An Outstanding Guide to Writing Incredibly Viral Sports Posts

Writing Incredibly Viral Sports Posts

Do you want to turn your post into a viral sports posts?

Are you trying to get traffic to your sports blog or website?

And struggling to do that.

Let’s face it: we all want to have our posts shared and liked on the social media. Not only it strengthens our image and makes our names known, but it brings in significant income.

Therefore, every author strives to deliver content that the target audience will love and want to share with their friends and family.

However, only some of them actually get to achieve such a success.

What is their secret?

Well, we have gathered some thoughts and ideas and are ready to share them with you in this article.

A complete guide to writing viral sports posts

Add visual aids.

Visual aids work, no matter whether you believe it or not. If you are anything like us, then these statistics might surprise you, because to use visual components are not as important as the actual text. But here is what we have according to the

“People form their first impression within the first 50 milliseconds.”

“Posts that contain visual aids get 650 percent more engagement than those without them.”

“Posts with videos attract three times more people than posts with text only.”

We believe there is no need to continue, even though we have a lot more to say about the importance of visual aids in the posts. They can make all the difference for the popularity of your post.

Therefore, add visuals to your posts, including photos from the actual event, videos interviews, or images to support your position – and see a significant growth in shares and like the post will get.

Make people feel curious.

The first thing people see about your post is its title.

And as we have mentioned above, it takes them less than a second to figure out how they feel about the things you are talking about. Therefore, building up their curiosity can be your key to success.

For instance, you can sound controversial. Do not be afraid that people will disagree with you. It is great if they consider engaging with your content or comment what they think in the comments below. It is dull and primitive content everybody agrees with that gets no shares and comments.

But if you grasp readers’ attention with a controversial headline that will motivate them to read a whole thing, you are more likely to get their attention till they read the last piece.

The thing is that we read so much information every day that only the really good one is really grabbing our attention in the long run.

But do not use the cheap gossips and click baits to generate more clicks and shares: people are so sick and tired of these tricks, that they no longer react to headlines like “She only opened her daily email. You would not believe what happened next.” Seriously, yikes!

Challenge people.

People gladly engage with challenges. It is in their nature that they constantly want to prove that they are right. And that is why, if you offer a challenge, they will interact.

For example, you can use OddsDigger services. They offer online betting and good revenue for those who truly know their ways around sports (and who would agree that they don’t?)

Alternatively, you can run such a contest yourself and offer a prize to the one who predicts the score correctly.

The winner will not only share the challenge he won but will also remember your name and share it with friends.

Offer value.

You probably know what the “banner blindness” is, right? It is a side effect of the overwhelming presence of ads wherever we go. Social media, favorite websites, news portals are all packed with ads. It is their way of making money.

However, to protect their minds from constant information noise, users developed a habit of ignoring all the banners. It is almost as if they are not there as long as this ad is not relevant to the user.

The same happens to the content that has no value for your target audience. People won’t read or share it. If your ideas are not fresh, and perspectives are not new, you are most likely to be ignored.

Therefore, you need to take your content to a new level and write pieces that truly matter.

Show your end user how your writing is important to him and why – and your post will go viral.

Another thing behind this is that whatever we repost and share on the social media, somehow characterizes us. That is why we only share high-quality content that will make us look good. No junk. Only the valuable information to demonstrate our level of intelligence and professionalism.

Write professionally.

There is a general pattern you need to follow when writing sports post. You need to start with a short overview of what event took place and when, who participated, and the score of the game (if it was a game).

Then proceed to explain how the game developed, quote some leading players and introduce the readers to the upcoming events to build up anticipation.

If you follow these steps, you will end up having a concise and informative piece people will love reading!

Disclose secret information.

We do not talk about cheap gossips or whatever, but rather latest trends, recent news and some other secrets from the sports world you happened to hear first.

Readers love to be among those few who find out about things first. And if you open up a secret for them, they will love and share it only to prove their own incredible knowledge of the subject (which works great for you!) It works with the “rumor mill” principle.

Quote famous people.

You need to interview those having the leading positions in the industry and add their quotes to your sports posts.

After all, they are the reason people are reading your post after all. Provide your own insights and support them with an opinion of some famous people – that will be your key to success. So, why waste such a chance.

Writing about sports can be a real gold mine. People follow the sports news, always want to keep up with the latest sports trends and read celebrities’ success stories.

But there are so many people today that write about such things that you need to learn how to be one step ahead of them in your skills and understanding of what posts go viral. And thanks to seven tips we offered in this article, you can do it! and make your viral sports posts.

Jake Lester

Jake Lester

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