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What is Android Pay? All you need to know

If you are using a mobile phone. I am 70 percent sure that you are using an android phone. I think it...

What is Android Pay? All you need to know

If you are using a mobile phone. I am 70 percent sure that you are using an android phone. I think it is safe to say that most android users utilize Android pay to make transactions. Be it booking flights, online shopping, or even grocery shopping, it saves time and it’s less hectic. So, let’s Proceed with what is Android Pay or we can use another name what is Google Pay?

It is a simple app used for contactless payment with your smartphone guardingly. You need to set up your Android Pay with a few easy steps and you are ready to go.

How Android Pay works?

Android pay uses the Internet to make debit/credit card transactions safely. Android/Google pay is very easy to use, it can be simply done by tapping your phone on the paying terminal. Depending on the system being used you may have to enter the pin of your card on the keypad of the terminal. you will get a notification on the completion of a transaction.

It does work with QR code scanning Or just your mobile number or an Id provided by Google Pay. The easiest way to make the payment is by using the QR code which is automatically generated by The app.

Is Android/Google Pay safe?

  • Android pay has adopted many strategies to keep the confidential information of the user safe. whether it’s personal information or financial information.
  • Each card has a virtual number that prevents fraud as details are not shared with the retailers.
  • screen lock is a necessity to operate the app. You can use a fingerprint, pin, or pattern depending on your mobile phone.
  • You will get a confirmation notification on every purchase. It informs you about the location of the transaction and retailer.

How much can you spend on Google pay?

There is no limit concerning the expenditure. unlike Apple Pay, there has been no official announcement made by android pay regarding the limits.

  • You can make the least payment to f Rs. 1 and the Highest payment of Rs 1,00,000. You can’t send more than Rs 1,00,000 in a single day Using Android Pay.
  • You won’t be able to spend money more than 10 times in a single day. Other applications like Phone Pe also have the same rules. SO think before you make 10 payments using Google Pay.
  • And for secuirty reasons you cannot request more than 2000 Rupees from a Google Pay account holder. Google Pay has taken teh precaution becuase of teh scams done with Phone Pe, Paytm and other apps.

Banks Associated with Android Pay

As it keeps adding to the list, a large number of renowned banks are affiliated with android pay. Therefore you will be able to join Google or android pay without sweat. Almost all the banks are there, it won’t be a problem for you while sitting you your account On Google Pay.

Where can I use Android/Google pay?

Wherever there is an option for contactless payment you can use Google or Android pay. Most of the retailers accept Google pay. Hence there will be no major difficulty operating the app. Most of the Shopkeepers and Malls have QR codes installed on and you will be able to do shopping easily.

Sending money to your friends or relatives won’t be a problem at all. You can also use Google Pay as Payment Gateway on your website as a mode of electronic payment.


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