What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing?

This is a term for anything involving the delivery of hosted services on the internet. Cloud computing services are grouped into three different types or categories: software as a service, platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service.

A cloud may be public or private. A public cloud offers services to everyone on the internet. On the other hand, a private cloud is either a data center or proprietary network that provides hosted services to certain people who have been granted permission or access. Whether it’s public or private, cloud computing’s major aim is to offer easy and scalable access to IT services and computing resources.

Cloud infrastructure encompasses the software and hardware components needed for the right implementation of cloud computing models. Cloud computing is also regarded as on-demand computing or utility computing.

How does cloud computing work?

It works by allowing client devices access to cloud applications and data over the internet using remote computers, databases, and physical servers.

A network connection will link the front end (which has the browser, accessing client device, cloud software applications, and network) with its back end (which has computers, servers, and databases). The back end will act as a repository that will store data accessed through the front end.

A central server is tasked with managing communication between the back end and front end. This server depends on protocols to aid data exchange. It makes use of middleware and software to manage the connection between cloud servers and client devices. There is normally a server for each of the workloads or applications.

Cloud computing services highly depend on automation and virtualization technologies. Automation ensures that users are provided with a great degree of self-service that will connect services, deploy the workload, and provide resources without significant supervision from the IT staff of the cloud provider. Virtualization, meanwhile, is allowed for the simpler provisioning and abstraction of cloud systems and services into comprehensive entities that can be utilized. Azure training will definitely shed more light on the concept.

Advantages of cloud computing

1. Convenience

One of the main advantages of cloud computing is convenience. It makes the storing, sharing, and retrieving of information almost seamless.

2. Cost

One of the main features of cloud computing is multitenancy. This means that a service provider can have different customers while making use of the same resources. It’s almost like an apartment where inhabitants share some amenities, but they can decorate their homes how they want.

3. Flexibility

Due to information flowing across devices and locations, employees can safely work from anywhere. This will increase productivity and it will ensure that workers are satisfied with their jobs.

4. Reliability

The providers of cloud services have continued to refine the industry to provide the best quality of performance. Also, third parties in charge of hosting these services regularly update and maintain them. This commitment ensures that they remain reliable when it comes to quality and high standards.

5. Scalability

Generally, cloud vendors allow customers to decrease or increase computing resources. You will be able to add or remove services, service providers, bandwidth, and even users. Cloud service providers can also automate scaling so that the process can be easier and faster for you or your business.


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