How To Connect Roku To WiFi Without Remote?

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Do you want to Connect Roku to WiFi without a Remote? Without an internet connection, you can not get full access to Roku. You have to connect Roku to WiFi to enjoy one of the best streaming players. There are various channels available on Roku, you can easily watch Netflix, YouTube, Hulu on Roku but only if you have adequate internet.

All you need is an Internet Connection with Wi-Fi with a strong network with a stable WiFi range. For without internet Roku is not able to work. It would be just an ornamental element. How you can connect Roku To an Internet WiFi Connection? You don’t have to worry there is nothing difficult hard in it.

Oops, have you lost your remote or you didn’t have it? It’s okay, just relax. There is no issue with it. Well, in this article, we would guide you step by step to connect Roku to WiFi without the remote.

Connecting Roku with WiFi Without Remote? 

We would like to make it clear to you that nothing is hard in it. It is as easy as you think. If you will follow the instructions properly as mentioned in the below-stated article then you will get out of the trouble that you are dealing with very soon. 

Best Solutions: Connect Roku To WiFi Without Remote

So, the steps were suggested below kindly comprehend and follow them properly. Are you active to overcome this problem on your own? Great. Merely just have a look below…

With The Help Of the Roku App

Before installing the Roku App you have to do a few changes so that you can easily activate WiFI. Kindly follow the stated steps.

  • Open your Mobile phone.
  • Then choose to go to the “Settings option”.
  • After that select the “Mobile Hotspot” option from the menu. 
  • Then kindly choose the “Setup Mobile Hotspot”.
  • When you see the warning regarding your Mobile Data Usaging seems on your screen. Feel free to press the OK button
  • Now you have to add the correct WiFi network name and 
  • Then choose the Security mode.
  • Make sure to save the Mobile Hotspot that you have created and then activate the hotspot in the final step.

Download The Roku App

  • Kindly go to the Play Store or App Store and easily download the Roku app from there. 
  • Open it after when it gets installed.
  • tap on it, when you will see the remote option on the mobile screen.

With The Help Of Ethernet Cable

Basically, Roku runs with WiFi connectivity but now Roku ultra is out. If you have Ultra LT- 4K then you don’t need a remote to connect Roku To WiFi you can simply use an ethernet cable for strong internet. 

Not every Roku has an ethernet port, this feature is only in Roku Ultra… Remember it!

Some Common Causes Of WiFi Network

There can be some causes that create hurdles for you and do not allow your Roku to connect with WiFi. Some causes were mentioned below just have a look. 

  • Not connected error.
  • Low strength issue.
  • Connecting intermittently. 

The above mentioned are some common problems faced by most people. But there are some issues leading to these problems. Kindly note down. 

Now, we will guide you on how to deal with WiFi network problems. 

Update Your Device 

Updating is a process that creates hurdles or even destroys your device if this process does not take place. 

If your device seems to be not updated then simply try to update it right now. without wasting any more time. It is a necessary process that also enables new features. 

Look For Barriers

There can be objects responsible for coming across the router and the device for WiFi problems. If in between your devices there were anything like- wall, door, etc, then kindly remove them.

If you can not remove the objects then kindly replace the location of your devices. 

Place it Far From the Electronics Devices

Make sure there are not any electronic things near your device which can be harmful. If you don’t know then let us clear to you that electronic things negatively impact WiFi. They weaken and divert the WiFi signals. 

So, it would be better for you to remove and make at least 3 feet gap in between your device and the electronic materials. Maintaining a distance is also helps to cool down your hot Roku device

Disconnect The Additional Devices

If any other devices are connected with the router that you are using then kindly disconnect all the other devices to get full access to the WiFi and to avoid this problem. 

If you will not disconnect the other devices then low strength, Connecting intermittently problems will cause again and again too. So, the smart and better step would be to immediately disconnect the other devices. 

The above-directed steps will definitely help you to quickly overcome the WiFi network issues. 

Restart Your Device to Connect Roku to WiFi without Remote

Internal issues can also be a reason that sometimes creates problems for you but you would be happy to know that it is quite easy to get out of this issue. 

All you have to do is just restart the device. Restarting will help you to quickly overcome all the issues. 

At The End Connect Roku to WiFi without Remote

At the last, we would like to kindly thank you for trusting us and to show your kindness and love. We really get motivation and appreciation from the honor you give us. 

We will always help you with your problems and will provide you with smart, effective, and best steps that can definitely take you out of the trouble you are dealing with.

Stay healthy and happy…


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