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When Should You Consider Repairing the Microsoft Surface Pro and How?

Back in May 2013, Microsoft first introduced Surface Pro in the global market. After the release of this 2-in-1 detachable laptop, many...

Microsoft Surface Pro

Back in May 2013, Microsoft first introduced Surface Pro in the global market. After the release of this 2-in-1 detachable laptop, many purchased these Microsoft products; and the reason makes it totally worth it. Surface Pro’s adjustable keyboard, easy accessibility, power-pack performance, and other high-end features have grabbed the user’s attention.

Despite being one of the highest-selling Microsoft products, Surface Pro has certain flaws. Surface Pro 7 and Pro X users have frequently reported screen glitches. Moreover, some of them faced issues while using the Surface Pen.

Though Microsoft has acknowledged these problems, they haven’t yet come up with any proper solutions. But, the authorized Microsoft Surface Pro repair companies offer effective troubleshooting approaches to fix such critical issues.

Whether you are facing hardware or software issues, these professionals can easily resolve those. Additionally, there are hefty reliable Microsoft Surface Pro repair companies who can fix every Surface Pro-related issue.

So, if you are experiencing any technical breakdown, don’t ever consider implementing D-I-Y hacks. You might find several video tutorials on how to replace the Surface Pro screen or keyboard, but don’t try those. Because, without the involvement of the professionals, resolving the device-related issues might be troublesome.

What are the common issues that require immediate attention?

Here, we are enlisting a few Surface Pro-related issues that require professional’s intervention:

1. Unresponsive Touchscreen

Microsoft’s AI contribution is worth mentioning when it comes to including super-responsive and high-quality touchscreen. But, Surface Pro users have faced touchscreen issues within a few months of buying the device. Usually, a malfunctioned driver can be the underlying cause behind such an unexpected occurrence.

Suppose, you turn on the Surface Pro, and after using it for a while, you suddenly see horizontal lines on the screen. Though that might be a terrifying experience, there’s nothing to fret over. There are a handful of Microsoft Surface Pro repair service centers across the world that offer impeccable services.

At least 1,600 Surface Pro users experienced screen-related issues in 2018. And, this number has most likely increased in these three years. So, before reaching out to an expert, it’s important to acknowledge why people are facing screen issues. The renowned Microsoft Surface Pro repair specialists have figured out that hardware-related issues are leading to screen glitches.

3. Charging Issues

Microsoft Surface Pro series can last up to 12-13 hours without charging even once. It comes with a USB-C charging port, which can power up the device within half an hour. But, sometimes, you might face issues while charging this exclusive Microsoft product.

Moreover, charging difficulties can decline the Surface Pro user’s productivity level. As a result, you won’t be able to submit the essential office-related files on time. However, an expected Surface Pro repair technician can resolve the charging issues within an hour or two.

4. Sudden Sound Problems

If you aren’t getting clear sound from the Surface Pro’s integrated speaker, hire professional repair experts to fix it. Due to incorrect audio preferences, sometimes you might face issues with proper sound. Moreover, misconfiguration can be another reason behind the Surface Pro’s sound glitches. Corrupted device drivers or defective speakers can decline the audio quality of Microsoft Surface Pro.

5. Slow Device

Overloading Microsoft Surface Pro with unwanted applications or software can decline its performance efficiency. As a result, you will have difficulty while switching from one application to another. Don’t let such issues hinder the daily office-related work. Simply consider contacting a reputable Surface Pro repair company in the first place. They can withstand any technical issues with their extensive technical knowledge.

Where can you take your Microsoft Surface Pro for a Repair?

For resolving the driver conflicts, make sure to contact an experienced technician of nearby Microsoft Surface repair companies. Consider searching for “Surface Pro repair near me” to reach the leading Microsoft product repair company. Starting from fixing a flickering screen to replacing a cracked screen — the technicians can handle every part of it.

Initially, they will diagnose the source of the problem and then replace the defective components if required. Simply join hands with one of them and overcome Surface Pro glitches.

And, for an individual who doesn’t have adequate technical knowledge, eliminating random such problems won’t be easy. However, a skilled technician can easily identify the problematic hardware components and fix them within a stipulated time frame. So, either you can take the device to the dedicated service center, or any certified Microsoft repair agency.

Authorised Microsoft Surface Repair

Make sure to connect with an authorized Microsoft Surface repair agency to get assured recovery results. These top-ranked companies offer guaranteed and authentic Surface Pro power adapters to consumers. Sometimes, a faulty Surface Pro battery can lead to charging issues. So, these professionals will initially opt for an in-depth analysis before replacing any device components. Choosing a reliable agency minimizes the downtimes!

Whatever the reason be, make sure to schedule an appointment with a Surface Pro repair expert. With their years of experience and immense technical expertise, they can alleviate such problems quickly. Moreover, they use advanced tools and equipment while replacing the defective speakers with new ones.

However, if the warranty period is over, there is no need to always opt for authorized agencies; you can go for any certified expert team that offers budget-equipped services.

Certified Surface Pro Repair Company

If you book a repair service from companies that are certified to deal with laptop repair work, make sure to check the type of services it offers. That’s essential! Because if after booking the experts you found out that they don’t repair speakers, that will be a dreadful experience.

You might find several Surface Pro repair companies that access the world that covers every sort of repair service. Choose the one that offers affordable services and has gathered positive feedback and high ratings from the customers. Improving the Surface Pro’s performance has become easier with the emergence of licensed repair service providers.

Sometimes, when the device gets infected with a virus or malware, it can also slow down its performance. You might even face a data loss-related scenario. This is where certified Surface Pro experts can offer effective solutions. Boost up the device functions by connecting with the vetted Microsoft Surface Pro repair experts.

Reasons to Choose Professional Surface Pro Experts over DIY Solutions

While using Microsoft Surface Pro, you might face issues in the long run. Most laptop owners tend to buy a new one when the device becomes completely dysfunctional. Because they think that such a defective device can’t be repaired further. But, Surface Pro repair companies can fix an unresponsive device without any hassle.

Sometimes you might not always understand whether the problem is with the hardware or software. This is where the renowned Microsoft Surface Pro companies come into play. They have a better understanding of the technical glitches and have the caliber to handle simple-complicated problems.

Along with the authorized repair companies, you might find several other service providers nearby your location. Before hiring them, make sure they offer flexible time schedules, guaranteed solutions, and budget-friendly service packages. You can even clear out all your service-related doubts from the customer service executives. So, act immediately, spend a few AEDs and increase the device’s longevity!


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