Six Apps To Help You Build Soft Skills

Apps that provides a fun approach to building interactive skills via socializing is the airG spam-free messaging app.

Six Apps To Help You Build Soft Skills

We are mostly brought up with a specific mindset regarding how to live life. A stereotypical idea that is fed to us since childhood is to learn what is written in the books, get assessed on the basis of your memory, and then strive to get a job in your respective field.

Shaping up the personality and providing opportunities regarding the same to the students is sadly not a dominant part of a typical upbringing.

Being a part of various Human Resource training and serving the HR department in more than three companies, I now realize how important it is to develop soft skills, known as professional or pervasive skills in employees.

Here, I am not referring to role-specific skills that help you land a particular designation, but vital personality skills that help you perform better at work, handle situations wisely and strike a balance between personal and professional life.

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Although many institutions are now inculcating soft skill development as a part of their training programs, a large chunk of it still lies with an individual and his will to learn. Therefore, I suggest a few apps that you can easily download and use to build the required soft skills in a fun way.

Empirical evidence from a study conducted by researchers from North-West University, South Africa, shows some games’ effectiveness to develop players’ soft skills. They revealed that educational games could contribute efficiently to professional skill development in students.

The apps recommended below are designed to develop several skills like creativity, listening, communication, critical thinking, adaptability, organization, teamwork, and focus.

Business Inc 3D

What can be more fun than running an illusionary startup and taking care of all the details to make it succeed? We all fancy having a thriving business of our own, don’t we?

The strategic business game, Business Inc 3D, will help you learn the ropes of managing a business, starting from the finances, employee management, and decision making. You will have to think strategically to make the right decisions for your virtual business and win the game.

Your main goal in the game will be to earn more money to make your startup successful and have financial freedom. This provides a motivation factor and makes you learn several useful tactics that could come in handy in real life. For instance, you will learn effective project management, a skill that is required in almost every field.

Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

Solving puzzles is like brain training therapy. And when it comes to professional development, the training needs to be advanced and complicated enough to learn to compose yourself and think sensibly to come up with solutions to the trickiest of the issues.

Brain It On is designed with the same strategy, which lets the players solve physics puzzles that test and polish their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. The good thing about each puzzle is that there is more than one way to solve them, which gives you the chance to learn various aspects to find solutions.

The fun part is that just like real-life problems, puzzles may deceive you and look easy, but they are quite a challenge to solve!

English Communication Skills

Surprisingly, efficient communication skills are lacking in most of the employees entering the work field. They don’t pay much attention to acquiring communication skills, both verbally and audibly, due to which there can be serious adaptability issues.

A great app to significantly improve your English interaction is the English Communication skills app.  It provides various tools, activities, and materials to educate you about the art of communication.

Interacting with people across the world helps you build excellent oral communication skills. Another app that provides a fun approach to building interactive skills via socializing is the airG spam-free messaging app. It is a helpful tool for those who wish to acquire refined communication skills by talking to people from diverse backgrounds.

Journey: Diary, Journal

Journaling is a highly effective way to get inner peace and positivity. It lets you pour out your feelings and achieve self-improvement. People who regularly write diaries know how calming it is to purify your thoughts and venting out whatever is troubling you.

The amazing app Journey provides you an opportunity to get a healthy mind by regular journaling. By using the app, not only will you be able to improve your focus and concentration, but you will also enjoy a stress-free mind that motivates you towards better things.

Happify app

Coming up with solutions with a positive attitude is one of the most important skills to develop in your professional life. You have to learn to put aside negativities and perform well even if life situations are not perfect.

The Happify app is a set of fun quizzes and activities that can help you manage stress and banish your mind’s negative thoughts. The science-based activities are developed by experts who carefully craft each technique to establish the player’s mindfulness and cognitive development. You will definitely feel much better about life by using the app for some time.

CogniFit Brain Fitness

A PubMed study reveals that regular cognitive training can have a positive impact on memory and attention.

To achieve efficient cognitive training, there is a top-rated app that you can download right away. CogniFit is a very helpful app that refines your cognition via fun activities. The app requires you to complete regular tasks and allows you to challenge your friend as well. Using the CogniFit app will help boost your focus, attention, and memory and also enhance your time management and creativity in the longer run.

Final word

Recruiters are trained to spot how well developed are a potential candidate’s soft skills. They can assess you based on the replies you give at the interview. Your pervasive skill set is something that your resume cannot show.

Therefore, building the right skills to be a thorough professional should be your top priority if you wish to succeed in your career. The apps mentioned above will definitely help you build various skills in a practical manner, providing you the required training in a fun way.

Make sure you start right away and reap the benefits of enhanced soft skills in your professional life.


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