Questions About Software Testing Career? Here is the Answer!

Software Testing Career

Software testing is a process to check if the software is behaving as expected or in other terms, the process is bug-free and addresses the solution correctly. People who want to start a career in Software development and are from other backgrounds – choose a software testing career as a profession to enter the world of software. Starting a career as a software tester is always a life-changing and great experience.

Software testers decide whether or not the development of a software is right means the testing process is important as it checks the quality and correctness of a software product. Let’s discuss here how you can start a career in the Software Testing Industry.

Skills required to be a software tester

To be a software tester, you need to have some non-technical as well as technical skills. Let’s discuss some of them here one by one.

Analytical Skill

Having a good knowledge of analytics will help you classify robust software into multiple parts so that you will be able to understand the software in a better way. If you think your analytical skills are weak, try to improve them by online practice, and then apply for the tester job.

Communication Skill

For any job profile, good communication is important, and software testers are no exception to it. With good communication skills, you, as a tester can explain the issues that occur after performing tests so that people can understand correctly. Also, you can be diplomatic with developers when required.

Great Attitude

You must have a bold attitude to be a software tester. You should be passionate about new and advanced learning and be blunt enough if there is something wrong with the development of software. Due to the increasing demand for technologies, the development process is increasing day by day. Hence, a tester needs to keep himself updated with all the latest testing methods.

Time Management Skill

Testing requirement is part of the daily activity of an IT organization, and due to urgent release, it might be a bit challenging too. You must have the ability to manage pressure and showcase the optimal use of time to be a good tester.

Logical Skill

You need to be logical enough so that you can generate test cases by breaking complex software into several pieces for a clear understanding of the software. Don’t worry if you are not much logical; you can develop the skill by joining some courses and practicing online questions.

Be passionate

To grow in any industry with any designation, you must be passionate enough about whatever you do. A software tester should always be passionate about learning advanced testing methods so that they can help in making Software testing easy and efficient. You might be wondering about how can people who have no prior testing experience be passionate? It’s simple, just try out testing, you will become passionate automatically if it interests you.

Experience with Database

A database is stored with each software system that consists of a large amount of data. Different types of databases such as MySQL, Oracle are used to store the data. There might come a situation when data need to be validated. To check whether or not the data stored in the database is right, sometimes testers have to write basic SQL queries therefore, you must have a basic level of knowledge related to database queries.

Good Experience of using Testing Tools

A clear understanding of test management is the key to starting and growing as a software tester. Test management skills simply reflect your ability of how well you manage each test and play with them. This is the reason; you should know all the test techniques. Gain a basic knowledge of popular tools as these are very helpful in any testing process.

Experience with Linux

Since almost all software applications, servers, and databases are deployed on the Linux system; it is important to have a basic understanding of Linux command because software testers have to operate Linux systems while performing tests.

Knowledge of Test Automation Tools

Automation Tester is a hot designation in the IT market. After starting a career in manual testing if you want to switch to automation testing, you must have a good knowledge of a test automation tool and hands-on experience in it. Just collecting a bit of information from the internet won’t help you to crack an interview rather, you must be aware of its exact application too.

Knowledge of Defect Tracking Tool

Having experience with defect tracking tools is important to be a software tester. Figuring out the gap is a challenging task, and managing these gaps is not possible unless we find them. Hence, organizations use various defect tracking software such as Jira, QC, to manage the defects. Defect tracking is essential as it tells the defects to everyone – developers, managers, all team members, etc. Before applying for a tester profile, try to get hands-on experience in defect tools.

Why should you choose Software Testing Career?

What happens when you use an application and get irritated since you are not able to access something you want due to technical errors? You think that maybe the app is not tested before the release. Needless to mention now, how important is a Software tester for the IT industry. The best thing is you don’t need a degree in the same to get this job.

All you need to have is a logical mind and a detailed understanding of numerous software. People from engineering backgrounds easily make their way to this profile, but with some practice, non-technical people can also be part of the software industry and start their careers as software testers.

The key responsibility of yours as a tester will be to check the software to find the bugs and help to fix them. You may find this designation a bit monotonous and boring sometimes, but it entirely depends on you how you improve your testing skills and remain passionate about your job. You have to ensure the organization that the software which is about to release is bug-free and performing as expected.


To start a career as a tester may be easy by working on a few skills that have been mentioned earlier. But, if you want exceptional growth in your testing career, you can choose certification, too, that helps you get more job opportunities. Try these tips and give a kick start to your software testing career.


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