Best Free Educational Apps for Online Learning

Best free education apps

Due to the corona pandemic situation, schools are closed but, the learning process should never end. One should keep on learning to make a higher intellectual. Thus, today we will be talking about the best free educational apps which suggest that learning is a never-ending phenomenon. These days you can learn from the comfort of your home without having to travel miles. If you have a smartphone and an internet connection, then you are good to go.

The best free apps for higher education provide something new which is not written in those typical textbooks. Make sure you look out for these valuable apps proving the best e-learning experience for all learners and even professionals, and the working class. Hence, there is a list of educational apps for high school and university level students.

List of The Best Free Educational Apps

1. Udemy

The first name which comes to your when thinking about learning online is Udemy. It is one of the best free educational apps to download but you’ll have to pay for the course you take. Udemy is an American app that was founded in May 2010. It provides video lectures for all courses. Moreover, this app is specially designed for working professionals and students. Additionally, the video lectures are available in different languages like English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Turkish. Mostly, students take these courses to increase their job prospects and generate credit while providing the certificate. The trainer here is from a different corporate world to give the technical knowledge. During the live video lectures, trainers can also upload PowerPoint presentations, pdf, zip files, etc.

2. Khan Academy

Khan academy is an American best free education organization founded in 2006 mostly funded by donations from philanthropic organizations. All resources on this website are available for free example: presentations, books, video lectures, etc. It all went when Sal Khan started tutoring his cousins, then he felt the need of tutoring for more needy students out there. So, he started uploading his video lectures on YouTube, which went to developing a full-fledged website helping all the students. The videos are displayed on an electronic board to provide a free personalized learning experience.

3. Goodreads

Nowadays, books are underrated but they are the best companion in times. People who love reading will love this website. Good reads are the best application to find books on fiction, autobiography, self-help, quotes, annotations. Otis Chandler, the founder of good reads provides a platform to add people’s comments and reviews for a particular book on that website. The idea of maintaining an online library comes up while browsing through his friend’s bookshelf. Moreover, this app provides free registration to all the users and can also get access e-mail any news about the author’s newsletter, interviews, blogs.

4. Duolingo

Do you like learning new languages? If yes, then Duolingo is the perfect educational app for you. Learning with Duolingo gives the best fun and addictive learning experience. It also helps you to prepare to take the language proficiency exam. Additionally, this app provides courses to learn different languages for more than 100 languages. Moreover, it also provides Duolingo for schools in which the tutor can record the progress of their students. Duolingo incubator is a platform where anyone can register themselves and can help to make a new course for any new language. This is one of the best free educational apps to learn a language.

5. Wikipedia

It is a type of encyclopedia from which anyone can find anything instead of going through those typical heavyweight books. It is overseen by a nonprofit organization called Wikimedia. Previously, Wikipedia was launched as Nupedia giving the same advantage. Nupedia’s expert team and lengthy review process result in only fewer published articles. Thus, it was relaunched after following new obligations, rules, and review processes. Nowadays, its policy is based on fewer limitations and mainly focused on neutrality. A reader could even correct any errors if they found one.

6. Byju’s

Byju is an application that provides educational content for classes from 4 to 12. Recently, they also introduced an early learning program for classes 1 to 3. An engineer invented this in the year 2015. This explains every mathematical or science problem with digitally animated videos. Not only do they provide help for senior secondary level classes but also train the students for various competitive exams like JEE, NEET, IAS, IPS as well as international level exams like GMAT OR GRE. It provides 15 days of free learning experience after registration. If you liked the courses, you can buy them.

7. SoloLearn

This app is notably designed for tech greeks. I recommend this app to all those students or beginners who want to learn to code. Furthermore, it provides free courses to all the students. Python, java, c++ every topic is well covered in SoloLearn. It was founded in 2014 in California, USA. Web developers and designers can learn anything about their profession to enhance their skills to not lag behind in this tech world. It is the finest app for students who want to learn or enhance their coding skills.

8. edX

Harvard and Stanford provide some free online courses to students to enhance their skills and knowledge. This app allows accessing those courses. Edx is a nonprofit organization that provides free courses for university-level students. It provides short videos and prepares students for some new courses. It was founded in May 2012 by scientists from Harvard and MIT resulting in the development of every meaningful app. Not only it provides lectures but also provides certification for the courses taken after testing what they had learned from that. Additionally, it provides a few postgraduate and undergraduate degree programs to students.

9. Google digital unlocked

It is a type of free web service provided to all students, working professionals, learners, etc. Google provides certification for all the students after taking assignments and a test. Teachers prepare video lectures including slides, docs, spreadsheets, etc for a better understanding of the students and to give them the best learning experience. This training certification is a type of best opportunity for students who wanted to learn without spending on local expensive classroom courses.

Final words

If you have passion and zeal to learn, then you will see a lot of doors open in front of you. One needs to be determined to increase their abilities and skills. Thus, advancement in technology has created a ton of opportunities to learn. Moreover, learning digitally has enhanced more and more new learning techniques with an individual learning experience with the best free educational apps. Further, it makes learning fun and hassle-free.


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