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5 Benefits of Social Learning Network

Learning has never been so evolved especially after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. With online learning rising tremendously, the need for...

Social Learning Network

Learning has never been so evolved especially after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. With online learning rising tremendously, the need for online learning platforms in the education industry is huge. Not only the students but teachers started to teach online to make the most from this approach. There are many people who are making money by teaching online. Besides that, there are many benefits to having a social learning network.

Apart from this, it offers tons of benefits to both teachers and students to carry out their online classes in an efficient way.

The emergence of online teaching and learning has also given rise to social learning networks.

What is Social Learning Network?

A social learning network is an educational network that focuses on the collaboration of teachers and students from all over the world by letting them conduct their online classes and other educational activities without any hassle.

For example, a social learning network can be considered as a professional network similar to Linkedin where its primary purpose is to connect with professionals from any part of the world.

This network can be a bridge between teachers and students where they both can find each other and fulfill their educational needs.

Now, let us look at some of the benefits of these networks that make this a much appealing network in the educational industry.

Benefits of Social Learning Network

1. Connect with Teachers around the world

As we discussed above, this network enables students to easily connect with their teachers residing in any part of the world. This feature opens gates for many students to take up their online classes without being worried about the educator. This network has a huge presence of top and skilled teachers. So let’s say if a student wants to opt for a particular course and from a skilled educator in that domain then they can feasibly do so.

This completely removes the inconvenience of students to go out and hunt various educational institutions in search of good teachers. Also, they can save a lot of time while doing so and focus on their education.

We know that this pandemic has forced to shut all the schools, colleges, and educational institutions so this is definitely a smart and convenient way to avoid wasting time and learning from the best.

2. 24/7 Access to Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning have never been so collaborative after the rise of social learning networks. In the 21 st century technology is a savior for the education sector where students and teachers can continue to teach and learn by making use of such platforms available.

The best part is that these platforms are accessible 24/7 so teachers and students can log in and conduct the online session whenever they want to. 

The restriction of a place or time is not applicable in this approach as you just need an internet connection and any device like smartphones, tablets, laptops to get started with the online sessions.

As long as you possess these requirements there is no need to worry. Enjoy 24/7 access to your teaching or learning schedule.

3. Varied Study Materials that boosts Engagement & Participation

While studying in a traditional classroom approach, students often get distracted and disengaged from their studies. The reason is that they refer to the same study materials which contain no new information.

This information is mostly not tailored as per each student which makes it difficult to grasp. However, a majority of the platforms like online learning platform or social learning networks contains a variety of study materials.

These study materials are utilized by the students which in turn grabs their attention. Teachers create different forms of educational content that are specially personalized according to the learning pace of each student.

Students learn from various engaging videos, graphics and animation content, etc which makes it easy for them to remember it. Hence this increases their attention span in their online learning and they participate more actively in their classes.

Thanks to technology as with the help of it students are able to learn in a fun and engaging way.

4. Join with Peers and Toppers in the Learning Journey

Online learning needs a lot of motivation and self-discipline. There are times when students are not able to keep themselves on their track. This can be considered as one such challenge of online learning.

However, this challenge can be easily overcome by using social learning networks. Students can connect with their peers and toppers here.

Students can bond with peers who are preparing for the same exams. They can discuss their doubts, study together, and crack the exam with the same zeal and motivation.

They also connect with toppers and ask them for guidance or certain preparation strategies to approach the exam. The tips given by toppers can be really helpful as they can crack their exam with ease.

5. Social Learning Networks are Cost-Effective

When it comes to teaching or learning online, one question arises in the mind of teachers and students i.e. how much will it cost? Well, you will be surprised to hear the fact that it costs very less while shifting to such social learning networks. Sometimes these networks offer free educational services to both students and teachers.

For instance, these networks can allow teachers a free yearly plan or to create their first course for free. On the other hand, it allows students to get their hands on free courses in various domains.

So, ultimately it is a win-win situation for both teachers and students as they can shift to these networks without any financial burden. With a variety of options available in these networks, the teachers and students get confused about what to look at. However, the above-mentioned benefits clearly state that your network should possess the benefits to let you make the most from your online approach.

Now, there are many platforms and software available like online teaching platforms or learning software. Though what makes this network fruitful and stand out from these platforms/software is that it focuses more on teacher-student collaboration. It allows students to fulfill their educational requirements and teachers to teach and earn a good amount of money.


We suggest going to a social learning network as they benefit both teachers and students. As the online learning trend is taking a major toll and will continue to grow in the education industry so will the popularity of these networks.


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Written by Dipshika shrivastava
Dipshika shrivastava is an online educator at study24x7 an social learning network

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