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9 Types of Tools You Need to Create Awesome Video Marketing

Multiple studies have shown that video marketing is the future of digital marketing, especially with the rising popularity of YouTube. Now, everyone...

video marketing

Multiple studies have shown that video marketing is the future of digital marketing, especially with the rising popularity of YouTube. Now, everyone has equal chances to promote their brand using high-quality video. However, creating video marketing is not particularly easy. 

On top of that, searching for video making tools can be overwhelming since there are tons of them on the internet. That’s why you don’t need to do it, as we’ve already compiled the complete list of video marketing tools to help you create better videos. The list contains 121 video-making tools and is divided into 9 categories based on their utilities.

In this listicle, we’ll provide a couple of examples for each category, you can click the above link for the complete list.

DIY Animation Tools

In this section, we’ll provide 15 tools to help you create your own animated video. Most of these tools are paid service, with a handful of free ones. Here are the examples:


Payment model: Subscription

Price: $5.00/mo. – $49.00/mo.

Animoto is the perfect animated video maker for marketers that has zero to little idea about animation software. This software offers a friendly user interface that allows marketers to create professional-looking animated videos on both desktop and mobile devices.


Payment model: Subscription

Price: $49.00/mo. – $159.00/mo.

Vyond is an online platform for making animated videos. There are three types of templates that it offers: contemporary, whiteboard, and business-friendly. After you choose the template, you can customize the characters, objects and voice-over options to create the perfect video.

Video Marketing Platform

A video marketing platform is a site where you can watch and upload videos. It’s also usually equipped with an analytics tool to measure how well your video is doing. The most famous example of this section is YouTube.


Payment model: Freemium / Subscription

Price: $99.00/mo.

If you’re looking for a video marketing platform with detailed analytics, then Wistia is the answer. As the strongest point of Wistia, its analytics include metrics like viewers, view counts, viewers’ locations, and retention rate. The analytics also work on videos embedded in emails. 


Payment model: Subscription

Price: $150.00/mo. – $2,000.00/mo.

It’s true that Vidyard rate is a bit hefty, but it also offers amazing services. Vidyard was specifically made for marketers who want to do cold outreach, as this platform is smoothly integrated with multiple sales and marketing tools.

Video Editing Tools

As you already know from the name, this section deals with tools and software used to edit videos. It contains 15 tools that deal with different aspects of video editing, like converting, trimming, time-lapsing, recording, compressing, and others.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Payment model: Subscription

Price: $20.99/mo.

Adobe Premiere Pro is an editing software specifically targeted for professional or advanced video editors. If you have no idea of video editing but want to try it anyway, be prepared for a long and steep learning curve. However, once you master this software, you will be able to edit videos with limitless possibilities.

Filmora Pro

Payment model: Subscription / Pay Once

Price: $89.99/year; $149.99/license.

For the beginner or casual video editors, Filmora Pro might be the right editing software to pick. Unlike Adobe Premiere Pro and other more advanced editing tools, Filmora Pro is easy to use because it requires zero technical knowledge. This tool offers two types of payment plans, which are a subscription and a lifetime plan. 

Interactive Video

Interactive video is a type of video that plays like a normal video but has an additional feature that enables user interaction. This type of video works well to engage with customers.


Payment model: Subscription 

Price: $29.00/mo. – $59.00/mo.

TouchCast is an online software that offers not only interactive video, but also live broadcast feature. This platform is equipped with tools such as background removal, comments moderation, interaction analytics, and many more.


Payment model: Subscription 

Price: $10.00/mo.

You can create interactive videos from scratch with this amazing tool for only $10 per month. Besides making new videos, you can also edit your existing videos with an interactive layer on top of it. If that’s not enough, this tool is also integrated with multiple apps like Skype, Google Maps, RSS Feeds, and others.

Live Streaming

This section deals with platforms that offer a live streaming service, which is an act of simultaneously record and broadcast a video in real-time. Some video marketing platforms also have a live streaming feature.


Payment model: Subscription 

Price: $500.00/mo.

uStudio is an online platform that combines live streaming and video management. One of the major values of uStudio is its simplicity and user friendliness. Equipped with bulk video upload and gallery tools, managing videos is easy using this software.  

Facebook Live

Payment model: Free

Price: – Free

As part of the site with one of the highest active users, you should consider using Facebook Live to perform a livestreaming. Facebook Live allows you to broadcast using desktop, mobile, and even professional set up. This tool is amazing because it’s free and it reaches a wide range of audiences.

Sound Effects Library

A sound effects library is a website that stores thousands of stock music and audio tracks that can be used as sound effects on your video.


Payment model: Subscription / Pay Once

Price: 1.00+/item; $16.50/mo

If you’re looking for an audio library, one of the tools that I would recommend to video makers is AudioJungle, because it provides a wide range of tracks and sound effects with one of the cheapest rates out there. 


Payment model: Pay Once

Price: $59.00/item

If you want to add unique sound to your video and have a budget for it, try PremiumBeat. The price maybe a little bit expensive, but the quality is top-notch. This platform put quality over quantity, that’s why you can’t find the content here anywhere else.

Stock Video Library

Similar to the sound effects library, this section is about sites that store stock videos. Usually, they also offer stock images.


Payment model: Subscription

Price: $16.50/mo.

VideoHive is a part of Envato Market and offers over 830 thousand stock videos in multiple themes such as cartoons, construction, nature, technology, stop motion, time-lapse, and many more with only $16.50 per month. 


Payment model: Pay Once

Price: $79.00/item – $299.00/item

FilmSupply is one of the premium stock footage websites that only accept high-quality videos. This platform put quality above anything else, making them very selective in choosing footages to list in their rich stock video library. 

Sound Recording Tools

All the tools and platforms that have anything to do with voice-overs are in this section. It contains 14 voice recording and sound editing software. 


Payment model: Free

Price: –

Audacity is one of the most well-known audio recording and editing software in this list. The one thing that makes it famous is because it’s one of those rare platforms that provide high quality sound editing features for free.


Payment model: Pay Once

Price: 24.99/license – $34.99/license

You only need to pay once to enjoy WavePad features for life, and you wouldn’t regret it. This tool can handle pretty much every format of audio files. It has batch processing that allows you to apply effects and convert multiple audio files at once, plus a bookmark to help you navigate a long audio recording.

Scriptwriting Utilities

In this last section, you’ll learn about all the tools used for writing a script for your video. From drafting, grammar checking, collaborating with other writers, and so on.

Amazon Storywriter

Payment model: Free

Price: –

Amazon Storywriter is a free scriptwriting tool that is perfectly suited for writers who work in a group. Similar to Google Docs, this tool allows your work to be accessible to multiple persons. Sync your script through Amazon account and you can edit your work anywhere.

Word Counter Plus

Payment model: Free

Price: –

Word Counter Plus is a free tool that enables you to estimate how much time you need to read a voice-over script for your video, so that your video doesn’t end up being too long. This tool is a part of Chrome extension.


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Written by Nat McNeely
Digital Marketing Manger at Breadnbeyond, an award winning explainer video company.

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