.

2. It can be viral and found on any platform.

Such videos are flexible and highly versatile. You can put it anywhere, and they will not fail you for sure. Publish it either on the homepage of your website or share it on social media such as Facebook or Twitter. You just have to give a link directed on the landing page, and that’s all.

3. It can make an impact and be extremely useful.

When appropriately created with the apt subject, your company can surely be a part of significant revolutions with the explainer videos. Without losing its fun essence, such videos can create magic and give very thought-provoking content. It boosts the social as well as professional credibility of your company and attracts more clients and customers.

4. It helps you reach top positions in Google.

Once you create such videos, people are going to watch them and share them with many people. This way, they are going to remember the video as well as your products and services. Eventually, they are going to search for your company to see such videos and help you to get organic traffic on your channel or websites. This whole process is beneficial to get ranking on Google. It’s all about the fact that they remember you that they can tell others about you.

5. It can be an excellent learning tool for your followers.

Whiteboard explainer videos are educational. If you have a product or service that is highly technical and difficult to understand, then you should definitely try explaining its fundamentals with these videos. Its white background can be wholly distraction-free, and showing information on that can make the client understand the ideas easily. It is the ideal vehicle to provide information in engaging, fun, and exciting ways.

There are many more benefits you and your company/business can get from the whiteboard explainer videos. Not only for branding and sales, but such videos can also help you to maintain your budget. Okay, it’s a fact that they are not entirely free, but they are very reasonable and inexpensive if compared to other forms of marketing. Also, if you compare them with the other standard videos, you will realize that whiteboard explainer videos take less time in production. You can make a simple video and present it before your tight deadline.

Human Psychology and Whiteboard Explainer Video

Psychology says that the human mind learns and remembers visual information more accurately than in a textual form. So, why don’t you try investing in whiteboard videos? It will be a change for your audience and create interest. With the moving hands that are presenting information, the people will also listen to the audio carefully. This way, they can connect with the subject more without being confused.

The Bottom Line

Whiteboard Animation, as well as Explainer Videos, have the quality to turn your viewers and visitors into customers. They can surely close the deal and help you to earn a profit. You will surely recover more than you invest if you use whiteboard explainer videos to promote your product or service. Trust your instincts and go for it! Try this whiteboard tool for your marketing, feel the magic, and see the difference. You will thank us later! All the best for your future endeavors.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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