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4 Things To Do First When Setting Up A WordPress For Your Business

You’ve got your idea and a business model, and now you need to make it a reality. You’ve chosen WordPress, just like...

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You’ve got your idea and a business model, and now you need to make it a reality. You’ve chosen WordPress, just like more than a quarter of other businesses have for their websites. It seems easy to use, but you’re inexperienced when it comes to crafting a website and you need some tips.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we look at a few steps to remember when setting up your WordPress site. If you can tick these off, you will be on your way to hosting a great WordPress site for your business!

Step 1: Decide on a WordPress Maintenance Plan

WordPress is easy to use, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t complex, either. and if you are thinking to use WordPress for a business website then it is very easy for you to grow your business. Many people start out thinking it is a simple WordPress blogging site with lots of themes to choose between, but WordPress is much more than that. Not every business owner is capable of handling web formatting, as well as dealing with constant software bugs and updates.

If you aren’t confident about coming to grips with the trickier aspects of WordPress, consider investing in a WordPress maintenance plan. In these plans, a third party manages your WordPress site. 

What’s involved ranges from plan to plan, but common services include maintaining plugins, security, and core updates. Having a maintenance plan will save you lots of time so you can focus on your business and ensure that your site is up to date and easy to use. 

There are many reasons why you need a WordPress maintenance plan, so consider these factors when deciding whether you’re going to operate your site solo or with some help.

Step 2: Choose a Host

Web hosting is providing space and storage for websites on the internet. So when you are setting up your WordPress site, it is important to start by finding the best hosting plan

When choosing a host, consider how much traffic you expect or want and whether you will use shared hosting or a dedicated server. Shared hosting is best for small to medium sites.

Make sure you own your domain name, so that you can keep it if you move providers. 

Step 3: Crafting the Perfect Domain name

This is the address of your website that users will enter into a browser. Make your domain name obvious and don’t try to overcomplicate it to make it cool or funny. Stick to your business name or a simple variation on it. This makes you look professional, and it is easy for people to look you up. 

When buying a domain name, many experts recommend buying it separately from your host. The logic is that if somebody gets into your hosting account, then they can take your domain and website away from you.

Beginners, however, may want to buy them together for the sake of ease — they can transfer the domain away at a later date.

Step 4: Choosing A Theme

A WordPress theme decides how your site looks, works and feels, and includes in-built styling options. Setting on your theme early in the game is important. Switching between themes too much can look unprofessional and be unsettling for new users, who may be put off if your site works differently each time they are there.

Aim for a theme in line with your business and values, and don’t choose beauty over ease-of-use. If the site is eye-catching, yet clunky and slow-loading, your users will click away.

Bottom Line

A great WordPress site is key for your business. This is where potential clients and customers get their first real impression of you and where you’ll do your business. That’s why you want to make sure to follow these steps for the fastest, most reliable, and best website possible.

Written by Sushant Gupta
Is an Online Geek. Who Diggs out the different ways for how can we make money online. He has been earning through e-commerce sites for years and wants to share his experience with all.

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