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What is big data analytics? Beginner guide to the world of big data

If you are a person who wants to know what big data analytics is, you have approached your destination! Here at this...

big data analytics

If you are a person who wants to know what big data analytics is, you have approached your destination! Here at this place, you will get all details related to the concepts of big data analytics are explained thoroughly.

It helps in surging the operational improvement of the company up to a great extent. It happens because examples of big data analytics offer many informational as well as business insights that help in accelerating the development and growth of a company.

The members of the IT teams have to face many challenges produced by the hidden value in the raw data. The data and needs forte vary in different companies.

The market-place always tends to accelerate, therefore the initiatives taken for the business can keep changing accordingly. For maintaining it, every business needs agility and scalability for keeping up with the new directives.

In the bygone time, there was minimum access to computing power and automation which made the big data analytics operation beyond the reach of the company. it involving many hassles was too expensive.

About 99% of companies believe that data is very important for successful marketing.

In the present time, cloud computing techniques and new technologies have hike up to a splendid scale in computer resource management.

Due to this, tools became more accessible as compared to previous times. These tutorials of big data will, surely, help you understand the concepts better.

What is Big Data Analytics?

Big data is a complex process that examines varied and large data sets and then uncovers relevant information. This data set is sometimes considered as big data.

This uncovered information may exist in the structure of hidden patterns, market trends, customer preferences, and unknown correlations. This information may be crucial for companies while making their informed decisions for getting success in business.

Extensively, big data technique and technology offer a steady means to analyze data sets as well as draw conclusions as per the references.

It helps an organization to make the right decisions in business. BI queries answer the basic questions related to the operations and performance business.

Tutorial of Big data is one of the advanced analytics solutions which includes complex applications ( along with their elemental components) such as predictive models, statistical algorithm, and the powered “what-if” high-performance analytics.

Data Analytics Types and Applications

Do you want to know what big data analytics application is? In several areas, learning and knowing the big data analytics plays a crucial role which helps the business growth and makes it distinct from other competitors.

Here, we are discussing a few such application areas.


Healthcare centers utilize data analysis for tracking and optimizing the flow of patients, their treatment, and equipment usage as well. It improves the functions as well as the processes in the hospital.

Risk Detection

Several organizations used big data analytics tools that were having debt issues. These organizations were able to apply data science analytics on the customer data which was collected at the time when customers applied for loans, this was the way to overcome the previous losses incurred.

They analyzed customer profiles, their recent expenditures, and other crucial data for inferring the probability of any customer defaulting.


During the Olympics a few years back, there was a need of about 18 million journeys to be handled which was settled out using big data analytics and its techniques.

The train operators and TFL used big data analytics tutorials and techniques for forecasting the number of people going to attend the event. They used that data for ensuring the comfortable journey to the athletes and fans from one stadium to another.

Delivery Logistics

Many logistics companies such as DHL, DTDC, FedEx, etc use the data for improving their efficiency of the delivery logistics operations.

Using data analytics, many delivery logistics companies have found the suitable delivery time, the ideal means of transport, and the best shipping routes, in return, they got success in gaining cost efficiency.

Customer Interactions

The insurance sector also uses big data analytics for knowing customer interactions. Insurers can determine as well as rectify the service issues by carrying out surveys and customer feedback routine-wise after their interaction with the claim handlers.

The use of Big data analytics tutorials helps to get clarity about good or bad services. Customer feedback along with their demographics helps insurers to improve the experience of customers based on their insights and behavior.

Data Analytics Process

If you are learning big data analytics, you must know about the data analytics process. Here, we will discuss in brief about what the big data analytics process is.

Data Requirements Specification

Identifying the data to be analyzed is thoroughly based on the survey questions or experiments. The specific variables and input data available in the form of numerals or categories need to be obtained.

Data Collection

The process of consolidating the data or information, which was received on the target variables, is identified as the data requirement. During this stage, the emphasis is given to an accurate data collection.

Data Processing

The collected data is then organized for processing for further analysis. In this stage, a data model is needed to be constructed.

Data Cleaning

The processed data which was received from the previous stage could have some duplicates or incomplete with the errors. In the data cleaning stage, the errors in the data are corrected. Data Analytics has various Data cleaning techniques from which you can opt according to your requirement.

Data Analysis

The error-free clean data received from the previous step is ready for analysis. There are several data analysis techniques such as data model generation, data visualization, regression analysis, etc which can be used for the analysis of data.


After data analysis, the obtained result is reported in a specific format for the users to make their decisions and take possible further required actions……..

Big Data Analytics tools Make Working Easy?

Before knowing deep about big data analytics, first, you need to understand its importance for the growth of any business. Specialized computing systems and high-powered analytics software are used for driving Big data analytics. Big data analytics offers the following benefits for making the work easier.

  1. Provides new opportunities for revenues.
  2. Offers different ways of carrying out effective marketing.
  3. Helps in the development of a better customer service system.
  4. Provides assistance to improve operational efficiency.
  5. With the help of this, you can gain an advantage over your business competitors and rivals.

Data Analytics Types

You are familiar with the basics of big data, now it is time to discuss the different types of data analytics.

If you are wishing to work with data scientists and IT analytics team, it is mandatory to understand the different data analytics techniques.

It is also essential to know about how these techniques can be utilized in different scenarios for getting actionable insights to make your business succeed.

We are discussing the 5 different types of data analytics.

Prescriptive Analysis

This valuable technique is one of the underused big data analytics techniques which you should know all about during your learning process of big data. This technique highlights a specific question with a laser-like focus which helps you to answer that. It is also helpful in determining the best solution among the varied set of solutions.

Below mentioned is a deep analysis of the question, why there is a serious need to take Big Data:

This kind of analysis can be done on all the parameters and then suggestions for mitigating future risks and taking up the advantages of future opportunities can be taken. This technique illustrates the implications of every decision which improves decision-making.

This analysis utilizes the concept of the next best action and the next best offer analysis for retaining customers.

Diagnostic Analysis

The diagnostic analysis technique provides great help to data scientists while determining an event’s cause. While researching churn indicators and usage trends, this technique could be a very useful tool.

Analysis of churn reason and customer health score are examples of diagnostic big data.

Descriptive Analysis

The technique of descriptive analysis is time-intensive and produces a low value. However, this technique is very beneficial while uncovering the patterns within your customers’ particular segment.

It provides better ways for finding out more details into the historical trends.

Few examples of descriptive big data are summary statistics, clustering, and the association rules used based on the market.

Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis is one of the analysis technique of big data which receives a lot of attention. It is used for determining the results’ forecast in some specific scenarios.

Some examples of predictive big data are churn risk, renewal risk analysis, and the next best offers.

Outcome Analytics

Outcome analytics is also called as consumption analytics. This analytics provides a deeper insight into the particular outcomes which are driven by the behavior of the customer. Outcome analytics helps to know your customers and also helps in learning about how the customers interact with the services and products provided by you.

Tools Used in Data Analytics

1. R Programming

This tool is used for statistics and data modelling.

2. Tableau Public

Open-source software is used to create maps, dashboards, visualizations, etc.

3. Python

This object-oriented scripting language supports functional and structured programming methods.

4. SAS

A programming language which is used for analytical data manipulation.

5. Apache Spark

Apache Spark is a very fast data processing engine for executing applications in disk and memory.

We have tried to explain all your queries related to big data analytics and its relevant concepts in the above-given tutorial. It is suggested to employ the above techniques for gaining desired results efficiently in your business.


If you want to develop your career in Data Science & Analytics, you should out the right Data Analytics Course. Enjoy Learning of Big Data Applications.


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