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Tik Tok Marketing: how it works, strategies and advice

Have you ever thought about Tik Tok marketing? Do you know that it’s a Video sharing strategy and is growing exponentially all...

Tik Tok Marketing

Have you ever thought about Tik Tok marketing? Do you know that it’s a Video sharing strategy and is growing exponentially all over the world? Teenagers not only enjoy sharing videos on their favorite music tracks. Tik Tok is a growing phenomenon that is based on the simple and recognized concept of shooting with your smartphone’s camera to enter a large community.

Music and socials, here’s Tik Tok

Tik Tok is mainly based on two factors: music and social. That’s right, the platform is considered social for all intents and purposes. Here users from all over the world can comment, like, and share videos of anyone. The target audience for Tik Tok marketing was also fundamental: the so-called Generation Z, young people born between 1997 and 2010. The use of Facebook is increasingly decreasing by these users, who are looking for something new says Grplive.

A society where they can be themselves, where young people can express their creativity and their desire to have fun. The target has been instrumental in the success of Tik Tok. Young people become protagonists and thanks to the application’s tools they also spend hours recording mini-videos.

Partnership, Muzzle, and Mission

Another advantage of TikTok is that it allows large companies to do marketing thanks to the sharing of products from Influencers, the Tik Tok “muzzles”. The phenomenon is so growing that even football teams understand its advertising potential. Inter has always been a team that pays attention to partnerships and fan involvement. That’s why it decided to open its own Tik Tok account, to create videos and backstage. ByteDance’s idea to unite two giants like Tik Tok and Musical.ly was an effective marketing strategy. In this way, the 100 million Musical.ly users and 500 million Tik Tok users merged into one reality.

The mission of the two apps was the same, it was just a matter of incorporating them. So even the advertising revenue was concentrated on a single platform. Another aspect to consider is the power of Tik Tok editing. The videos are not simply recorded and published but have a lot of editing possibilities. Themes are among the most varied:

  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Contest
  • Tutorial
  • Dance
  • Animals
  • Comedians
  • Skills, etc.

How does Tik Tok marketing work?

Tik Tok marketing, short videos: from a minimum of 15 seconds to a maximum of 60. His slogan is MAKE EVERY SECOND COUNT (give importance to every second). When you open the app you are faced with an interface similar to Instagram.

  1. To use social media just download the app on iOS or Android. Tik Tok marketing- how it works register and with the + symbol surrounded by a heart start shooting the first video.
  2. Choose your music from a wide choice of social (dance, rock, hip-hop, etc.).
  3. Edit the video with writing, special effects, emoticons, or filters.
  4. The home button leads directly to the “For You” and “Follow” videos; from here, just swipe your finger to see the millions of videos on Tik Tok.
  5. With the magnifying glass, you can search for the subject that interests you. Here you can choose according to the keyword what you want to see: users, sounds, or hashtags.
  6. The button next to the heart shows you the notifications and the little man of your account.
  7. You can also download videos of others and save them directly to your phone. Open the chosen video, click on the right icon with the arrow to share, and select Save the video. 

Another feature of Tik Tok is lip-syncing with the music track you have chosen, the “lip-sync”.

  1. Select the song, and use the scissor symbol to choose the part of the video you want to include.
  2. Once you have recorded the video just press the scissors icon again. You decide when to start the song.

With Tik Tok, you can also make duets with other users. Just open the video, select ‘Share’, and then ‘Duet’. Then you can start recording right away.

How to create a successful video?

Given the guidelines to start taking advantage of TikTok marketing in the best possible way, let’s try to understand how to create engaging videos:

  1. Find the right angle. It has been shown that depending on the frame, the involvement that can be created with a particular video changes.
  2. Look for the right lighting. You know: videos with light tones are more enjoyable to watch, so your followers will linger longer. 
  3. Use a pop-socket to keep the frame balanced at all times. 
  4. Want to playback your favorite song? Repeat the song a few times before recording. Start the video by increasing the speed, there will be less chance of errors. To accelerate the speed, simply press the speedometer button in the top right corner.
  5. It always affects the video before releasing it.
  6. Write a catchy title with a #.

7 steps to grow your profile

I also recommend 6 simple ‘tricks’ to use Tik Tok for your marketing;

  1. Choose an engaging and easily memorable username. This will allow users who visit your profile to remember you more easily.
  2. Address a specific niche. On Tik Tok, as well as other socials, the rule applies: is it better to be a small fish in a big sea or a big fish in a small pond? The target audience and the audience you address are essential to make good marketing of your account.
  3. Publish at set times. From 12 to 16 and from 19.30 to 22. The weekend is one of the best times. The main target audience of Tik Tok are teenagers, so they are freer to follow you during the weekend.
  4. Produce valuable content. To do good marketing with Tik Tok it is essential to create content that is original and well-processed. Always ask yourself this question: Would you follow your profile?
  5. Create videos with other users. This step of Tik Tok marketing will allow you to enter different communities. You will also be seen by the followers of the user with whom you create the content and consequently, you will increase your visibility.
  6. Use popular hashtags and participate in challenges. Tik Tok marketing: follow the trend of the moment! It’s one of the winning moves to raise your profile.
  7. Interact with your followers and beyond. An obvious step, but one that you sometimes forget. The more active you are in the comments, the more chance you have to get noticed.

Tik Tok marketing: from musical.ly to today

Tik Tok is also known as Douyin in China. Born in 2016, it was incorporated a year later by Musical.ly. The latter immediately spread to teenagers, thanks to the ability to create playback singing videos of the hits of the moment. Musical.ly was born in China in 2014 and after a short time, it immediately became one of the most popular applications with about 12 million videos uploaded. In 2017 the potential of this application is seen and is thus purchased by ByteDance. Not much time has passed since Musical.ly was incorporated into Tik Tok in 2018. The transition from one app to another was not heard by the millions of teenagers who simply upgraded the app from Playstore or Appstore.

The protests against Tik Tok

A social used by adolescents is always in danger of not being appreciated by adults. The founders of Tik Tok have to deal with administration, child privacy laws, and the disclosure of appropriate content.

There have been several cases of protests not only about sexual content but also about the type of message that is given through hashtags. For this reason, there have been limits to the use of certain words. Parents’ concerns also stemmed from the continued use of social media by their teenage children. Tik Tok thus decided to incorporate an alarm after two hours of using the application.

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Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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