How Twitter Can Bring Traffic to Your Website?


A website relies on a lot of different sources of visitors. To sustain it at all times, you need both organic traffic from search engines and traffic from outside sources, such as forums, blogs, and, of course, social media. And difficulty Twitter can bring traffic to your website about which we will talk in this post.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have plenty of popularity. However, there is another social media site that seems to be neglected recently. If you were to look at Twitter statistics, you would realize just how many benefits it has. And on top of that, it can bring you plenty of traffic.

Include Website Address in the Profile

The first and most obvious tip is to include the website’s address in your Twitter profile. It should be a no-brainer, yet some businesses still somehow manage to neglect this. You have to make your profile as professional as you can. And the site’s link is definitely one of the most important things of that.

Tweet Same Links More Than Once

If the article on your website is relevant for the foreseeable future, you can certainly tweet it more than once. Some businesses even take the liberty of posting the same link twice or three times every day.

Some would say that this behavior could be detrimental, but they do not consider the fact that not every single follower keeps tabs on your feed. Thus, missing a tweet or two is not unheard of. 

The biggest problem with this is to determine how much becomes too much. It does not help if you do not have enough posts on the website either. Nevertheless, if you continue to stick to testing this strategy, you should be able to find the perfect formula in no time.

Twitter Links in the Article

You are probably already using social media icons on your website. Seeing those is a good incentive for readers to click and do the work for you. However, you could take things to another level and encourage them to share the post on their account. There is a tool, called ClickToTweet. You can include a separate link for retweeting anywhere in the article.

Again, you will need to be careful as it can seem like something completely out of place. And while unnoticeable at first, too many of these links could slow down the loading speed of your website.

Repurpose Blog Content for Twitter

People are leaning towards reading the content on Twitter rather than going to the original blog post. There are ways to take advantage of that. You can start with repurposing the article into images or videos, and then put the link to the blog.

For images, pick out a couple of quotes from the article. It should be something to catch the attention of others. If they become interested, they will want to read the whole article.

As for videos, well, it is self-explanatory. You can simply announce a new article on the website and leave the link in the video tweet.


Tricks to improve Twitter reputation.

Mention Other Accounts

Social media connects the whole world, and cooperating with other content creators is beneficial for all parties. All you need to do is simply mention other people in your blog post. Once you start to promote it on Twitter, contact the person you mentioned. If your post is decent, you can definitely expect to get a positive reaction, such as a retweet to their audience.

Retweet and Thank

Keep an eye on everyone who is retweeting and liking your posts. Make sure to thank them and sometimes retweet their posts as well. This will further solidify your relationship, increasing the chances of the same person retweeting your posts in the future.


Twitter Can Bring Traffic

Some entrepreneurs would argue that clickbait is bad news. However, the current internet culture has developed into one which tends to pay more attention to headlines and slogans rather than the articles themselves. Even if you are not comfortable with doing it, there is no denying that click baits do wonders for those seeking to bring in more traffic to their websites.

Pinned Tweets

If your Twitter feedback consists of more than just links to the article, you will need to make sure that the pinned tweet has a link to the most recent blog post. Since pinned tweets are at the top, they tend to get the most attention.


A final piece of advice would be hiring a Twitter influencer. You can ask him or her to retweet your post or give you a shoutout the next time they tweet. If the audience is big, you can definitely expect to see more people coming your way.

In conclusion, Twitter is certainly capable to bring in traffic to your website. And if you apply every single technique mentioned in this article, you should immediately notice the difference. Twitter might be old, but the platform has not lost its touch.

Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar

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