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Reasons Why Laravel Is the Best PHP Framework for Web Development in 2024

Laravel was introduced by Taylor Otwell and was designed for better web application development. It follows the MVC structure and is based...

Why Laravel Is the Best PHP Framework for Web Development in 2021

Laravel was introduced by Taylor Otwell and was designed for better web application development. It follows the MVC structure and is based on PHP and is open-source in nature. The framework ensures rapid web development and you can save a lot of time with it. Unit testing ensures there are no bugs in any part of the web application. Laravel supports and follows the Model View Controller or MVC structure.

PHP is the most extensively used web development programming language, supporting a variety of frameworks such as Laravel, Yii, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, and others. And, out of all of them, Laravel Web Development Company has shown to be a superior choice to the others due to its features and other benefits it provides to web developers and enterprises. Laravel also includes a suite of tools that make web development easier and more efficient. With features like code reusability and a clear coding framework, Laravel makes web creation easier.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about Laravel, stay reading.

Taylor Otwell introduced Laravel, which was created for more efficient and effective web application development. It is based on PHP and follows the MVC pattern. Because it is open-source, it is a popular choice among web developers nowadays. It includes a number of innovative features that aid in the creation of modern websites and online apps. The framework ensures speedy web development and allows you to save a significant amount of time. It also provides great security for applications and websites, shielding them from all external attacks and dangers.

The framework also has a pool of pre-installed libraries that are not present in any of the other PHP-based frameworks available. Laravel ensures high security to the web applications and employs a salted and hashed password. Laravel also comes with a blade templating engine that is lightweight and helps developers to develop innovative and dynamic layouts for web applications. The author explains why it is best to go with Laravel development for web application development.

Let’s have a look at why Laravel is the greatest choice for web development in 2024.

Laravel comes with and supports a plethora of web development tools that assist developers to improve the performance of their websites. When designing online applications, tools like Memcached and Redis must be adopted and integrated into the framework, making things easier for programmers to improve performance.

Another advantage of using this PHP framework is that it is open-source in nature and has the support of a large community of expert developers and development companies who provide ongoing support to the developers and assist in resolving various complexities that arise during the development process. Furthermore, the framework’s open-source nature makes it simple to access the source code and makes it more adaptable to project needs.

Unit testing is simple:

One of the most compelling reasons to use this PHP framework is that it allows for easy unit testing. This is a form of testing technique in which all of the web application’s components or modules can be easily tested and confirmed, leaving no portion of the project untested. Unit testing ensures that the web application is bug-free in all areas. This basically means that you can rely on this PHP-based framework to deliver a bug-free web project.

Easy development of multilingual web applications:

This framework is great for organizations or companies that want to increase their reach across different countries utilizing multiple languages. Using Laravel, web apps can be created quickly and easily for a variety of countries and languages. Another significant benefit of utilizing it.

Object-oriented libraries:

One of the most compelling reasons to use Laravel is that it includes object-oriented libraries as well as a pool of pre-installed libraries not found in any other PHP-based framework. The authentication library is one of these libraries. Bcrypt hashing, cross-site request forgery protection, checking active users, password reset, encryption, and more are all included in this library.

Easy authentication technique:

The framework makes it easier to carry out authentication procedures. In addition, the framework makes it simple to set up authorization control access and authorization reasoning for resources.

Support for Model View Controller (MVC) structure:

Another important reason to use this framework is that it supports and follows the Model View Controller (MVC) structure. MVC also helps to maintain the code well-organized, making it easier for the entire team to collaborate.


Laravel has a built-in tool called Artisan. The framework maintains and builds the project ecosystem, and the developer can generally interact with it via a command line. The Artisan tool also allows developers to automate the majority of time-consuming programming operations, relieving them from having to do so manually.

Database migration:

The framework simplifies and speeds up data movement. You can also easily and seamlessly sync all changes performed in the database using Laravel.

Enhances security:

Laravel ensures that web applications are secure by using a salted and hashed password, which means that the password will not be saved in plain text in the database. Actually, it uses the Bcrypt hashing method to generate an encrypted version of the password. To enhance more security, the framework also provides route protection, permits manual logging of users, authentication drivers, password reminders, password changing, encryption, and more.

Blade templating engine:

Laravel also has a lightweight blade templating engine that aids developers in creating inventive and dynamic web application layouts. It’s one of the PHP framework’s most distinctive features.

So, these are the key reasons why Laravel development is the best option for web application development. With all of its features and benefits, the framework stands out among all PHP frameworks in 2024 as the best.

This post was prepared by the custom website development India to explain why Laravel is the greatest framework for web development and why you should engage a Laravel developer for your best-in-class online project.


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