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What to begin with designing a business?

Dear Employee, 'Be who you are' -by Boss

What to begin with designing a business?

What is Design?

Design is a form of a shape, texture, color, energy or any system carried out through a plan to control a certain area or a substance to make some change or to limit it to an extent for a particular desired result.

Who can design?

Any person who has an understanding of the impact of the measures he takes to create a system of functionality can design.

How does Design work in a business?

Business requires a serious framework for a healthy outcome of a person or a machine’s output. So when an office or the system is designed or planned, the results are also kept in mind, which can give at least 30 out of 100 productivity. The rest of the 70 % is the effort required for the follow-up.

Since a person cannot work like a robot or a machine, we are often affected by the circumstances and situations around us. Even if we try to ignore the situations, it takes our energy to focus on the work and still, it is hard to concentrate sometimes.

So the design in business begins with accepting the fact that we are humans. And humans are affected by situations and circumstances.

1. Business begins with an introduction or an interview

An INTRODUCTION of a business shows the strength only if there was a weakness before starting this business. A product was created when there had been a need for such a ‘problem solver’. It is not harmful in accepting a weak point. Because you never know when that weak point is overcome, the field of thorn can turn out to be a field of a hidden treasure.

This is awful to see people expecting good productivity from a low-salaried talented employee.

An Interview of an employee must begin from the weakness and not from the qualities written already in the portfolio or the resume. If you cannot pay the salary, pay him the right reputation he/she deserves.

2. The Workstation & unique environment

For running a business today people want to spend a lot of money on the presentation of their office, which can be important to some extent. But if the entrance is decorated but the workstation is poor, even if you get the most genius person to work for you, you cannot win the race. It’s important to feed the labor working for your productivity.

Designed – Well functional workstation can result in good behavior as well as good work results.

Unique environments are always a sign of understanding by the boss and the employee’s safety. An employee who needs more concentration for his work requires a unique environment, which can be a cabin or a command of instructions regarding in particular. A person who doesn’t work with a group has the ability to take the company to another level, to which if the boss misunderstands, he or she can lose a diamond.

designing a business

Every person who breaks some rules has the capacity to create something new, which must be refined to understand its direction. It can be good or bad no doubt. It must be checked and refined.

3. Bolt from the blue? OR irregular & Unpunctual

A regular and punctual employee is the one who keeps you calm and does the work on an everyday basis. But if this employee leaves, you need another such employee. And the working graph can be constant and without much change. If an irregular employee joins in who is also an unpunctual person, we can always try to see the reason why he/she got hired. This category may have 70% chances to take the company to another level. Because the more they are irregular or unpunctual the more creative they can be inside, lacking the right platform to stay stable over.

Polishing can be done by providing work the employee is good at doing. Skills & Professional ability should not go wasted.

Dear Employee,
‘Be who you are’

-by Boss

4. Design Work of business & insults

Insults and abuses may straighten up a crooked walking worker. But this also shortens the time period for the worker to work for that company. For this reason, it is important to understand the 1 & 2 points above. We are humans and human errors come naturally when we are not sitting with a sound mind to work.

“The boss simply asked for…but I did a great blunder in such a simple work.”

Design work of Business has to do with independency in work. There should always be a hierarchy in every office for the employees to bring good results.

5. Hours or work?

Working as per hour is a great way to earn money for people. But Working as per work is more beneficial for any business. Businesses must have a framework for the working style for good productivity. Hours and work have a relationship of effort & patience. Many workers require to work overtime to complete the work. And many times in a few hours many works possibly can be completed.

Instructions on daily basis can give a great understanding of making use of working hours in the best possible way.

Every business with goodwill can provide opportunities and oppositions. But the right design of a business can give the strength to hold the opportunity and to fight the opposition. Where rich & poor both can be fed can be a business framework, but where both categories are secure is the well-designed business.

Written by Supriya Gill
Hi, I am an Interior Designer by profession and I love to learn and write, right information. Thank you.

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  1. Hi Supriya,
    First of all, you have shared an amazing post. And I must say that a good design can make the environment of the office far better, thus resulting in more Productivity and more work.
    Thanks again. And Have a great week ahead.

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