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7 Facts Revealed About Creating Youtube Banners – A Guide On How To Design Them

Gone are the days when YouTube was used for watching only fun and DIY videos. Today, it has majorly become a platform...

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Gone are the days when YouTube was used for watching only fun and DIY videos. Today, it has majorly become a platform for learning and professional uses. Not to mention that it is highly used as a marketing tool. With a lot of people trying to attract their target audience, the competition has increased drastically. Creating a YouTube channel is no longer a difficult task, but keeping it attractive definitely is. Developing your brand identity and making people recognize it is clearly a bit crucial nowadays. But, you can do that very smartly by creating content that is consistent and speaks for your brand – and that includes  YouTube Banner Templates too (also known as YouTube channel art).

Let’s see how YouTube banners can help you pull more people to your channel!

The first thing that people notice:

Whenever you visit any YouTube channel, what is the first thing that pops up in front of you? Think of all your favorite creating YouTube banner channel. It probably is the well designed and creative custom YouTube Channel Art Maker on their profiles. That’s because it stretches across the entire page and sits right on the top of your channel.

 Creating Youtube Banners - A Guide On How To Design Them

Just having a mere look at the banner should communicate the type of content that your channel will be offering with Video Banner Maker. Having a good banner can make people actually click on the video, watch it, and subscribe to your channel.

Create the perfect size:

Did you think that designing any kind of banner will do the job? Think again. Youtube banners appear differently on different screens. To avoid any mistakes, keep the following points in mind:

  • YouTube suggests that a 2560 X 1440 px image should be uploaded to get the best results across devices.
  • The minimum uploading dimensions are 2048 X 1152 px.
  • The safe area for text and logo in your YouTube banner design is 1546 X 423 px.
  • The width of a banner design should be a maximum of 2560 X 423 px.

The safe area is a space where all the important things, such as logo, text, brand name, headline, tagline, and images should be kept. This will guarantee that anything that is in the safe area will be displayed in all the types of devices.

 Creating Youtube Banners

Only high-quality images get the spotlight:

Leave all the half blur and low-quality images in your smartphone aside. People are more likely to notice images that are crisp and of high quality. There are a lot of stock websites like Unsplash, from where you can download high-quality stock images for free with VideoADKing.

If you are using your own images, it will be a great deal, but make sure they are clear and sharp and then use them in your YouTube channel art.

Design keeping the target audience in mind:

While creating a YouTube banner design, acknowledge your target customers. If you know what the mindset of your customers is and what they like, it will be easy to address them using the design.

channel banner templates

Research and find out their interests and personality traits. You can even check your competitors’ channels and see what kind of banner designs are grabbing more attention.

If youngsters are your target crowd, you may think of incorporating bright and bold elements in your design. If entrepreneur viewers are what you are aiming for, subtle designs with slick colors can be a good option.

Simple is the new fancy:

Nowadays, nobody likes cluttered information in a single image. A simple and minimal design works everywhere, also with your YouTube banners. Do not unnecessarily stuff elements in your banner. Show only what is needed to show.

Also, keeping the sizing factor in mind, making a creating simple design is more practical, as it will show properly on all devices. In case your image is too complicated, it may happen that one or two elements do not show up.

Imagine how badly it will affect your branding if your logo or tagline goes missing when your audience visits your channel on a smartphone or a tablet. Thus, ‘keeping it simple’ is what you would ideally want here.

Make it more social

Your YouTube Thumbnail reach does not need to be limited to YouTube’s platform. Add links to your other social media accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Follow these steps to add the links in your banner-

  • While on your YouTube channel, click on the settings icon under the banner.
  • A dialogue box will appear. Choose ‘Customize the layout of your channel’.
  • Close the box and tap on ‘Edit links’ from the upper right corner of the banner.
  • Add all the links to your website and other social media. Save the new links and they will appear on the right hand lower corner of the banner.

Now, your channel viewers can also visit other platforms and know more about you and your brand.

Consistency is the key:

Yes, we are addressing your company or brand values here. What are the colors incorporated in your logo? What is the font that you normally use on your website? How does your brand stand differently from your competitors?

channel banner templates

Incorporate everything that makes your brand ‘yours’. This does not mean that your YouTube banner should be a copy of your website banner. 

It precisely means that you must include some of the elements that are specific to your brand. Also, try to keep the banner design aligned with your company’s core vision and principles.

This will ultimately lead to the development of brand recognition and people will be able to maintain an image of your brand in their minds.

Concluding, it would be right to say that you will set the vibe right by designing a flawless YouTube banner with VideoADKing. There are a lot of channel art makers available online, which provide free YouTube banner templates.

All you have to do is pick up a template that suits your theme, consider the above points, and add your creativity! Let’s get designing!

Written by Miller Thomas
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