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6 Amazing Online Learning Resources

There are many online learning resources available on the internet. You can learn almost anything about anything. But in this post, we...

Online Learning Resources

There are many online learning resources available on the internet. You can learn almost anything about anything. But in this post, we will be sharing some amazing online resources where you can learn and implement new things.

Ted Talks

TED Talks is regularly disregarded as a place for online learning. But in fact, it’s one of the best places to obtain informal knowledge provided by specialists and leaders for free.

College students learn from talks on science, tech, business, media, and social disciplines while being provided with academic sources.

Despite not awarding certificates, use TED Talks if you want to enhance essay quality and class participation! Take advantage of dead times anywhere by downloading the App on the go.


Skillshare is based on subscriptions, meaning you have to pay to access the online course either through the web or mobile App (iOS and Android).

Despite this, students still review it as the best online platform to learn media design, and art due to the learn-by-doing approach (learn by doing).

It also has courses in technology, business (especially entrepreneurship), fashion and lifestyle.

You will be learning a more practical approach and professional techniques taught by renowned experts upon enrolling in any online courses provided by Skillshare. 

To finish the majority of the self-paced online classes, there will be a project or activity, but you won’t get a certificate from it. Don’t be phased by this – it is still one of the best online platforms to learn artistic skills.


edX was also founded in 2012 by MIT and Harvard with the goal of providing high-quality education for everyone regardless of their location or financial situation.

It currently has partnerships with the University of Berkeley, Columbia, TU Delft, among others, and with Microsoft as well.

It’s another MOOC provider that offers accredited MOOC education and skill learning mostly about Information Technology, Data Analysis, Business Management, and Professional Skills, although other domains have been progressively added.

Courses are self-paced. Students learn through video lectures and game labs for evaluation.

And although the MOOC platform is a nonprofit and open source with free courses, it is possible to earn a verified online course certificate (upon a fee payment).

Similarly to Coursera, edX offers courses in several languages being accessible through the App for iOS and Android. 

The online professional certificates and have reduced tuition costs.


Treehouse retains an advantage in comparison to other MOOC providers – defining learning guides and tracks that structure the online content and facilitates later application in projects.

The creators defend that those projects are the best certification you can get, instead of a certificate given by the website.

It is an online learning platform mostly for web design, web/app development, and business based on a monthly subscription. 

This one has a higher cost similar to Lynda (which we will talk about ahead) but is also updated. A 7-day trial is available for those that want to test it out.


Babbel is another legitimate option for learning languages online. While it is viable to initially subscribe for free, the most substantial number of resources is in its premium package starting at $4.95/month up to $9.95.

One advantage is that Babbel focuses mostly on building conversational skills to acquire the language. Nevertheless, some online websites provide language exchange such as Italki with a similar service with native speakers in real-time.


FreeCodeCamp is an underdog in the world of online learning. 

The tutorials for beginners introduce students to the main programming languages in web development, but they can only progress further if they complete projects alone or in pairs. 

The learning method attends a mix of expositive tutorials, words, and “learn-by-doing” projects, and the interaction with an online community.

Now, we consider freeCodeCamp to be an underdog because it’s completely free, awards certificates, and provides the opportunity to develop working experience as it partners students with nonprofits that need web/App development.


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