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Remote Call Recorder & GPS Location App for Family & Employees

Are you worried about your kids’ activities and want to track them? Have your concerns about the employees’ activities and want to...

Remote Call Recorder

Are you worried about your kids’ activities and want to track them? Have your concerns about the employees’ activities and want to monitor their calls? If yes, we have a solution for both of you. These days, parents are really worried about their kids and their online as well as offline activities. Employers also want to keep eye on the staff when they are at the workplace.

The biggest concern of the parents is about what their kids do on their phones and devices. They have the internet, use social media and waste a lot of time. This doesn’t stop here. The kids also have access to adult content; they have matches on the dating sites and also meet people from these sites. Things are getting out of the control of parents and this is something they should be worried about as well. The Gps signal can also be blocked, SO need to keep dew things in mind.

Call Recording and Location Tracking App for Family

The solution to all this is using teen monitoring software that allows parents to keep their eyes on the kids, monitor them all the time, and restrict the use of phones and devices. For this, parents should use the BlurSPY app which is the best spy app as well. With this software, all parents can track their kids.

Recording calls with BlurSPY are really easy. The parents will need to install the app on the devices of their kids. When the app has been installed, the parents can turn on the feature remotely from their own devices. As the feature is turned on, the app will start recording all incoming and outgoing calls on the target device of your kids. Parents will be able to listen to the live calls of the kids with this app.

Taking it further, the app also allows parents to track the live GPS locations of the kids. Location tracking becomes really easy with the BlurSPY app. Parents will be able to track the live locations, check the weekly history of all locations the kids visit, and mark some areas as safe and unsafe. These features are really good when it comes to increasing the online safety and protection of kids.

This app is a blessing in disguise for the parents. With call recorder and location tracking features, parents will feel relaxed and better as they know their kids are safe. Moreover, the power to watch the kids and keep eyes on their locations is even a better option for the parents.

Call Recording and Location Tracking App for Employees

Many employers also want to track staff. There are a good number of reasons behind this. But the major purpose is to improve business security and make sensitive data safe. There have been many cases when the company staff was involved in robberies, data breaches, and hacking attempts. So now the bosses want to keep their eyes on the employees. Even many banks and bigger companies track the staff when they are not at the office.

Just like parents, BlurSPY is the best option for employers too. This app works perfectly fine as an employee monitoring app. The app has a good number of features that make it the best employee tracking app in the market. The features are really useful and the need of the hour.

With the call recording feature, the employers will need to download and install the app on the phones of their employees. When the app has been installed, they can monitor their calls. You as an employer will be able to record every incoming and outgoing phone call. The recording will be uploaded to your BlurSPY account where you can access it. This is a very good feature for employers who want to monitor the phone calls of their staff.

Tracking GPS locations are very simple and easy with the BlurSPY app. Just turn on the feature and the app will show you the exact location of the employees and their devices. You will be able to see where they are and which places they have been visiting. You can view the history of their locations in the last seven days and this is a great feature for many employers who are curious about tracking the staff and knowing about their locations.


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