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How to Create an Animated Ad Banner on a Website?

Animated ad banners have become more common in the graphic design industry as more and more people interact with them on a...

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Animated ad banners have become more common in the graphic design industry as more and more people interact with them on a growing basis. This is why a substantial number of companies are investing heavily in constructing their own animated ads banner that can appeal to a larger target audience.

There is a general notion that these animated ad banners are ineffective and waste money and resources. Also, they are invasive and overwhelm the essence of the brand, plus they deliver less while costing more. There are some aspects of truth to this misconception, but it is not because the advertising industry is taking a flawed approach, but the manner in which the banner ads are designed. If online users are not impacted by what they view and don’t trust the banner’s sight, it is because the advertisers do not take the interests of the audience into consideration. They choose not to observe what the people want, how they operate, and what types of content they digest.

Usually, the logical approach for the creation of an animated ad banner by consumers is that they hire a graphic designer online. These graphic designers know the tools and elements required to create an impactful animated ad banner that caters to the interests of the target audience. We will enlighten you on creating an animated ad banner on your own website if you want to get better clues of the process. This will keep you informed and solidify your choice of either going about it by yourself or pursuing a graphic designer’s services online.

Choose the Appropriate Sizes

The first process of designing an animated ad banner is by initiating it on the right foot. Hence, the first strategy to focus on is the size of your banner. Each channel of the advertisement has its own distinct requirements pertaining to the animated ad banner size.

The good news is you can pick out your own choice by opening your design tools and create your own set of banners with the consideration of all standard ad formats for social media networks.

The most common ad banner design sizes that are utilized include:

  • 300 x 600 px Half Page banner
  • 728 x 90 and 468 x 60 px Horizontal banners
  • 160 x 600 and 120 x 600 px Vertical skyscrapers
  • 336 x 280 and 300 x 250 px Rectangles
  • 200 x 200 and 250 x 250 px Squares

Select Your Format

There is a myriad of forms that you can choose to create your animated ad banner. These formats include animated gifs, Html5, and Flash. It is preferable to select Html5 in this regard.

HTML Code has the support of all browsers, and html5 is mobile friendly as well. These animations have the ability to operate on every device without the requirement of installing third-party plugins or apps. Their look is much better than GIFs and is safer to use as opposed to Flash animations. Also, it is very convenient to create them granted that you use the correct tools.

Add Color to Your Ads

It goes without saying that creating an ad is pointless if you do not use colors, especially brand colors. They implement shades of compatibility and consistency with the ad banner. You need to maintain your focus on this, especially when it pertains to your logo. If the colors immersed in the animated ad banner and colors of the logo do not match one another, then the whole advertisement will be a disaster and a waste of resources. You can look to specific examples to understand what kind of ad banners are consistent with their colors.

Select an Appropriate Typography

The necessity of fonts when it comes to the establishment of a compelling ad banner cannot be understated. They are essential in carrying your message to your target demographic. When choosing your fonts, you need to consider the readability and aesthetic factors to convey your message better.

Upload the fonts that give your ad banners a personalized touch. It is necessary that you be reminded that the number of fonts you can use needs to be limited. At least one or two is more than enough. Any more than that will ruin your ad banner astronomically. The standard typography is usually the sans and serifs, which are mostly used in online texts. You can also use the element of a font that mirrors handwriting called “cursive” fonts. If you want to opt for a more “decorative” outlook, you can use the “display” fonts. These fonts will generate the same interest of the audience you want from your choice of colors and formats.


Some ad banners adopt the use of imagery, while others don’t. The types of images you can use in your ad banner can either be stock images, product images, or images of your own design. You just need to ensure that the imagery you use complements the colors and font of your ad banner.

Transitions and Other Animation Effects

Once you begin to animate your ad banner, you need to decide what kind of animation style you want. It’s better to keep it smooth, long, and quick. Once you have clarity in all three styles, you can develop your animation that best reflects your brand identity.

The prospects of creating an animated ad banner is a long-term process but quite rewarding if executed correctly. You simply need to create a timeline and adhere to the following steps and factors that can better your ad banner in terms of outlook and animation. Never settle for less and never fail to impress.

Written by Tabish Khalid
Tabish Khalid works as the Digital Marketing Manager for Designster. He develops and implements digital strategies for Designster.

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