7 Types of Retail Signage You Should Consider


Signage plays an important role in attracting customers to your retail space and, ultimately, to your products or services. Without the right signage, it’s possible that even if you have the best parking lot in town, no one will see it or know where to go once they get there. In fact, according to FedEx, almost 76% of consumers (8nin 10) admitted to entering a store or business they had never visited before solely on the basis of its signs. If you need help deciding which signage works best for your business, here are the types of retail signage you should consider implementing into your design and marketing plan for maximum impact.

1. Accessibility signage

Accessibility signs provide clear directions for shoppers. Parking signs help improve your visibility while also letting potential buyers know where they can and cannot park. As more and more cities crackdown on illegal parking, accessibility signage is more important than ever before. Make sure the parking sign reflects your store’s brand and location. Parking signs are especially important for malls and shopping centers because shoppers will often park at random spots instead of designated parking areas (especially during peak hours). Accessibility signage helps guide customers so that everyone has access to their preferred stores quickly and easily. People need to be able to find you easily, so make sure any parking signs are reflective of that goal!

2. Promotional signage (Custom posters)

Promotional signs are very much useful for highlighting sales and special offers. The best part is that they’re free just make sure they’re clearly visible from the outside! If you want your promotional signage to stand out, consider creating a custom poster. Custom posters can be attached to your storefront windows, or even given away as freebies with purchase. Posters are a low-cost, high-impact medium for promoting your business and driving traffic; use them wisely! This is also an excellent way to promote an event related to your retail. A custom poster of your own logo will do wonders for small businesses trying to gain a competitive edge over their competition! The possibilities are endless!

3. Outdoor LED Signs

types of signage in retail

A great example of outdoor signage that’s become increasingly popular is LED signs. These usually use some form of dynamic display technology (usually in conjunction with a digital video screen) to attract attention and draw people in. A custom LED sign can help your business stand out from competitors; there’s nothing quite like a bright light in your window beckoning customers inside! Many small businesses have made these types of signs a staple, but they also work well for larger stores or chain stores. LED signs shine brightly whenever you want them to!

4. Digital Billboards

Types of Retail Signage

Instead of using a printed billboard, you can advertise your business with a digital one. Digital billboards are cheaper to purchase and maintain because there is no printing involved. If you’re on a budget, digital billboards can be a great option for your retail signage needs. They’re also easier to change out or update when needed. You may also be able to find billboard advertising opportunities that aren’t available through traditional media outlets, such as open-air displays, which can save you money compared to other digital advertising options.

5. Point-of-Sale (POS) Displays

Point-of-sale displays can help you stand out from competitors and create a lasting impression with customers. If you’re just starting to open your retail business, consider investing in POS poster displays. These signs are affordable and can be used to decorate your physical storefronts as well as advertise online (most websites will let you upload an image). Posters are also versatile; they can serve as point-of-sale displays or sales tools.

6. Wall Graphics and Dimensional Letters

Wall graphics and dimensional letters make a huge impact on your storefront’s appearance and attractiveness. Use them to make announcements, direct visitors, or provide other useful information. As an added bonus, they can also help liven up a dull wall or empty corner in your store. What you choose depends on many factors, including cost, weight and stability requirements, and aesthetic concerns (i.e., making sure it matches existing signage).

7. Window Graphics

Unlike full signs, window graphics are fairly inexpensive and can be a great way to direct attention to your business. Because they take up less space and come in smaller packages, they’re easy to install and remove. Window graphics can also help you establish brand recognition by creating an easily recognizable design that will make people think of your business when they see it on other places like vehicles or social media pages. If you want to get more creative with your signage but aren’t sure where to start, window graphics could be just what you need. Because of their size limitations and low cost, they provide an excellent opportunity for experimentation because you can use them as placeholders while you develop more permanent signage options for your storefronts!


Finally, signs play a critical role in creating an effective retail atmosphere. Whether you’re shopping in a big box store or browsing a small boutique, well-crafted signs help communicate special promotions and information to shoppers and create memorable branding for stores. Signage helps customers directly. According to FedEx, approximately 68% of customers believe that the quality of a company’s products or services is reflected in its signage. Signage provides visual interest that encourages shoppers to browse through products on display. Use these types of retail signage as inspiration for your next project!


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