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How can you make money by tutoring online?

Tutoring online is most liked by students due to its ease of use, cost, and ability to offer an instant linkage to...

how you can make money by tutoring online

Tutoring online is most liked by students due to its ease of use, cost, and ability to offer an instant linkage to a tutor just when a student needs help regarding a study and study material.

If you are silver-tongued on any subject and if you have good tutoring experience, then you can sign up for online Tutoring websites to become an online tutor. On these sites, you can create a tutor profile with details of you such as the subjects and experience.

In which you can teach fluently, what classes and courses you want to teach, preferred timings for tuition, your experience level, and the payment expected. After verification, the site lists your profile on their portal or dashboard where the students who are interested can connect with you for tuition.

This will offer you a virtual classroom with built-in teaching aids like live chat, assignments, eBooks, whiteboards, etc.

And when you get better at tutoring, you can increase your monthly income by teaching multiple students simultaneously.

How much time to devote to your tutoring online?

One of the best advantages of online tutoring is that you are not bound by time limitations you can start your lesson whenever you want and wherever you are, you can easily teach for 2, 3, or 4 hours and more according to your reliability and comfort.

These online tutoring sites are really good and can be accessed anytime by you. But sometimes you also have to think about the time that is suitable for the students.

The requirement of computer hardware:

As far as computer hardware is concerned you should have good quality computer hardware and an internet connection to deliver an effective lecture without any interruption. You should have:

  • High-speed internet.
  • UPS for proper backup in case of a power issue.
  • Better RAM capacity above 2 GB.
  • A good headset.

There are many websites, but I will be providing you with websites from where you can teach online and make money for your living by tutoring:

1. Learnpic.in

The website can help you to make money online by giving tuition classes on subjects like maths, physics, chemistry, biology, etc. It is an online portal for study that helps parents find incandescent tutors hassle-free and budget-effective. It is a place where you can teach to code, if you are good at C, C++, and Java then you are at the perfect place to teach and earn money for yourself. It’s also an International site, in countries like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, the UK, the Philippines, Hong Kong, India, Qatar, Kuwait, and Thailand.

2. Unacademy.com

Unacademy is changing the way to teach. It is considered one of the best online learning and teaching platforms. Many of the tutors are making enough money to make a living. You can be a part-time as well as a full-time tutor. But becoming a tutor is not easy, one has to reach the Unacedmy team via email to become a fully functioning tutor on their website.

3. Homework Market

Homework Market is an online tutoring website that connects students with tutors who can help them do their homework. The professional tutors are flexible in assisting students in any way and aim to help students improve their academic, and study skills and strategies. It is also the perfect website for aspiring individuals who want to grow their careers as online tutors. If you are motivated, reliable, and good at helping students then Homework Market is the best place for you.

4. Vedantu:

Is another website for tutoring online that came into inception in 2014. This is one of the leading websites in India. This website has become one of the biggest websites for preparing a prestigious institutions like Birla Institute of Technology, the Indian Institute of Technology the National Institute of Technology, etc. so if you have the ability to teach about (IIT-JEE), CAT, NDA, NIMCET exams to the website is waiting for you to join as a tutor. You can earn more than 40-50 thousand/month by teaching only 4hrs/day. The best thing I liked about this website is that we can provide a teaching Demo on the site.

With many other courses available to teach online and make money by it for just teaching. You can also teach about the targeted Exams here, for these boards: ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE, and also about some other state boards of the country.

6. Khan Academy

It is one of the oldest online platforms. And one can use it to become a tutor and make more money. The website translates its resources into more than 36 languages, thus making it easier to learn for people who are not good at their native language. You can simply visit their website and become an online tutor.

7. Merit Nation

Merit nation as the name justifies itself, the platform helps students to get merit in their classes and any kind of exam. It may be difficult to get work as a tutor but if you have the capability, then you will be paid more for sure.

8. Studypool

By this site, you can simply answer students’ questions and earn a lot of money. You can earn up to $500/week tutoring part-time or potentially up to 60K a year tutoring, and it’s only 15% commission. If you are good at answering questions about academics, then it is the right place for you.

9. Learn OK

Earn money by sharing your knowledge! LearnOK provides you with a unique opportunity to convert your skills and knowledge into money via our program “Peer Mentors.” Enroll in their program, and start earning money. The world needs you!

10. Preply

Preply.com helps you easily connect with students and learners from across the world. The tutors can choose their own rates and working hours based on their convenience. Preply’s tutor rating system and filters make it super easy for a student to find their perfect tutor. The platform doesn’t only focus on English teaching but also includes a huge variety of Global & Indian languages such as Japanese, Italian, Hindi, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Telugu, etc. You can even learn/teach Music, Arts, and other skills on Preply.

11. TutorHouse

Tutorhouse is centered around a personalized approach to education and we believe that every student deserves to learn in a way that promotes their academic development and personal growth.

Our tutors will devise a bespoke learning plan for each student, ensuring that they are receiving the individualized support that they need at every stage of their academic journey.

12. Study.com

Study.com is one of the other well-named online study platforms for tutors. with the help of this platform, tutors can excel in their careers by teaching various subjects like science, maths, social studies, Hindi, English, and many more. Teachers can teach on this platform to different levels of students like Graduation, post-graduation, and middle school according to his expertise.

13. Udemy.com

Udemy is also growing these days. It is also a very good choice for teachers who want to teach online. Teachers can upload their course videos on this website. the best thing about this platform is there are lots of courses available on this website. teachers can upload technical courses and academic courses in which they are experts.

13. Tutor Hunt

Another online tutoring platform where you can learn/tutor about Music, academics, languages, art, health, IT, and many more subjects.

Another way to make money through teaching students online

  • Personal website: As you know the scope of the internet is growing each day and you can develop your personal website which can teach students online. You can also collect fees from students online. There are many people who manage their personal websites to promote their coaching centers and are also teaching through websites. You can also create your own website and run promotional programs to promote the online as well as the offline coaching Centre. You can also read a full topic on how you can make money online. My Friend Robin khokhar has provided a full tutorial on the same.
  • Android learning app: In today’s era android market is the boon, The best source to expand business via an Android app online top-visited Android apps like BYJU, S App, and Khan Academy is tutoring through an Android app. You can also create an Android app to run a tutoring business.
  • Sell study material and software online: If you are passionate about software development, you can develop study-related software for students and if you have a bookshop then sell books and stationery material on the e-commerce marketplace. You can sell through major e-commerce giant sites like SnapDeal, ShopClues, Paytm, and Flipkart. By just registering yourself as a vendor on their websites.


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Learn the secret ways to make money.

There may be more ways to make money online by tutoring online. And if there are any ways that you know about tutoring online, I will be glad to hear your comments. If you have any queries or questions about tutoring online then feel free to ask, I will be happy to help you.



Written by Sushant Gupta
Is an Online Geek. Who Diggs out the different ways for how can we make money online. He has been earning through e-commerce sites for years and wants to share his experience with all.

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