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Why Developers Prefer Laravel Framework Over Other PHP Development Frameworks?

In the age of the mobile app, you cannot ignore the website for your business. Despite being an app user, many customers...

Laravel framework

In the age of the mobile app, you cannot ignore the website for your business. Despite being an app user, many customers prefer to visit businesses on their websites for better experiences. also the help of the Laravel framework becomes easy for PHP development.

When developing a user-centric website, there are several things that you need to take into consideration:

  • It should include all the functions and features that make the website usable and fully-functional.
  • It should be secure so that there is no data breach, and the users can trust your website to make the transactions.
  • It should be intuitive, as the users don’t want a steep learning curve while using your website.

While users look for these aspects, the developers tend to look for a framework that makes development easy and smooth. They want a framework that would assist them in development, and make the whole journey smooth and seamless.

There are a lot of tasks involved in website development. The developer does not want to be concluding the tasks alone, without caring about the end goal that they aim to achieve through the development.

As a result, businesses should ideally choose a framework that can help deliver a user-centric solution, which also enhances your developer’s ability and enriches the overall experience.

Laravel framework has been topping the list of web application and website development frameworks, for more reasons than one.

It is an open-source PHP framework, which means it can be trusted to deliver an enjoyable and seamless user experience.

Apart from that, it also aims to automate specific development tasks, which is what the developer is seeking, which makes it easier for the developer to launch the website to the market fast. Scalability is not an issue with the Laravel framework. The first look of this framework suggests that it is indeed the framework that will help boost development.

Laravel framework has, with time, grown in terms of the features it offers and the functionality it provides the users. Here we will discuss in detail all the reasons why you should choose Laravel for your business website.

1. It Is a Secure Framework

This is the first and most important reason to choose the framework. The end-users of the website seek security, which can be offered with ease when you select the Laravel framework. The framework keeps upgrading itself to match the threats that seem to be lurking around websites and keeping them at bay, thus assuring the website users.

The ORM for the Laravel framework uses PDO binding, which aims to protect the framework from SQL injections. This means that no one can alter the SQL queries. Laravel’s native support ensures complete protection from the XSS code attacks.

The CSRF (cross-site request forgery) in Laravel allows the framework to ensure that no third party fake requests are entertained by the website. It offers complete data security

As a result of the various features that come with Laravel, it keeps the entire website secure and the users’ data safe. If there is a single security risk looming over the users, the framework aims to reduce it by identifying apt solutions. The result is a smooth and easy website experience.

2. It Offers Incredible Performance

Generally, developers tend to validate the framework and accept it for website development based on the performance it offers. Laravel comes with an in-built tool that is known as Artisan, which ensures you don’t need to perform the tedious tasks and can automate the repetitive programming work. In short, this feature allows you to release the website quickly to the market, and offer superior speed of loading.

The artisan that is also used to create the skeleton code, and database structure, offers smooth creation of the website, thus offering supreme performance. You don’t have to spend a lot of time into database management, which also improves the speed of overall development, and ensures quicker and smoother solutions.

You can easily add the artisan to the MVC files, thus enabling quick access to the assets and better functioning of the website.

There will be times when the framework does seem a bit slow. It can be overcome with the help of tools such as Memcached and Redis, which improve the overall speed of the website. Laravel ORM is also one of the main reasons for its smooth performance. You don’t need to work on SQL code for the database queries. As a result,  the callback is faster, and the implementation of these queries is simpler as compared to SQL based queries.

3. Its Power Lies In The Authentication

A robust authentication for the website is really difficult for the developers. They tend to fight hard and long to ensure a good authentication system for their users. The authentication process is in sync with the boilerplate coding that you get with the scaffolding.

The framework uses guards and providers to accomplish authentication. 

Guards intend to authenticate the users for the requests they tend to make while the providers are used to retrieve these users back from the database.

When you are setting up the database, controllers, and models, you need to inject the authentication into the system for better retrieval of the processes.

It is very easy to set up the authentication system into the website that you are creating using this framework. It has logical tools, techniques, and coding systems in place. If you have already used Laravel, creating the authentication system would be easier for you.

You can give role-based access to the various aspects of the web application with this framework.

4. It Offers Extensive Libraries

The development environment is a major concern for the developers when using a particular framework to accomplish the website. This framework offers a great number of pre-installed libraries that can be used to work on the website.you can choose the sources from the libraries to introduce features and functionality into your website. Introducing a particular functionality comes with ease as a result.

