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If you are a startup, achieving business success in one day, one month, or even one year can be considered a joke. It takes years of hardships, evergreen passion, and a meaningful amount of time towards achieving the targets. And to mark proper use of time, the business person should have proper planning of how to carry out every business automation function.

Investing time doesn’t mean working all day long and getting stressed. Instead, use technologies to reduce the time taken for the same work and invest that precious time in improving the thinking process to increase profitability.

The new technology methods have proved to be speeding up the tasks that one day work of long hours. Leveraging automation into most business processes not only offers speedy output but also tends to provide accuracy.

Though choosing what area to automate your business is tough to identify, we present seven domains that generate outstanding results if automated for small and big enterprises. 

What are the domains that can be automated to improve business automation productivity?

Technological automation now has its roots in every area of business. To be more precise, here is the list of eminent domains for which automation is a boon. It is also helpful for SMEs and startups.

1. Human Resource:

Considered to be an indispensable part of any organization, the Human Resource Department carries out some of the prime functions that include talent management, talent acquisition, payroll, workforce engagement, etc. So, one can understand the burden on their shoulders, and automation in their functions plays a colossal part to direct the organization’s growth.

Their significant functions from hiring to retirement and employee retention practices can be automated using factoHR‘s solution. The primary features that an HR can automate here are recruiting the best talents, performance calculation, benefits administration, compliance security, time management, robust analytics to think out differently, and the list is endless. 

Manual methods of performing the above tasks can eat up a lot of time and gather a bunch of mistakes in a hurry to complete the tasks. Moreover, modern people require more solutions. As you hire freshers in a time of technological advancement, automation helps maintain diversity and encouragement among the workforce, thus improving their attention and performance towards the work.

2. Marketing

Whether a product or a service, if you don’t have proper working marketing techniques to connect to the customers, it is difficult to survive in the market. Marketing needs to be accurate to attract and retain essential customers and achieve more excellent customer success value. 

Having a working marketing strategy will help the salespeople close a higher number of deals. The marketing strategy you apply should include methods that are applicable according to the company’s niche. 

But what if you can be free from the struggle for management of marketing by spending fewer hours on it? Surprising! But the online market provides solutions to your marketing needs. Platforms like Hubspot, etc., offer an easy way to manage your social media and telemarketing management while all you need to do is set up inputs on the platforms.

3. Don’t lose phone conversation

Are you losing your clients every now and then?

As a startup, increasing your client network is a must. If there are clients, there is business success. It looks simple, but it is not.

Imagine you tried to contact a lead, and it results in an unreceived call. The prospects might be busy with an important meeting. As soon as they are free, they will call you, but now you are busy with some tasks. Relatable! And again, when you get him, the line is busy or unreachable. It goes on. And then the prospect has already lost interest.

The one technique you can employ is to go for automated software with which you can auto-share messages to the prospects that you are unable to talk with them and will take tomorrow. Isn’t it helpful? You don’t lose any of the clients in the situation of busy or unreachable calls.

4. Immediate email response

No one likes to wait in the fast-changing world. Even a 30 minutes delay can trigger customers to change their minds toward another product. And why make them stay when you can make fair use of technology to revert them with a positive reply immediately?

You need to add a ‘contact us section on your website from where the interested person can reach you. As soon as the person fills out the form, the software you are using will automatically reply to them, and you may never lose contact.

The reply will generally go like this: “Hello. Thank you for contacting us. Our representative person will shortly contact you.”

5. Customer engagement, is a must

The customer must be treated as a god. That’s why people know the worth of finding and retaining customers.

Your service provider must be such that customers feel free to contact you for their queries. We saw what happens when customers have to wait longer to resolve their issues. Also, they must not feel hesitation in asking anything regarding your product/service provided.

Automation does this work for you efficiently. For instance, you can easily bifurcate based on category-wise queries, prioritizing customers, or service agreements type. Furthermore, based on the representatives’ time schedule, customers will be assigned persons who will take and resolve their doubts

6. Interviewing candidates

Automation has now spread in the interviewing and hiring process also. Imagine how simple the business automation process will be by devising excellent software. HR’s work will directly be reduced, and they can invest their time in more strategic processes that make the working place relatable to growth.

HR can use software that eases their tasks of finding candidates, reviewing their resumes, calling them, scheduling interviews, and selecting the worthy ones. Investing in accurate recruiting software, HR can file down their candidate listings, appoint interviewers according to their schedules, assign rankings and reviews for particular candidates, and much more.

Stats have shown that every job position attracts 250 resumes, but only 4-6 candidates get shortlisted for the interview, and in the end, only one will take the position. You can imagine the trauma the recruiting person is going through. (source)

Imagine the ease of working on software rather than listing down the whole recruitment process on paper. Moreover, chatbots have made their way into conversing with candidates for their queries. Candidates can talk with the chatbots and get AI-based replies that will highlight the company culture and attract more candidates.

7. Centralized document storage

Personal documents are susceptible to the outer world. And while joining the company, employees want a secure environment where their personal and family information remains intact. They trust the employer with their documents, and thus the employer must abide by the same because if they fail to do so, the company’s reputation is at target.

But employers can save the image and their time. They just have to go for software that uses storage servers where every detail of employees can be stored without occupying piles of files in your office. 

It provides centralized access to a server where you can access the employee information for your office’s location.

Talking about document storage, the software can even be used to store client details. Losing such details can cause a great disaster, but now you know how to tackle the same.

Your takeaways:

Automation is everywhere you go. You have to identify where and how to use it to reduce your burden and work on actual business development tactics. And to move on with the world, it is a must to bring such changes into your business automation. You may think that it will consider more time to move and get used to the software. But believe me, once you learn to use it for your own good, you’ll love to work with the platforms to achieve the targets.

Divyang Metaliya

Divyang Metaliya

Divyang is a Business Consultant working with factoHR. Apart from managing and improving business processes, his hobby is to spread his vast area of knowledge

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