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Why Mobile App Experience Is Important?

Many mobile apps fail to retain customer engagement and eventually, they uninstall the app failing to satisfy users’ needs and assumptions regarding...

Mobile App Experience

Many mobile apps fail to retain customer engagement and eventually, they uninstall the app failing to satisfy users’ needs and assumptions regarding the app. To retain customers using the app for a sustaining period, it is very important to create an app with an engaging in-app mobile app experience. 

Therefore, making a good user experience needs to be the priority for a mobile app development company. No matter how aesthetically pleasing your app is, if it doesn’t give a great user experience, users will sooner or later switch to a better alternative. Today, users look forward to having a fast, convenient, customer-driven experience that compels them to be loyal to your app.

Today we live in a world where people use their a smartphone and are dependent on their phones for many chores in a single day. To make the most of the situation, businesses can provide an excellent in-app mobile experience. Doing so can earn them a good share of their revenue coming from the mobile app. Starbucks is a popular example of a successful mobile experience by the users. It is estimated that 1 in 3 of their customers is engaged with their mobile ecosystem, which is the biggest in the world.

This can be achieved by focusing on improving the in-app experience and adding a forward-thinking system to their app. The mobile apps that deal with customer experience can integrate the feature of artificial intelligence to enable customers to use voice commands to make a purchase or place an order. Moreover, hotel mobile apps can build an app feature that lets mobile users use their smartphones as room keys. Such features contribute to adding value to your mobile app. And if the users find value in your app, they are likely to be loyal to your mobile app and your company. There are significant chances that a good and well-engaging mobile app has the potential to retain customers for your business through the mobile app. 

The major idea is that, if customers don’t find enough value in a mobile app or the experience goes below their expectations, they will disengage with it almost instantly and you will not be able to achieve any of your objectives.

How to Improve the In-App Experience?

You do not necessarily have to include specific features to make your in-app experience better. You could add any user-friendly feature to add value to your app instead. It depends on different budgets and requirements as well. So, to improve user experience, a mobile app development company should more focus on little which is felt missing in the app. You can do the following things to improve the in-app experience.

Provide in-App Assistance

One significant thing that customers want from a mobile app is improved customer support. It is an important element in the success of a mobile app. Customers want a prompt response from businesses through an app or online from the website. In case of no proper response from customer service, users may, in frustration, try an alternative business for their needs.

Moreover, mobile app users are reportedly more impatient than ever before, and thus they look for fast customer service and prompt responses to their queries.

Assisting within the mobile app makes you the winner. Customers will no longer be required to check their text messages or e-mail when they get the response directly within the app. In-app assistance keeps the users engaged and prevents them from leaving the app to find other ways. What you can do is add a live chat feature in your business app. This enables customers to talk to the support team and solve their queries whenever they have any.

Make your in-app permissions less scary

Mobile apps require permissions if the user is going to get the most out of it. But many mobile apps ask permission from the user in a way that scares them somehow. It is important to take into consideration that users do not give their personal information lightly, which means that it is better to explain your permission requests. Explain exactly why the app requires permission for specific information. This will increase the possibility of a user allowing permission. You can also reward users for accepting your permission and build trust during the process.

More Payment Options

These days, customers want to take action on an instant basis. They want to buy anywhere and anytime. Sitting at the workplace or moving around with friends, customers want to make their buying decisions based on their moods. This requires an eCommerce mobile app to be able to accept multiple payment options. The ability to accept multiple payment options helps more users to use the app.

The main point is to make things easy to use by making your app in a way that users are satisfied with the in-app experience. For instance, if your buyer wants to get a product right from the shop but pays through the app, you could add a point-of-sales card reader into the mobile app so that the user can make the payment process through the app. Another benefit of adding this feature is that you get the data of the customer and you are better able to collect customers’ information about their buying habits. It helps in personalization and improving user experience depending on their preferences. This on the whole enhances customer engagement and retention.


Summing it all up, a mobile UX is about offering your customers what they need in a way that they get satisfied. It is always suggestible to keep things fuss-free and easy to use. Keeping things simple makes them easy to use and convenient for users. Simplicity along with advanced features in your mobile app adds a lot of value to it and contributes to growing your audience. Therefore, try to improve on small things in your mobile app that increase customer engagement and retention. If you are not sure then you can hire mobile app developers for your mobile apps.

Written by Zubair Hassan
Zubair is a digital enthusiast who loves to write on various trends, including Tech, Software Development, AI, and Personal Development. He is a passionate blogger and loves to read and write. He currently works at Unique Software Development, a custom software development company in Houston that offers top-notch software development services to clients across the globe.

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  1. Well Written. So Mobile solution needs to conform to your overall digital strategy, offering a seamless and unmatched user experience. This means that the functionality and content that are delivered on app must be in line with what your target audience actually wants.
    The function or purpose of app, the end product must provide a superior quality user experience. If you are unable to provide a quality mobile experience, you could be doing more harm than good to your reputation.

  2. Hey Zubair Hassan ,

    Great post with good information. Mobile apps provides us much faster alternatives than mobile web browsing. Mobile apps are truly crucial for several users and gaining mobile app experience will provide us several benefits. Since the digital world have explored and mobile apps user are increasing rapidly. mobile apps are making the human life simpler in effective way. There are several varieties of mobile apps are available in today’s time Like fitness apps, social media apps. In today’s time many people are depending on their phone
    whereas an easy transaction of money could also be easily done by using mobile apps.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

  3. Everyday mobile apps are commercializing and the competition is rising and the main reason that the mobile apps have a huge growth because the increase of the customers with high diversity. Thank you for sharing the details, I have learnt a lot from this article.

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