Start a Successful Online Wholesale Clothing Business in 7 Steps

Although the clothing industry has never seen a fall in human history, there has been a lot of buzz around clothing brands...

Start a Successful Online Wholesale Clothing Business in 7 Steps

Although the clothing industry has never seen a fall in human history, there has been a lot of buzz around clothing brands and boutiques in recent times. All this hype has raised the bar for the clothing business even more. If you are a fashion enthusiast and like working in sales, starting an online wholesale clothing business might be the right thing for you.

Moreover, easy access to the Internet has changed the face of business altogether. The online shopping trend is on the rise. It could therefore be high time for you to start your online wholesale clothing business.

Now the question arises; how to start an online wholesale clothing store?

Well, we are here to explain it to you in 7 simple steps.

Buckle up and follow us to start your online clothing store successfully from the ground up.

1. Select your Niche

Though you have decided that you want to set up a clothing store, you still need to pick your specific niche. Select the apparel niche you want to offer.

Choosing a specific genre means that you are selecting your specific customer base. For instance, you choose to offer wholesale men’s clothing. It’s evident that your customer base is the male population and you will target them according to their interests and needs. You wouldn’t want to go around spreading pink-colored catalogs for marketing your brand if you have a male client base. Your niche defines your plan of action and impacts your efforts big time.

The more specific you are about your niche at the beginning, the better. For example, in men’s wholesale clothing, you can go for men’s suits or just polo shirts. Try to come up with a unique category to serve a specific clientele.

Selecting a specific category will not only narrow down your market competition but also increase your opportunities to build a loyal customer base. Therefore, picking your niche is imperative to creating a business plan around your potential clients.

2. Plan your Business Strategy and Set Goals

Once you have selected your niche and know your target audience, you are ready to plan your business strategies.

Online business is different from doing business in the marketplace. You need to consider every possible situation and challenge before diving into the online business world. Brainstorm and discuss your ideas with your team to boost creativity. Create a series of questions and possible scenarios while brainstorming. Come up with their ideal solutions and how you can implement them in your business.

Figure out what you want from your online store, define end goals, and plan how to achieve them. Think about your finances and other resources and how you will manage them.

As a wholesale store, you might also have to consider your purchasing strategies at this point. From where will you acquire the stock? how will you manage communications and logistics? And what will be your budget?

Proper planning and defining practical end goals are vital to give your online business a booming start and long-term benefits, eventually.

3. Get a website

Here comes the practical stuff. The first step in setting up your online wholesale store is to get yourself a web domain. After acquiring one, work on building your business website.

You can hire designers, build a website using WordPress, or just use web hosting services. Make sure that your website design is appealing and user-friendly. Your website characterizes your business persona so make sure to invest in a user-oriented design. Focus on the loading speed and accessibility of your website. Optimize it to work on any device to increase your reach.

Select a theme and choose an aesthetic style of porting your products. Be consistent and give all the details about your products and offers. Add customer testimonials and feedback (if any) on your website to demonstrate your credibility. Display certifications and awards to prove your authenticity.

The website is the face of your business so be generous in delivering information.

4. Set Up Your Online Business on Marketplaces

It’s a fairly new and rising trend for wholesalers. Various marketplaces have made their mark in the online wholesale world and are a great source to give a head start to your online business.

The online wholesale marketplaces have huge organic traffic and setting your shop up on these marketplaces eventually gets you better exposure in the business world. You can connect with various other vendors as well as your customer. Therefore, it’s a smart move to set your online clothing store on one such marketplace in the very beginning.

There are several wholesale marketplaces, one such example is “SeeBiz” where you can set up your online store very easily and exhibit your services to a much bigger audience.

5. Create your Unique Brand Identity

Wholesale clothing is a very saturated market and to get visibility you need to stand out. You can take inspiration from viral trends and popular brands but you have to work on your unique ideas to make your mark in the wholesale industry.

Work on your unique ideas and link an exceptional mission with your business. You can source handmade clothes, benefit the artisans directly, or support the idea of sustainable fashion. These ideas can earn you popularity even without a vast business empire. By incorporating your unique ideas and a meaningful mission into your business, you can stand out in the market. Consider using custom made shipping boxes to reinforce your commitment to sustainability further. Sourcing handmade clothes and supporting artisans directly will set you apart from competitors and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers who appreciate ethical and sustainable fashion choices. Building a reputation based on these values can increase customer popularity and loyalty, even without the need for a massive business empire.

Think about the ideas that inspire you the most and employ them in your business to create a unique brand identity.

6. Plan your Marketing Strategy

A comprehensive marketing plan is imperative to bring traffic to your newly launched online wholesale clothing store.

Numerous platforms are available online to spread your word around. You can use advertisement campaigns, blogging, email marketing, and social media posts.

Use the power of social media and take influencers on board to get the message across. Optimize your content through SEO techniques to get better search rankings. Showcase your style in your promotion campaigns and encourage hashtag trends to create buzz around your brand.

7. Integrate an Inventory Management System

Inventory is the core of any business and when you are setting up an online business, you need to plan your inventory management reasonably.

Fortunately, technology has also covered this matter for us. Several inventory management systems are available that automate the whole process of managing your stock. These tools keep track of your inventory, manage the ins and outs, provide reports, and monitor business activities. You just need to choose one, learn its basic operations, and integrate it into your system.

Gear up!

So here you are, equipped with everything you need to know to launch your online wholesale clothing store.

Always go for customer-centric approaches, take risks, monitor clients’ reactions, and keep on improving. Set your plan in motion and step into the new horizons of opportunities that the online world offers. 

Written by Jennifer James
Jennifer is a freelance writer and speaks passionately about issues ranging from B2B Go -to Market, digital disruption, online commerce, and companies.

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