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How to launch a web series on the OTT platform?

There is a massive opportunity nowadays for all sizes of content creators to leverage the wide reach of Ott Platform services. People...

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There is a massive opportunity nowadays for all sizes of content creators to leverage the wide reach of Ott Platform services. People are consuming content on different types of devices. If you can launch your web series on major OTT platforms, you can expect a large audience to pay for your content.

KPMG reports that the Indian online video streaming market will reach over 500 million subscribers by 2023. The report also mentions that all OTT services are highly interested in creating original content. This includes all the popular names in this sector, including:

  • Netflix
  • YouTube Red
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hotstar
  • Eros Now
  • Zee5
  • Sony Liv
  • Viu

If you want to create and launch your web series, this may just be the right time to get started. All these online video streaming services are eagerly interested in adding more diversity to their libraries with original content.

How to Launch Your Web Series?

An Ott Platform takes a certain cut from direct sales along with a flat monthly fee based on the number of subscriptions. Here is an example of how Amazon Prime accepts content from creators.

It requires the following basic steps to get your video on Amazon Prime Video:

  • You can directly submit your concept video to Prime Video Direct.
  • If you have an excellent storyline, you can choose Amazon Studios to submit you’re idea for your web series. Amazon can take you ahead with the further steps.

Step By Step Guide

It is required to follow these steps to create and submit your web series on an online video streaming service like Amazon Prime:

Creating Episodic Titles

An episodic title is a series that comprises several episodes in a season. 

  • A title can comprise several seasons
  • You can select whether to offer individual episodes or the entire season
  • Once you select to offer an entire season for viewers to purchase, it is not possible to add more episodes later (you will have to create a new season to add new episodes)

Creating Episodic Web Series

The steps involved in uploading your videos are as follows:

  • Create an account with Prime Video Direct
  • Select the option ‘your videos’
  • Select the option ‘episodic’ and then ‘add series’
  • Select the option ‘title metadata language’

You will be required to enter the title names and select the category that best defines the content of your web series. You can also add a season to your existing web series and episodes to an existing season.

It will also be required to enter catalog information. This can be done from the ‘Catalog Listing’ option under the ‘season number’ section. Here you will be required to enter the following information:

  • Season synopsis
  • One or more genres
  • One or more countries of origin
  • Select the rating system
  • Release language
  • Release year

You will also be required to enter key art and background images in the designated ratios and resolutions.

Enter Cast & Crew Details

When adding your web series to this Ott Platform, you will also be required to enter the details of the cast and crew of the series. Even when you can do with adding a single crew member, it is recommended to enter the complete list of cast and crew members. Prime Video Direct offers different steps for adding information on the Director and Actors. You can delete or re-order the information as per your needs.

Enter Season Availability Information

Season availability refers to allowing your potential viewers to purchase an entire season as one single purchase. You can mention season availability information using the following steps:

  • Select the option ‘episodic’ under ‘your videos’
  • Select the ‘title’ option and then the ‘availability’ option
  • Determine the locations where you want to make the title available.
  • You can also determine the way you want to make the title available.

When you select the options ‘Buy Season’ or ‘Buy Episodes’, you will be required to choose between the following two options:

  • Preset Pricing
  • Custom Pricing

Thus, you can decide whether to set prefixed prices or set your own custom prices. The key features of preset pricing are as follows:

  • Value: This pricing is perfect for back catalog or older videos.
  • Base: This pricing option is suited for you if your web series has a wider audience appeal and you intend to balance cost.

It is important to know that online video streaming services will have the flexibility to make changes to prices. When it comes to episodic titles, the price of the season is based on how many episodes are published within the season. The platform allows you to select different availability windows for each location where your title will be made available. If you must schedule an end date, this platform requires that titles be available for a minimum of 30 days.

The option to publish your web series is available only when all the required options and files have been selected. You should also submit the payments and banking details along with approved tax information to get started.

Distribution of Your Web Series

Distribution may sound like a distant thing for you when you create a web series as a small content creator. However, it is not as complicated on these Ott Platform services as you may think. The same distribution options are available to everyone who uses Amazon’s services. Whether you are a major motion picture and TV studio or an independent filmmaker, you will get access to the same delivery quality and options.

Some online video streaming services provide options for both free and open distribution. You can take advantage of the free distribution platforms by uploading your web series to several services. This will give your series that chance to reach a larger audience. So, it is recommended to not just be limited to Amazon Prime Video, YouTube Red, and other major platforms. You should also consider the free OTT services to expand the reach of your content. Now that you have a pretty good idea of what is involved in launching a web series, you should start by creating a list of all the platforms that make the most sense for your content.


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