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How To Turn SEO Leads Into Clients?

The need to consistently acquire more and more leads on a regular basis is a challenge and top priority that every SEO...

The need to consistently acquire more and more leads on a regular basis is a challenge and top priority that every SEO expert faces in a demanding and ever-changing industry. Search engine presence means greater customer conversion rates and loads of free traffic to your business website. So, in order to achieve commercial success, it is of utmost importance to generate as big a number of leads as possible, as this is the number one factor for sales and profit. While this task is far from easy to accomplish, there certainly are some strategies that can help facilitate the process. Let’s take a look at the best tips you can apply to your advantage.

Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Social Media

How do platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn relate to a successful outcome to your SEO efforts? Well, the main thing they have in common is the enormous outreach. No other website can bring content to the attention of thousands of people in a matter of hours. If you are unsure how to go about this or are concerned about people interpreting an advertisement as spam, you can always go in a more subtle and indirect way by joining professional groups of interest, genuinely connecting with members, and making things take off from there. You can also find some great additional tips in this article. But in general, participating in professionally oriented groups will give you access to tens of thousands of leads with genuine customer potential.

When you share your unique expertise and experience in the right context, promoting your business or brand will occur naturally, without having to utilize the direct approach that many people could disprove or react negatively to. Hinting at projects you handled in a specific way and their positive outcome can speak for you, instead of you. Communication can easily lead to people contacting you for advice, and that is one step away from turning them into paying customers.

Watch Out For Relevant Events

How To Turn SEO Leads Into Clients?

Do yourself a favor by not missing relevant events which will give you a chance to come into contact with potential leads. However, do take care to once again avoid the direct approach and pitch each future client according to their unique needs and requirements. For example, if someone is in a dire need of SEO assistance, do not offer your services right away. Instead, tell them about your experience in tackling similar projects and let them come to the conclusion that they need your help without you explicitly stating that.

Of course, watch out for those who might not be ready to benefit from your experience because if you try to navigate them in this direction, that might potentially drive them off. They might have little to no knowledge of the topic, and that makes their decision to act difficult to make. In this case, the best thing you can do is point them to relevant information such as books and articles, or better yet, send it via e-mail. In this way, you not only establish a connection but also work towards nurturing their interest in hiring you. That’s what best increases the likelihood of future customer conversion.

Target The Poorly Optimized Pages

Finding websites where little to no optimization work has been performed is a great strategy to find and get SEO clients who can surely benefit from expert assistance. Note the websites you find on the last pages of search engine results for a particular search and then take advantage of that information. Targeting businesses this way can prove to be extremely useful and successful.

You can either contact the website owners and propose to help their business gain better online visibility, or better yet, send them an e-mail, detailing some of the most serious issues you have observed with the sites. Pointing out tangible and identifiable issues in this personalized manner will work better than any other sales pitch in terms of convincing clients that they do need expert interference for an improved online presence.

How To Turn SEO Leads Into Clients?

Make Quality Content Work For You

If you are worried about how you can get SEO leads, it is a good idea to invest in good old inbound marketing (Never heard of the term? You can get a definition and read more about inbound marketing here. Creating and maintaining a steady stream of quality content will guarantee you a constant influx of business for months and even years to come. You can start with a blog, just like almost everybody else does nowadays, and consequently update the information you put out there on a regular basis.

Apart from blogging, there are several other options at your disposal. Infographics, for example, are a non-intrusive way to generate traffic to a social media account. It will naturally draw the appropriate audience you are looking to achieve. The same goes for guest blogging on sales and marketing websites devoted to the topic. Further steps involve starting a podcast or a series of webinars. The most popular trend right now is to start a YouTube channel and record videos and mini-tutorials on SEO topics. And last but not least, you can browse questions and discussions on Reddit or Quora and comment or respond to member posts.

Buy Some Leads

How To Turn SEO Leads Into Clients?

If you cannot currently afford to spend the time and effort to generate the influx of leads you require, the last resort would be purchasing them from a database. This is a method not many prefer, but if you find yourself struggling, you can try it short-term until a better opportunity arises. 

In view of not wasting thousands of dollars on a bad investment, there are certain rules you can follow when buying. To conduct research into reputable vendors and double-check everyone before you take a pick. You should also work with someone who actually lets you filter their database by certain valid criteria, thus maximizing your chances for a greater conversion rate.


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Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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