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5 Smart Blogging Tips to Improve Results with Less Effort

You write a blog. You tweak it up a bit, editing this and proofreading that. You ensure that it contains just the...

Smart Blogging Tips

You write a blog. You tweak it up a bit, editing this and proofreading that. You ensure that it contains just the right amount of links and visual elements. You start to feel confident in your efforts until you upload it on your blogging platform. Even after a few days, you are not getting the right traffic juice. Despite the content being an exceptional blogging piece, the traffic numbers continue to dip beyond expectations!

You start to doubt your writing skills and think of hiring content writing services. However, there is no need for that since the problem is much bigger than your writing skills. Now, you see, writing only plays a 5% role in a successful blogging platform, the rest of the 95% credit goes to certain tips, implementation of which brings positive results.

Because of the importance of these tips, we will be sharing 5 smart tricks that will make your blogging platform a hit among your audience!

1. Make Attractive Titles

5 Smart Blogging Tips to Improve Results with Less Effort

Headlines or titles should be irresistible since it is the only thing that gets the visitors to click on your search result among a ton of others. They are extremely crucial so much so that some bloggers even hint at it is more important than the actual content.

Think of it as your outfit for a specific event. Just like you would not wear shabby clothes to a high-profile event, then why would you want to hide awesome content behind subpar titles?! Take our advice; create attention-grabbing headlines that play with the curiosity of the audiences and compel them to open your blog. So, anything that instills shock (in a good way) or invokes emotions is a great idea for titles.

Dull topics translate to low traffic stats; which is not attractive if you want to earn good money from your blog. So, if your creativity is not helping you, you can take help from online tools like BuzzSumo, Feedly, and Google Trends.

2. Create Evergreen Content

5 Smart Blogging Tips to Improve Results with Less Effort

Fresh content is important for your blog’s SEO but evergreen content is a hundred times more crucial. Apart from boosting your blog’s visibility in Google search engine pages, evergreen content provides:

  • Everlasting and compounding value because you only produce this type of content once which ends up staying fresh for years to come.
  • A surge in search traffic. By using appropriate core keywords within evergreen content, you can drive more traffic and improve your search ranking.
  • A chance to boost your online authority. Publishing high-quality content in a specific niche showcases your influence and experience which builds trust with the audience.
  • Authority links from famous blogs. Covering a specific topic in a detailed manner may earn you links from authority websites in your niche. Thus, you will be increasing the likelihood of securing valuable links through evergreen content.

There are many other benefits of evergreen content but the point is that it is important and if you have not yet produced evergreen content, then you better get to it! The only thing to keep in mind is that evergreen content does not produce instant results. It takes time and slowly builds up traffic, so be patient when dealing with it!

3. Pay Attention to Keywords

Keywords play a crucial role in driving organic traffic to your blog. Additionally, it increases visibility and can help with securing a desirable rank in the SERPs. Just as much as the benefits of integrating keywords are immense, the competition for specific terms is equally high. Because of this, many marketers or bloggers rely on shady tricks to achieve favorable results. However, if you want to be an owner of a popular blog, one that is devoid of scandals, you need to take help from keywords.

The incorporation of a specific set of words within blogs drives targeted traffic from search engines. But with so many people targeting the same keywords, you need to change your strategy and make long-tail keywords the center of attention.

With the long-tail keywords, the competition is extremely low. In addition, they are cheaper with regards to PPC as well. That said, it also provides bloggers with a chance to rank higher in the SERPs.

4. Enhance User Experience

Some blog platforms, despite putting out great content, consider customer experience as a top priority. This makes us wonder how important users experience really is. As it turns out, to keep a steady flow of organic traffic coming to your blog, you need to treat your consumers as kings!

From fast load time, down to easy website navigation; users take in each and every element of your blog platform to determine whether visiting it again is worth their time or not! To ensure that you have all the favorable elements in your platform, you need to visit top websites and analyze how they have tackled their web designing with regards to UX.

Impeccable web designing or not, your platform needs to have content boxes, testimonials, CTA sections, sign up forms, landing pages, security badges, and easy navigation. These are the basic elements and if your website is missing something, then it is time to hire web designers!

5. Focus on Shareable Social Media Widgets

Smart Blogging Tips

The best way to improve traffic results is by incorporating social media widgets alongside your blogs. In the absence of such buttons, there is possibly no way your readers can share your content with their peers. Unless they screenshot your content and share the photos on their pages, which is a hassle and nobody, not even the most dedicated fans, will go through this trouble.

So, make it all easy for your audience and code Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook’s social media widgets to make this experience a convenient one for your audience.

But before you get all excited, here is something you need to know; the audience will only share the blogs if the content is worth reading. Anything that does not meet their standards will have a hard time when it comes to sharing.

By keeping your blogs fresh and interesting, you will be providing your audience with enough reason to hit that share button! So, while you are coding the share buttons, you might also want to improve your content strategy!


Having good manners will serve you well if you want to build solid and steady blog traffic. So, establish good relations, not just with your readers but with other content creators as well. Apart from leaving constructive comments, you can share their links within your content to show that you truly care. Believe us; they would want to return the favor by doing the same to your blog platform. Thus, it provides you with another opportunity to grow traffic.

You can also look into link building services if your attempts do not yield positive results! All in all, strengthening your blog with the sole purpose of increasing the traffic flow is not an insurmountable task. If we are being honest, it is also not an easy task!

Growing traffic is just a matter of a few tricks! Implement them appropriately and you will get positive results. However, if you lose your focus, the results may be disastrous for your blog. Considering this, we have shared five crucial tips that will help you fix your traffic woes!

Remember, blogging is a competitive world and each little effort matters! So, keep your content fresh, your audience happy, and your SEO efforts updated to see major improvements.

Written by Qurat -ul-Ain Ghazali
Qurat-ul-Ain Ghazali is a system engineer with a passion for writing, designing and anything tech related. Currently, she is the digital content manager at Dynamologic Solutions, a leading fantasy football draft software company.

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  1. Really the tips are smart! Attractive titles are very helpful to draw the audience towards the content. Also, As per my experience proofreading also plays a very important role for the quality control…

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