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Are You Using These Outside-the-box Hiring Ideas?

It is the time of the year when we all review and plan our new year efforts cautiously. Isn’t it? It’s a...

Hiring Ideas

It is the time of the year when we all review and plan our new year efforts cautiously. Isn’t it?

It’s a candidate-driven market, so you must stay ahead of industry changes. If you’re thinking of unconventional ideas to make your brand stand out and attract the best talent, here are some creative ways to incorporate them into your recruitment strategy for the new year.

Use Automation to Recruit

Resume parsing and AI-driven chatbots have replaced the traditional hiring methods. AI-based chatbots can manage some tasks for you, especially when you have multiple jobs to fill.

Resume parsing saves time and enhances recruiters’ productivity by nearly 80% by automating the resume data extraction process. Instead of manually entering the information, the resume parser does it all at once.

Hence, you can direct your efforts to other recruitment activities.

Assess your ATS

What is an ATS? It is software that helps you manage your recruitment process and maintain candidate information in a digital form.

Furthermore, using resume parsing to parse records into the ATS makes matching competent candidates to jobs effortless. The candidates’ info and skills are also parsed from the resume and easily viewed.

One of the tasks of an ATS is to make it easy for candidates to apply. However, if your ATS is using a lengthy procedure to complete, you may perhaps be losing several competent candidates before they even apply.

Restructure your Employee Referral Program

Occasionally all you need to do is modify your referral program. When an existing employee refers a new candidate, do make an effort to reach out to them personally. It signals to the candidates that you are personally invested in them and not just superficial.

Here are some great tips to incentivize an employee referral program:

  • Recognize the referring employee
  • Rethink your referral bonus
  • Think about non-monetary awards

Redo your Job Description

A great job description should entice and outline the company’s mission clearly. It should be able to convey to the candidate precisely what to expect. Here’s a brief outline of what to include:

  • Clear and concise title
  • Role summary
  • Job functions
  • Compensation
  • Skills required

When curating the job description, be mindful of the language and ensure you don’t use biased words towards one gender over another. Try creating a more inclusive and equal opportunity for all statements.

Publicize on YouTube

YouTube is a fantastic way to increase your online visibility. HR personnel is coming up with innovative techniques to advertise for open roles. Some broadcast via a video, while others prefer uploading small clips related to open positions.

Employees are no less; they broadcast their experience on YouTube; that way, the candidate (prospect) gets a clear picture of the company culture. They start to imagine themselves as part of the organization.

This motivates the passive and active candidates to take note of your employer’s brand.

Be a Part of an Industry Event

You can host and attend your industry-relevant event or conference as they provide an excellent opportunity to find the perfect candidate and network.

Events and conferences are an incredible way of advertising your company’s products and services to potential and existing customers.

Of late, many biggies hosted their industry-specific virtual events, and the results were outstanding. Thousands of attendees online couldn’t visit the conference in person but benefited from it nonetheless.

Start A Podcast

Starting a podcast is as easy as taking a walk in the park. There is nothing complicated about starting your podcast. Remember to keep these points in mind:

  • Plan ahead
  • Choose your topic
  • Focus on content
  • Give it an appropriate name

For those who want to read a miss, a podcast is an excellent way to give candidates a quick way to absorb information about the job.

The podcasts can feature HR personnel sharing their viewpoint on the organization, vision of the company, and success in the role.

The hiring managers can share their insights about leadership, thus helping the candidate to get a sense of the role they’ll be playing in the organization.

It would be interesting to announce the upcoming projects and have potential hires excited about the work they’ll be doing.

Did any of these strategies ring the bell with you? Companies worldwide are looking for talent in unusual places and coming up with innovative hiring techniques.

The methods discussed above can make your business stand out from the crowd and put you in touch with your ideal candidate. So, are you ready?


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Written by Navjot Kaur
RChilli is the trusted partner for resume parsing, matching, and data enrichment, providing companies, in 37+ countries, with solutions built for the future.

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