Why Most of the Startups Prefer WordPress?

Startups Prefer WordPress

Everything has been moving virtual and do the businesses. Nowadays, online presence has become the new normal. There is no need for a brick-and-mortar store or office setup for the recent business models. If you have a website, that’s enough. WordPress has been a boon for startups. Using WordPress, you can start and promote your businesses online. And in this article, we are going to discuss why Startups Prefer WordPress.

WordPress offers you a free domain to start your website or blog. Not just that, in addition to the free domain, it offers a number of page builders, themes, plugins, and more useful features to design and scale up your Business. So, if you are looking to start an online business, this article can be helpful for you. Here in this article, we give you the reasons why you should try WordPress as your startup companion.

Before getting into the reasons, read the below stats:

  • WordPress is ruling by powering 39.6% of the websites over the internet.
  • WordPress accounts for 64.1% of CMS sites.
  • 281 new WooCommerce stores take birth every day.
  • WordPress offers 50,000 + plugins and 3,500 + GPL-licenced themes.

These stats prove how WordPress is helping the startups by providing services and tools at no or low cost. Now let’s look for the reasons:

Startups require a solid online presence

Startups in recent times need an online presence in a blog, a website, or an online store. WordPress provides a free domain for all three. You don’t have to employ a web designer to build it from scratch. Everything is available readily. 

WordPress offers exactly what your startup business expects:

  • Easily manageable.
  • Costs little.
  • Search engine friendly and integrated for social marketing.
  • Maintain proper navigation and organized content.
  • Easy to adopt.

You can create sophisticated and incredibly professional sites with WordPress. It will cost you less and also saves your time and effort in creating and maintaining it.


From a mere CMS, WordPress has come a long way to be the popular open-source platform in just 13 years. It is supported by a community of professional coders, testers, and developers, probably in thousands in numbers. At present, WordPress is the leading CMS on the internet.

WordPress relies on sound and secured technology like PHP, SQL, and JavaScript, which follow the practices set by the search engines like Google and others. Unlike other competitors, WordPress is highly reliable to start your website as it is going to be around for much longer.

WordPress is free

Yes. That’s true. You can get a free domain from WordPress. This can help you to plan your Business free of that investment. Just like Wikipedia and Ubuntu, WordPress is also free and is open-source. No one owns it.

WordPress is licensed under the General Public License, GNU. This makes WordPress free for use by anyone to build websites as many they want. Moreover, in WordPress, you can access free updates, thousands of free WordPress themes, and plugins. So you can get to a head start using these off-the-shelf themes and plugins.

However, you should incur other expenses to run your website without any glitches, such as domain name, optional customizations, and hosting. These costs are not only for WordPress. They apply to other CMSs as well.

Can handle any kind of Website/Businesses

WordPress has the ability to handle any kind of website pertaining to your Business, such as:

  • Corporate or Business websites.
  • Portfolio websites.
  • Online shops.
  • News sites.
  • Membership sites.
  • Hotel websites.

WordPress started as a blogging platform, evolved into the stage of serving different kinds of websites. Other than the kinds mentioned above, WordPress can build and handle websites for NGOs, forums, apps, and more. In addition, WordPress’s blog function can be used alongside your website.

No better option for eCommerce than WordPress

The popular WooCommerce plugin of WordPress is the leading eCommerce technology. It can power any kind of eCommerce venture. Whatever functionality your store needs, the hundreds of free and premium extensions offer them.

With WooCommerce, you can easily start selling any product or service online. If your product is any kind of downloadable product, the Easy Digital Downloads plugin will help. Like WordPress, WooCommerce is also open-source and can be operated with other plugins and take the privilege of making unlimited changes.

Make Mobile responsive sites

Thanks to smartphones, the number of people accessing the internet from their mobiles is sufficiently higher than that of the ones using laptops and desktops. Nowadays, even Google isn’t taking the websites kindly that aren’t mobile-friendly.

Do not worry; WordPress got you covered. With the technology used by WordPress itself is compatible with mobiles, WordPress offers you a number of themes (free and premium) that scale automatically to the user’s screen size. So for any reason, if you have not made your website mobile responsive initially, you can do so subsequently later as well.

Build your website SEO Ready

WordPress is search engine friendly. You can build websites using WordPress that are search engine friendly. WordPress takes better care of search engine optimization.

Not just that, there are thousands of plugins helping to get your SEO right. However, remember that CMS alone can improve or maintain your search engine rankings as they depend on many other parameters. So, always keep an eye on all those factors and never let them slipped.

It is Secure

Security is the major concern for any website, especially which involves monetary transactions or sensitive information. WordPress is a safe platform as many big organizations like The Obama Foundation and NGinx are using WordPress.

No platform is 100% safe. But with WordPress, it’s relatively safe. A team at WordPress constantly monitors security threats. The proactive and widespread WordPress community reports security issues quickly if any. Security updates are released promptly. All the minor updates are carried out by default.

As a user, you should also adhere to certain things like choosing a reliable host, using strong user names and passwords, opting for quality themes & plugins, and keeping WordPress updated regularly. It’s suggestible to install security plugins and maintain backup regularly. In the hands of a responsible user, WordPress is surely a secure platform.

Enables smooth workflow:

WordPress has built-in user roles with capabilities. Any member of the team can have various levels of access by assigning appropriate user roles. If it is a multi-author blog with WordPress, managing the editorial workflow becomes easy.

You can create a number of applications and also equip your website with advanced behavior. For example, you can automate the WordPress tasks by using custom fields and conditional logic.

Final thoughts

Other than the above-mentioned reasons, you can get so many other benefits from WordPress. First, it helps you in branding your website and Business. WordPress is user-friendly. WordPress has the ability to scale up as per your requirements. It can be extensible with the use of various plugins. Most importantly, you can migrate from WordPress to your own or other platforms at any point in time. There is no lock at WordPress.

We hope that the points mentioned above give you enough reasons to consider WordPress as your startup partner. WordPress isn’t stagnant. It is dynamic and undergoes continuous upgrades, making itself better and better for future growth with its every update.

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