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5 Best Ways To Boost Engagement On Instagram Stories

Are your businesses striving to connect with your customers on Instagram? If so, you have to look over the Instagram Stories feature....

5 Best Ways To Boost Engagement On Instagram Stories

Are your businesses striving to connect with your customers on Instagram? If so, you have to look over the Instagram Stories feature. Since its launch, it got a lot of traction among users within a short period, and the active user base has reached over 500 million. As the stories feature is the most notable feature on Instagram, it offers more opportunities for brands to increase their visibility. 

At the same time, if you desire to enhance the post visibility that you share on Instagram, buy Instagram likes that boost your profile engagement with more reach. Therefore, more users will take action by seeing your posts, which results in driving more traffic and sales. In contrast, Instagram Stories is definitely a worthy feature to uplift your business. However, focusing on engagement is highly crucial for businesses. 

So, do you want to ensure that you utilize Instagram Stories to their fullest? Then, check out this guide to strengthen your engagement on Instagram Stories. 

Trends always matter for businesses to increase engagement on their Instagram stories. From time to time, new trends pop up on the platform, and the most interactive content will get the most attention from the users. So, following up on the current trends will entice the users and influence them to see your posts. But, how would you know the current trends that work for your business? At this point, look over the ‘Explore page’ on Instagram. Explore page is the collection of curated content based on the user’s interest. Moreover, take advantage of Instagram analytics to optimize the way of posting stories. You get a clear perspective to optimize your strategy and grow your brand on Instagram.

2. Curate Content With Hashtags, Mentions & Locations

Do you want to expand your content reach effortlessly? If so, utilizing hashtags, mentions, and locations is the best way to reach potential customers. 

Hashtags: In the social media market, hashtags are the most popular word that you often heard of, and how valuable is adding hashtags to your posts? Hashtags explore your content when the users search for the related terms that make you get more views, likes, and comments. In the Instagram Story posts adding hashtags will make them go viral. But limit hashtags to one or two, whereas adding 10 hashtags will make your post quickly get away. Moreover, you can try paid services like Trollishly to increase your brand’s reach and visibility. With a clear objective, purchase the business-specific packages to broaden your reach and heighten your business.

Mentions: While sharing your Stories posts, you can mention someone whom the people you mention will get the notification. It makes people you mention in your story aware of your brand, and they directly contact you or watch your profile. 

Location Tags: Do you want to enhance your business performance using IG Stories? Then, add locations to your posts using the stickers. It boosts your brand’s visibility when people search for that location.

3. Instagram Stories Highlight

Everyone knows that Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours of posting the content. Unlike the Stories feature, Instagram Stories Highlights make your content stay permanently on your profile. You can add your favorite or viral story content to this feature that you can tap and watch at any time. Harness the power of highlights and organize it in the right way where it is a win-win strategy to attract customers.  You can also rely on some third-party cheap Instagram impressions and make a major impact.

4. Scheduling Content Consistently

As Instagram Stories are at the top of the user’s feed, it is a powerful feature to make your brand more visible. However, it is worth sharing at least one post every day. It makes sense to influence the users to have a look at your posts. Get to know that consistency is the key to success, where consistent Instagram stories posting will help you get optimal results. Do you want to reap the rewards? If yes, share consistently and significantly during the most active hours of the users. At the same time, to increase engagement, leverage services like Trollishly. It improves engagement and makes you stand ahead of the competition.

5. Take Advantage Of Instagram Stories Stickers

Do you want to encourage conversation and aim to get higher profitability? If so, engagement is highly crucial. Further, you have to look for a way to boost engagement, and it would be achieved through increasing conversations with your customers. Thanks to the Instagram Stories Stickers!

There are a wide array of Instagram Stories Stickers on the platform that you can use to create curiosity about your brand and get an accurate response. The more you use the stickers, the more your users will get engaged, and without much effort, you can spread your brand name around the users. Moreover, going live and resolving their doubts with a Q&A session will sneak-peek your content and get you instant engagement. 

Here go through a few stickers that you can use to boost engagement.

  • Poll
  • Questions
  • Quiz
  • Chat
  • Comments

Wrapping It Up

Creating unique story posts by following the above tricks will make you get the most out of it. Moreover, using the stories feature, you can instantly take your message to the potential audience, and with the right strategy, your post’s engagement will increase. Interact well with your audience and successfully grow your business.


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