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4 Easy Ways You Can Stay Safer Online

Do you think that you are safe online? Is it in your mind that someone is keeping an eye on your online...

Stay Safer Online

Do you think that you are safe online?

Is it in your mind that someone is keeping an eye on your online activities.

Then you are among the millions of people who are not familiar with the ways they can stay safer online.

The internet is swiftly becoming an unsafe place to be. The usage of the Internet is increasing day by day. Malware is rampant; every few seconds, a new type of malware is created and released onto the web, waiting for unsuspecting users like you to mistakenly download it and suffer the consequences. Cybercriminals are launching new, unfamiliar types of attacks, including some that take advantage of brand-new tech you alone cannot defend against. So, I thought of sharing these amazing ways you can stay safer online.

However, it is impossible to simply disconnect from the internet and remain a productive and engaged member of society. Therefore, you need to find a way to use the web without subjecting yourself to is many diverse dangers — and this guide can help you with that balance.

So the here are the ways for you can follow to stay safer online:

Be Better About Passwords

On one hand, passwords are the best defense against attack. On the other hand, they are the weakest element of even the strongest cybersecurity strategy. Passwords prevent just anyone from gaining access to sensitive information on your device, but if your password is easy to crack — or if it is the same across your accounts — you aren’t doing the most you can do to protect yourself.

To start, you can learn the most up-to-date rules for crafting uncrackable passwords. These include:

  • Length. The more characters in your password, the less likely a hacking program will ever decipher your exact code. You should consider stringing words together to form a memorable sentence.
  • Randomness. Common movie quotes, popular pet names and similar widespread words and phrases are the first passwords humans and hacking programs guess. Instead, try to use words and phrases that aren’t connected to you in any way.
  • Uniqueness. Every one of your accounts should boast its own distinct password. This helps protect your other accounts if one of them becomes compromised.

However, an even easier way to improve your password game is to use password management software. The tool which will generate new and complex passwords for your accounts, encrypt them and help you sign in, so you can stay secure and enjoy a convenient login process.

Enhance Your Browser

The internet is where most dangers lurk, and your browser is your gateway to the internet. Therefore, it makes sense that you should equip your browser with the best internet protection available. There are a few different methods of going about this.

4 Easy Ways You Can Stay Safer OnlineFor example, you can consider using a secure browser, like Tor or Avast Secure Browser, rather than your current mainstream browsers like Chrome or Safari. However, most InfoSec professionals believe that tricking out your current browser is better for a few reasons, most notably because you are more likely to use a browser you are familiar with. You can adjust your browser’s setting and download hardening apps from your browser app store to ensure your internet browsing is safe and secure. You can also acquire antivirus software that comes with internet security features, such as webpage and download scanning. By layering your protections, you decrease your likelihood of attracting attack.

Update Your Antivirus

If you don’t already have an antivirus program, your first step should be to get one. You should look for a program from a trustworthy cybersecurity provider, like TrendMicro, Norton or McAfee, that suits your security needs and download it as soon as possible.

However, antivirus software isn’t a set-and-forget solution — unless you choose to make it one. Under your antivirus program settings, you should look for automated options. At the very least, you should allow your antivirus to automatically download updates and patches when they are available, but you should also consider permitting automatic scans and cleanings of your device. More and more often, antivirus software will default to automatic scans and updates to ensure users are always fully safe. You should never get in the habit of clicking “update later” or “pause scan” because doing so creates insecurities that increase your risk of attack.

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Consider a VPN

A virtual private network, or VPN, is a solution that allows users to access your private network securely from other locations. This is useful if you need to retrieve data from your home computer while you are away; instead of carrying around your most sensitive information and connecting to uncertain networks, you can log into your VPN and enjoy all the authority and security of your home network no matter where you go. Even Considering for a Cloud computing and data security is a good move.

VPNs aren’t necessarily easy to set up, which is why it is more often a solution advertised to businesses. However, if your home network is extensive, and if you wish to connect to it at any time, you should consider researching the benefits of VPNs and creating your own.


Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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