Digital Transformation 101: Why It’s Needed in 2024

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2020 has been a year of remembrance for all of us due to the pandemic situation of ‘ Corona’ disease. We have to sit in our house and wait for when it becomes possible to go to the office and start working regularly. All we have learned is working from home and adapting different ways for the completion of work. That all is being possible by using digital platforms and not possible without any digital transformation.

What is Digital Transformation?

Automatic conversion is the process of converting paperwork into paperless. It would help the businesses completely transform their manual working process on an online platform to manage their operations and improve interaction with customers, leading to continuous growth in the market.

Why is Digital Transformation needed?

There is much cause why it is worth transforming into digital for any field that wants to grow and remain ahead of the competition. They are as below:

1. Everyone expects as required.

Every citizen is very keen on the usage of technologies in their life. They need the same faster experience in the professional world. With a digital environment, it will be possible to achieve it and make more effective and interactive interaction with an organization.    

2. Engagement of the workforce

Employees try to search for a way that makes their work more productive; digital conversion helps eliminate manual work and moves towards globalization, and improves the firm’s amble of innovation.

Core HR to eradicate hand operations and automate areas like payroll process and spend time for business development.

3. The security – key priority

Administrators have a severe concern about handling the data, storing it in one place along with the surveillance. Digitalization addresses this issue and allows us to strengthen the growth of a business, along with technology.

4. Heighten business association

The demand is increasing daily and requires faster services; to achieve this goal, the company has to collaborate with others to achieve speedier servicing, which requires more data management, which is challenging without using a digital platform.

For example, due to the corona situation, the vital task remains just because of a signature. Alteration to digital came up with eSignature that is more transparent and increases the rate of progress.

5. Faster and better decision ability

Before digital formats, data acquisition is a very time-consuming process, but with IoT evolution, the data storage issue gets resolved. Deliverance potential becomes more effective and accelerated as the data is available at the time of requirement.

Why are Digital Transformation Strategies essential?

The strategy is more important than technology – stated by the MITSloan. 

According to a survey report, people at the early stage of adopting the scheme were aware of about 15% while those completely known to it the figure goes to 80%.

In comparison between enterprise and startup, 38% understood among the enterprise, while 55% from startups.

In traditional organizations, 89% of the corporation plans to take business strategy, with services 95%, financial services 93%, and for Healthcare 92%.

Benefits of going on Digital Conversion

There are plenty of advantages faced as moving to digitalization. They are as given below:

1. Flatter collection of data

All the companies have plenty of data collection, and store it for future use is a big question. Digitally switchover gathers the data at one place called a system for working the business intelligently. The process of generating reports and data related to employees is available in a couple of minutes.

2. Better management of resources

Digital amendment gathers together all the sources, information related to the firm. With a manual working environment, the conduction becomes a tedious task. Also, the risk of storing handwritten files is more than digitalized. 

3. Increment in profit margin

Optimizing the technology used for business digitally improves employees’ involvement for achieving their goal that directly reflects the advancement in profit.

4. Augment satisfaction of the customer 

Automating tasks helps in a better customer, and staff experience as their queries can get resolved via mobile, email, and other supports irrespective of place as early as possible. Also, businesses can give update their services efficiently. 

5. Increase agility

COVID-19 is the best example of limber. Those working with the traditional method are get suffered. They did not have the tools to work from any place.

Removing the use of slower systems and methods to deal in the market allows for a more responsible response to current trends.

6. Effectiveness in work

The manual process is lengthy and creates a burden as all work needs to be maintained differently for a separate department. By adopting or modifying the business process, the productiveness in occupation increases and becomes more flexible.


The key to sustain in today’s market is only by switching to digital conversion. It helps businesses become customer-friendly, more innovative, which allows for the firm’s rapid growth and precise functionality that will lead business ahead in the market.


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