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5 Ways Beacons AI Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Beacon technology can be a great way to engage customers in retail stores. However, being transparent with customers about how beacons work...

5 Ways Beacons AI Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Beacon technology can be a great way to engage customers in retail stores. However, being transparent with customers about how beacons work and respecting their autonomy is important.

Beacon marketing solutions are easy to use and don’t require complicated setups. All you need is the beacon hardware, a mobile app to send and receive signals, and a platform to manage the interaction.

Beacons AI is a link-in-bio service that offers tons of features for creators. It also makes it easy for them to connect with brands and earn money from their content. This platform is designed for content creators, influencers, and small businesses. Its features include a customizable landing page, in-depth growth analytics, and email marketing.

It also includes a powerful mobile website builder that allows creators to create their own branded landing page. They can embed TikTok videos, YouTube content, tweets, and more. The service is free to use and requires no coding skills.

Beacons AI also has more in-depth analytics tools than most other link-in-bio tools. For example, it can monitor real-time profile visits and provide detailed audience insights. It can even analyze the effectiveness of each post and recommend improvements based on its performance. Its money-making analysis feature identifies best-selling products/services and helps creators optimize their pricing strategies. It also provides historical charts tracking progress over time.

Conversion tracking

Beacons AI offers conversion tracking to track the number of unique views and clicks. This data is useful for content producers and influencers to measure the effectiveness of their Call to Action. The data helps determine the type of call-to-action that gets the most engagement from the audience.

Beacons AI is a versatile tool for content producers, social media influencers, and online marketers. It is designed to help them monetize their content and attract more followers. It also offers extensive analytics tools to help them track their performance and make better decisions.

You can customize your forms using the Beacons AI contact form feature to match your brand. The widget lets you add images, descriptive text, and titles to improve the user experience. In addition, you can change the fonts to create a visually appealing look. This makes your forms more professional and will boost your conversion rates.


Beacon AI is an all-in-one tool for creators and influencers that offers all the tools they need to run their businesses in a single place. It includes everything from audience management to brand deals, income tracking, and more. It also provides in-depth analytics and a mobile website builder to make it easy for users to customize their pages. The free plan offers basic monetization and features, while the Entrepreneur plan has more advanced monetization options.

Beacons also allows monetizing TikTok videos through a “Shoppable TikTok” block, which lets users add product links to their videos and earn direct revenue. This monetization service is ideal for fitness instructors, beauty bloggers, foodies, gamers, streamers, and other content producers who want to maximize their earnings. In addition, Beacons AI offers advanced scheduling capabilities, allowing users to promote different opportunities on their page at different times. This enables them to increase engagement and grow their followers.


Beacon marketing is a powerful way to reach customers with personalized offers and communications as they navigate physical spaces. The technology uses small devices (known as beacons) to communicate with mobile apps on consumer smartphones and is powered by Bluetooth Low Energy, or BLE, technology. The data gathered by beacons can provide targeted content, discounts, and offers relevant to the customer’s in-store journey.

The beam is a service that provides marketers with data on consumer behavior and preferences, including demographics, location, and purchase history. The data is then used to create customized marketing campaigns for each customer. This helps to increase ROI and improve the efficiency of a business’s marketing investments.

Beacons AI offers a comprehensive service for creators, including a fully designed page and access to key insights. They offer two plans, one for influencers and the other for entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneur plan also offers lower digital product transaction fees.

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