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What are the Best Screen Protectors for your Mobile?

Today, smartphones come with beautiful displays, and scratches on your phone’s collection are very irritating and lower your phone’s resale value. A...

best screen protectors

Today, smartphones come with beautiful displays, and scratches on your phone’s collection are very irritating and lower your phone’s resale value. A screen protector always protects your phone’s display from being cracked or scratched but buying a protector is very complicated. This question also comes should you need a screen protector or not and what are the best screen protectors.
Searching screen protectors online, you will be overwhelmed by the results they showed you. Thousands of companies make screen protectors and sell them at different prices that are enough to make your head pain screen protectors broken down in a few steps. Each protector comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

Do you need a Screen protector?

Google is using corning gorilla glass on its phone’s display. This glass is not scratched if you try to rub it with your fingers or keys. On the other hand, Apple uses ceramic shields on its phones which is also coming from corning. It is more rigid and unscratchable.

If you see scratches on your Google phone, it is from the sand and other particles with hard minerals. Any object which is more complex than your display may scratch your display. In Mohs hardness rating, it comes between 6 and 7.

Your screen is scratched still. It is because of sand in your pocket or other hard particles. Screen protectors are not entirely perfect. The screen protectors, which are coming between 7 and 8 on the Mohs scale, are known as the best. It is better than corning glass, but corning gorilla glass allows you to pop your phone into your pocket without worrying when the screen protector gets scratched. You can replace it with a new screen protector, and the actual screen remains in pristine condition for resale.

What is Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)?

Polyethylene Terephthalate is a type of plastic used in water bottles or food containers. Screen protectors, which are made of (PET) provide a small number of scratches and protection, but they are much cheaper, lighter, and thinner, and they are significantly less visible on your phone’s screen.

They have a smooth feel, unlike the more rubbery TPU.PET is a bit stiff so it can cover edge-to-edge screens. If you want a PET screen protector, I recommend you buy Tech Armor.

What is Thermoplastic Polyreuthane (TPU)?

When you think of screen guards, you think of TPU. It is flexible and has very hassle to install on your phone. It installs using a spray and squeezer to remove the bubbles. And It does not feel so smooth and adds an orange peel-type layer to your phone’s screen.

It is very flexible and can go from edge to edge on a phone’s screen. And It has more protection than PET and has self-healing powers for scratches but is limited. Brands known as IQ Shield offer TPU protectors at affordable and cheaper rates.

While on the other hand, Zagg’s shield film is more expensive. And has a different look and feel depending on the price. Not all types of looks and styles are available for all phones. And some phone protectors do not come in TPU. Both screen guards have a warranty, but Zagg’s protector is a little bit more expensive.

What is Tempered Glass?

They are like the father of screen protectors, they are more rigid in scratches and have drop protection, but they don’t have self-healing powers like TPU screen protectors, but these days, they are pretty expensive.

According to Wirecutter in their tests, A film and Maxboost offer glass at affordable prices that come between 7 and 8 on the Mohs scale. They worked very well. Zagg’s shield comes under 5 and 6, which is better for protection. They come in various types of screen guards like a privacy screen guard or anti-glare screen guard.

Glass protectors are thicker. They are more visible on your phone’s screen, which is not so good. Who wants their screen guard to merge with their phone’s screen?

Nano Liquid

Nowadays, you will find liquid screen protectors, which claim that your phone is more protected. The liquid protectors provide extra protection to your screen. It is fragile, so the scratches can also go to the actual screen and damage your screen, which loses the purpose of the protector.

And you can remove it from one phone and swap it for another phone. The liquid wears off any time, and after that, it is useless .so I recommend you not go with the liquid screen protector because it is fragile and can cause damage to your screen.

What type of best screen protector is best for your phone?

Don’t pay any attention to the ratings of the protectors. Mohs scale is more beneficial because it does not use “H,” and is more helpful indicator protection. If you are not sure about the hardness of the protector, you should go for another one, or you should find anyone who has tested the protector with the Mohs scale.

Most people go with tempered glass because it has a smooth feel and more damage-proof, and is available at cheaper rates. If you need looks rather than protection, you may go with PET and TPU screen protectors, but TPU can also provide self-healing and cover the screen edge to edge.

I am avoiding the liquid protector because it is fragile and can cause damage to the actual screen. If you do not like any screen protectors, you may go with liquid protectors.

If you want more protection, Buy a case for your phone.

Screen protectors are only protecting your phone’s display and scratches, but if you want complete protection, you can also go with the case, and if you have a fear of dropping your phone, you can buy a case.

The screen guard will only protect the phone’s screen even if it will not protect the corners and back of the phone. The case can protect your phone more than the screen guard, so you should get a phone case with any screen protection you want.


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