Apart from the libraries, the framework also supports multiple development environments. These IDEs tend to work by the platform itself. You will see yourself looking at some of the auto-complete features that help accomplish the easy integration of these libraries, thus extending the functionality of your website.

5. It Is Community-Oriented

Developers may not be able to solve all the issues that occur during development. They need someone to bail them out when stuck. However, it is not very easy if you are in a remote location with fewer Laravel developers surrounding you. That’s why you need a strong community that can come forward online and helps you create the right solution.

Laravel offers this kind of community that has a library of readily available solutions. It also consists of developers who will support you, and make sure you get a solution.

So, whether you want to understand the new feature released into the market or a way to solve the complexity you are facing, the community will extend themselves and get things sorted.

It is the main reason why developers prefer this PHP framework over others, as the community is not just strong but also pretty aware.

6. It is Feasible To Migrate The Database

Database migration is one of the major reasons why development grows slow. It is also one of the pain areas that the developers face in their day-to-day lives.

However, overcoming, it can be quite a challenge, as the development environment is always different from the actual environment, and the database needs to be migrated.

Well, it is not that much of a challenge with the Laravel framework. Considering MySQL workbench was the way to go about migration earlier, it does say something about being difficult. However, things have changed a bit. You will see that the migration occurs with ease as you have all the databases between migrations and seeds in this case. With this, migrating to any machine becomes easy and smooth.

7 It Comes With No Starter Issues 

In most of the frameworks, the common issue that developers face is the starting issue. Getting started with a new framework, and ensuring quick development and end to the solution can be quite difficult. However, that is not the case with Laravel.

Being a PHP framework, it comes with a low learning curve. That simply means you need basic technical knowledge to start developing using this framework. If you are well-versed with PHP, then getting a website developed using Laravel is easier and faster. You won’t feel the friction of development, as a result of the framework.

Laravel has been adopted for the complexities that it can handle as well as its dynamic capabilities.

8 It Comes With Blade Templating

You want your website to stand out amongst the competition, which is why you want to introduce new and unique layouts to it. However, it is not always possible with the different PHP frameworks available currently.

Laravel aims to reduce the trouble of creating and customizing the layout with the blade templating method. With this method, all the views are located within the views directory. This templating method tends to save the developer’s time and effort. It is lightweight and effective. With this method, you can easily introduce lightweight templates with time.

9 It Offers Less Complex Programming Methods 

When it comes to coding the PHP development company often finds it to be complex, complicated, and lengthy. You will see that, while the process itself is not complex. The amount of repetitive tasks that you are supposed to complete to get the desired results makes it tedious and time-consuming. 

Laravel offers fast coding methods and easier processes to deliver the results faster. For one, you can automate some of the repetitive tasks, thus increasing the speed of development, and ensuring quicker and faster results.

There are a lot of tutorials that you can learn from for quicker development methods. The clear instructions make coding structured.

The end result is you get structured projects that can be decoded at a later stage as well.

10. It Extends Multilingual Support

In today’s time and age, it is important that your websites are multilingual in nature. They should be able to translate the content into the language the user is most comfortable with. It should also offer localization features, which will help with the extensive support required for translation and other efforts.

The idea behind exclusive multilingual support is to establish the website’s presence across the various business territories. It will boost your visibility and extend your brand recognition majorly. The multilingual support will help you blur the geographical boundaries and increase profits eventually. 

11. It Enables The MVC Architecture

When it comes to improve the functionality of your website and improve the overall features, you need to have a robust and well-defined architecture. Laravel offers MVC architecture which calls for a smooth and well-defined framework that can create capable apps. You can have end-to-end functionality with this architecture.

Apart from being a defined architecture, it also offers clear and precise documentation and high-level performance to the users. This means developing applications with this framework guarantees a good user experience

When it comes to getting started with Laravel, it is important to have a good or basic PHP knowledge along with some design and development ideas. Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, the automatic package discovery, as well as the responsible interface, are two features why Laravel works with developers. With the automatic package discovery, you don’t need to install and setup the Laravel packages. It is done instantly, according to the users’ preference. The responsible interface is the class that is used to implement the interface that can be easily returned using the controller method.

Summing Up

Developers and businesses are looking at frameworks that can get them started with website development with minimal effort. With the excellent suite of features and well-optimized functionality, Laravel is the platform that every developer prefers. You need to choose the right PHP development company that has both the knowledge and platform experience to deliver solutions for your business.

Written by Chirag Mudsa
Chirag Mudsa is the CEO of leading laravel web development company, CMARIX TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. He is a goal-driven tech evangelist for a long time of 17 years.

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