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How Can You Use Usb Flash Drives in a Non-Standard Way?

USB flash drives are popular devices used by people all over the world. They are created in order to make information storage...

Usb Flash Drives

USB flash drives are popular devices used by people all over the world. They are created in order to make information storage easy and comfortable. Using a pen drive, you can be sure that all the vital data will be safe. Besides, the devices are small in size and light in weight, which is why it is comfortable to take them anywhere.
However, today the technologies keep developing. That’s why flash drives are often used as something else (not only as a portable device for information storage).

The common application of USB Flash Drives / Pen Drives

Thumb drives are gadgets aimed at reading and write operations. They work with various types of files. Thus, you can store texts, videos, pictures, and many other kinds of data on it. Storage is a standard application of the drives.
There are lots of variations of such devices. They are produced in various forms and of different materials. Consider the most widespread shapes:
• Pens
• Keys
• Lighters and cigarette lighters
• Toys
• Animals
• Movie heroes
• Credit cards, etc.
As for the materials, they can be made of wood, plastic, metal, rubber, etc.

Non-standard applications of a thumb drive

Today there are lots of other means of information storage, for instance, various clouds. However, unlike many other devices, which are now out of date (such as CDs or DVDs), pen drives are still extremely popular. Let’s observe several interesting ways of their application in modern life:

• A key to the Computer

It is a wonderful way to protect your PC and the information stored on it. Just turn your drive into a key. To do this, it is required to install Predator software on both your USB drive and a computer. As a result, your PC will be able to operate only in the case when a pen drive is inserted. As soon as you remove the device, the display will immediately become dark, while the mouse/keyboard will become disabled. It is good news that such a method might be used on several PCs or laptops.

• Virus protection

Sometimes we can suspect that our personal computers are attacked by viruses. To check the machine and remove the malware, you can use a pen drive. There are plenty of applications created for such a purpose. Install them on the device and insert them into your computer. Thus, you can easily remove the viruses.

• ‘Dead drop’ creation

You can become a real spy and transfer the information in secret. Record the data you want on the drive and leave it in any place you like. Thus, people can share their favorite books, poems of their own, songs, and any other interesting information. However, it is necessary to be careful when inserting an unknown device into your PC. It might contain viruses or other dangerous programs.

• Windows recovery drive by means of a drive

It is recommended not to wait for your PC to fail. Get ready for such a situation and create a recovery drive. Thus, you will be able to find the troubles, which disturbed the work of your PC. It is possible also in cases when the machine cannot start up properly. Remember that the storage space required for such a purpose totals at least 16 Gb. By using it, you will be able even to reinstall your Windows if required.


Free data recovery software.

How to transfer files from Amazon Cloud to Dropbox drive.

• The application of personal Google Chrome

You know that the personal settings of the browser are very important. They are comfortable for a definite user. Sometimes you need to use the PC or other devices, which are owned by the other user. Thus, the settings are different, which can make you really nervous. Your USB stick can help deal with such a problem. It is possible to transfer your history, personal extensions, and settings to a portable device in order to make the application of any device comfortable for you. It is a good idea for various Internet cafes or other places, where you need to use a PC. Just insert your drive and enjoy your browser. Otherwise, you can do it via automatic synchronization in a cloud.

• Become incognito

There exists a Tails operating system, which is able to provide privacy for the user wherever he/she is. It is possible to record the OS on a flash drive. After this, it is enough to insert the gadget into any computer or laptop and you will become an anonymous user. Tails work as an independent operating system and never disturbs the work of the computer you apply. To set up the OS, it is necessary to have 2 drives. More detailed instructions are available on the official website. It is a good way to keep your privacy while using public PCs.
The application of thumb drives is not limited by the ways described above. Today they are widely used for different commercial purposes. For instance, lots of business owners prefer applying them as a part of their marketing strategy for the promotion of services, goods, or any other things. By recording the information about your organization or products, you can become more known among the people. The most common promotional application of pen drives is promotional gifts.

What’s more, in the modern world, there are USB drives, which have plenty of additional applications. Some of them might be used as real pens, bottle openers, or cigarette lighters. They are called hidden drives and are very popular among the younger generation because they are quite useful in everyday life.
Choose the best additional way of your flash drive application at https://logousb.com/custom-usb/ along with the information storage and enjoy the opportunities, which it is able to provide you.

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