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Are You Running Your Business Without a Website?

Over a third of small business owners think that their company doesn’t need a website. With such thinking, it is not a...

Business Without a Website

Over a third of small business owners think that their company doesn’t need a website. With such thinking, it is not a surprise that only 64% of small businesses have websites so far. In this age when your target audience is spending hours online every day, you cannot afford to keep up that kind of thinking.

If your business doesn’t have a website, you may also have similar thoughts about the importance of a website. Or else, you may not have created a site for any of the given reasons:

  • You do not have the technical know-how.
  • You think that creating a website is too expensive.
  • You think that you don’t have the time for creating and managing a site.
  • You may have a perception that there is already enough business or revenue.

The fact is that all these reasons don’t have much to do with creating an online presence. Besides, creating and managing a professional website is much cheaper than you think.

Free Web Hosting

Today, it is possible to get high-quality free website hosting that offers you everything you will need to publish your site online and manage it. There is no need to spend tons to host your website online. Some of the key features of such a service include:

  • Automatic setup: The hosting is set up automatically once your site is published. You will not have to go through a complex installation process.
  • High Level of Security: You will not have to worry about data security and compliance.
  • High Uptime: Your website will remain up 99.9% of the time.

87% of buyers will start their product searches online. That is a staggering figure and yet a big percentage of business owners don’t think that a website is important. With the new decade already here, there are many more reasons why you should make a resolution to create a new website. There are even more stats that provide you insights into the importance of having a website for your business.

Apart from the stats shared here, the following reasons should inspire you to make a New Year resolution for creating a website for your business.

Positive Brand Image

When someone hears about your company and is interested to know more, most of the time they will search for your website in Google. If they find a well-designed website, it will create a positive brand image and can take things further, leading to the creation of a new lead. On the other hand, if they don’t find a website they will not take your business seriously. 

A website adds instant credibility to your brand. According to a study, 56% of the surveyed people claimed that they will not trust a company that doesn’t have a website.

A website means that you are running a legitimate company. Your site will help make a strong first impression.

  • It speaks about your expertise.
  • It shows that your business is well-positioned.
  • It also means that your company is capable

Website Draws New Customers

As already mentioned, many business owners think that they don’t need a website because they already have enough business and revenues. Creating new customers and generating more sales and profits cannot harm any company.

The majority of your competitors already have websites. If your company doesn’t have a website, you will continue losing market share. Even if your business is doing well, an online presence is a crucial factor in the future of how businesses will be conducted.

One way your business draws new customers is by keeping your business open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Your target audience can visit your website and access desired information about your products, services, or contact details. Generating new leads outside your normal business hours can give a big boost to your potential revenues.

There are many more reasons for creating a website in this age.

  • It means better customer support.
  • It helps cut costs by allowing you to take different aspects of your business online.
  • A website saves you valuable time.
  • It helps you position your brand and stay in control of it.

So your business needs a website and there is no reason why you should not have it. Besides, it is much easier than ever to create one.

How to Create a Website?

Today, you can create your own website without having any technical knowledge or previous experience. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars hiring the services of a website designing agency. All you will need is a website builder and you can follow these steps to create your own site with basic drag-and-drop IT skills:

  • Select a template from hundreds of layouts for your niche.
  • Customize the design using the drag-and-drop feature or you can also outsource web design.
  • Add content, including textual content, images, and videos.
  • Add features for managing your business. This can include blogs, eCommerce capabilities, booking systems, payment processors, and hundreds of apps.
  • Publish your website.
  • Optimize your website for improved search engine rankings.

Once your website has been created, it will have to be hosted on a server.

Thus, it is possible to create and set up your website for free. Thus, you have every reason to build a website to empower your business.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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    Great post with good information. I really gain helpful ideas, tips and information while scrolling through your blog post every times, whereas every times your blog comes up with great ideas and knowledge that are truly helpful.

    Website are really crucial for any business, as it helps readers to gain several vital knowledge, information. A well-designed-website is truly important for creating positive brand image and generate more leads effectively. A website with well designed graphics & visuals also engage more readers and also holds potential to generate more traffic. Creating website also saves the precious time and provide better customer support.

    Your tips to create website are also helpful and will help several people to create their own website.

    Truly informative post and thanks for sharing.

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