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Marketing your reviews is an excellent way to softly compel your users to see that your business is the best choice for them. And replying yo customers on review websites can help you boost your business as well as increase online presence.

It goes to show that you offer better solutions and will solve the customer’s problems while fulfilling their needs. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that your work doesn’t stop whenever you get a new review. Nothing is more vital than to consistently respond to all types of studies your customers leave you on different review websites. 

This post is all about how you should adequately and professionally react to positive, negative and neutral reviews.

Replying to customer’s reviews on your business is of utmost importance

Handling and responding to a different customer or user reviews is an integral undertaking for any business, big or small. Replying to good review reflects that you care about the customer enough to respond to their comments. It goes to show that you appreciate their business and solidifies trust. 

Responding to neutral comments and reviews is an excellent marketing strategy in the sense that you still have a little bit of room to nudge or compel your customer to give your business another shot. Plus, you could also get to know if there are any shortcomings that the customer wants to be addressed. 

Thirdly and by far, the aspect that is of utmost importance of review marketing is responding to negative or bad reviews. And this is something that most businesses know. However, how your approach to handling bad reviews can help make or break your relationship with your customer forever. It is all about making things right for your target audience again, turning unhappy customers into happy ones.

Responding to positive reviews – here is how you do it

Sure, at times, it is going to be impossible for you to reply to every single positive review – and nor should you – however, you should at least respond to frequent positive reviews. Here is how you can do that:

  • Start with thanking them and tell them you appreciate their business and support. 
  • Be sure not to focus too much on your company, instead appreciate them for enjoying your service and experience. However, do not miss out on the subtle chance to market new specials or discounts you are offering. 
  • Try to use different keywords to help optimize the reviews, and they will show up in the search results. You can use relevant keywords along with inputting your business’s name. 
  • Do not forget to share positive reviews on your social media. 

Responding to neutral reviews – here is how you do it

Unbiased or inaccurate customer reviews can be a bit frustrating to address if they’d leave one more star, and you could’ve considered the review positive. But that didn’t happen. Moreover, if they left with one star less, this review could have been negative. So, how do you respond to 3-star customer reviews? Here is how:

  • Begin by appreciating the customer for the review they left you. Thanking the customer no matter if they left a bad or neutral review is a great way to start a pleasant interaction. 
  • Talk about the good aspects of the review they left you. For example, “thanks for enjoying our breakfast burrito; we’re glad you liked it!”
  • After that, touch on a couple of the negatives of the review. For example, if they complain about the price, say, “we have higher prices because we pay our staff fairly so that they do not have to rely on tips.” 
  • Be sure to invite them again. Prompt them to send you an email or to call you, suggesting what you can improve about your business. 

Responding to negative reviews – here is how you do it

Negative reviews and comments can be demeaning, disgusting, frustrating, and tough! Day in and day out, you work hard to get where you are, a bad review and harsh criticism can hurt. However, this is where most businesses fail. You see, in the end, the reviewer was a customer, which means you still have the chance to him/her into a happy customer. You see, if you stay cool and professional about, 70% of discontent or unhappy customers will come back to your business if they see you have indeed solved their problem.  Here is how you respond to them:

  • The first step is to take a step back and remain calm. You don’t have to reply immediately, and certainly not while you are angry. And remember, most customers expect a reply within the first seven days. So you have time. 
  • Remember that you are here to build your business and retain relationships – this unhappy customer still has a bit of potential to see the light and come back to you for more business. But you have to show him that you care. 
  • Say you are sorry for whatever the customer did not like – it doesn’t matter if it wasn’t your fault. 
  • Reassure them that this doesn’t happen often and that they just caught you on a bad day. 
  • Offer to help solve their problems. Go offline and prompt the user to email you or call you so that you can fix their problem on a priority. Along the way, you can even give them a loyalty card or a discount card, prompting them to shop from you again. 
  • Rake in more positive reviews to bury all the bad ones!

The bottom line

Review marketing is a crucial part of your business development strategy. Negligence here will end up costing you your reputation as well as your bottom line. Implement these strategies to respond to different user comments and reviews, and you will be able to stay on top of your game.

Alma Causey

Alma Causey

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