The Power of Real-time Updates: How Communication Technology Elevates Public Event Security

Security’s number one concern during events is public safety. From large-scale events such as concerts, festivals, convention shows, and sporting events to...

The Power of Real-time Updates: How Communication Technology Elevates Public Event Security

Security’s number one concern during events is public safety. From large-scale events such as concerts, festivals, convention shows, and sporting events to small and medium-scale events like fairs, carnivals, and live events, security is essential for protecting the public. There is a lot of technology available to help enhance security measures. One of which is two-way radios. Two-way radios help improve overall communication and allow for real-time updates. In this article, we’ll talk about the importance of real-time updates and the role two-way radios play in enhancing security communication.

The Significance of Real-Time Updates in Public Safety Event Security

Security must be able to get information across promptly. The role of event security is to respond to problems and identify threats to keep all attendees safe. To do that, you must be able to get communications across in real-time. Whether that’s responding to a medical emergency or keeping the peace, every second matters when it comes to the safety of the public.

With the help of two-way radios, at the push of a button security personnel can communicate across their team in real-time without delay. At large-scale events, you might have 50+ security personnel that can share information and are now all on the same page with what’s happening.

Communication Earpieces: Enhancing Communication Efficiency

Alongside two-way radios, some accessories help enhance communication among security. In-ear communication devices such as receive-only and surveillance kit earpieces can be paired with two-way radio to allow for discreet and secure communication.

Earpieces are used to transmit radio transmissions to your ear instead of being broadcast on your two-way radio. This helps keep any information from being announced without it being heard by the public and lets you have a secure conversation. This is important with security personnel so any communication that needs to remain confidential is not broadcast publicly.

Another reason these earpieces facilitate efficient communication is their noise-canceling capabilities. Events such as sporting games and concerts are loud crowded environments. If you’re up close to the speakers or on the sidelines it can be hard to hear which is limiting public safety. Earpieces with noise-canceling capabilities help security personnel hear radio communication clearly when it’s loud. This also helps limit miscommunication that might happen if someone cannot hear the conversation.

Radio Communication Systems: Coordination and Response

All security personnel should have a two-way radio with them at all times. Two-way radios have many features that can help enable seamless communication. Two-way radios have channels, which allow everyone on that channel to hear communications. This can help benefit security by giving certain groups their designated channel. For instance, if security is covering the crowd, they can be on one channel while medical can be on another channel, etc.

Channels can help with any size security group. Separating security into groups can help alleviate crowded radio talk groups and easily reach who you need.

Two-way radios are more effective in communication than cell phones. Cell phones don’t allow you to instantly communicate with many people at once. Cell phones are only good for a one-on-one conversation. Radios are also more dependable than cell phones as far as water like rain and drop protection. They’re built to last in any environment you put them through. Higher-tier two-way radios, like what police use are MIL-STD 810 which is a military standard in durability.

Integration of Communication Technologies

Coupling a two-way radio with a communication earpiece such as a surveillance kit will help security teams communicate more effectively. As stated before, crowds can be loud, and using earpieces helps you to hear conversations more clearly. Large events can be hectic and the stakes are high medical emergencies, terrorist attacks, and out-of-control crowds that can happen instantaneously. 

Training and Protocols for Effective Communication 

Just handing a two-way radio to your team isn’t enough. Adequate training is required to ensure radios are being used properly. While radios are easy to learn, everyone must understand how they operate. Security personnel without proper training on radios run many risks that could affect public safety.

Radio training should be included in your event coordination. As a coordinator, take the time to go over the ins and outs of two-way radio. Some topics to go over include,

  • How to power on and off the radio
  • Channels, push-to-talk buttons, and how they work.
  • Go over radio lingo
  • Call signs for your group
  • How the accessories work (communication earpieces, speaker microphones, etc.)


Two-way radios have many benefits to security during events. They help facilitate efficient coordination, real-time updates, and help during emergencies. When introducing two-way radios to your security team remember to go over the basic ins and outs so everyone is well prepared. Continue to invest in your two-way radios like adding communication earpieces and helping your security team communicate better.


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