12 Essential YouTube Metrics That Helps To Promote Your Channel

YouTube Metrics

Everyone knows that YouTube is growing day by day. According to the 2019 research, the number of channels has increased by 25%. Besides, YouTube has 15 million content creators that everyone uploads 80 million videos per month. And this post we will be discussing the essentials of YouTube Metrics that help to promote your channel.

Nowadays, many YouTubers are heating up to beat their competitors. And they put the efforts to improve the ranking on YouTube. We appreciate the effort! But, YouTubers should know the important metrics and how to create a video for your audience.

In this guide, we will share the top 12 metrics for all YouTubers. Before starting the channel, you need to know the metrics, and then you will work on video content!

1. Audience Retention:

Getting audience attention is a more important metric to boost your videos. Audience retention means the percentage of viewers who watch and leave your video at every moment. YouTube calculates all videos with great audience attention in their suggestions and search rankings because they are highly effective when capturing viewers’ attention.

This audience retention will determine the video strategy in the future, which means how many audiences are interested in your page. The most engaging parts of your YouTube video can be your best video topics. In the YouTube audience report, explain the two graphs. First, the absolute retention curve describes how well your videos retain your audience. Second, the relative retention curve explains any one of your videos well compared to the other YouTube videos of similar length.

2. Watch Time:

Watch time is the total number of times viewers have spent their time watching your videos. It’s an important measurement because YouTube boosts the channels and videos in the high search results and recommendations section. YouTube can do this because YouTube follows its algorithm and engages their audience based on the watch time.

Watch time report says you will see the number of YouTube watch times your videos have accumulated. You can also rank your videos by watching time and grouping your videos, lengths, and style to find your videos’ most engaging types.

3. Average Percentage Viewed:

It’s the percent of each video the ordinary people can watch. It calculates the video’s ability to hold the audience’s attention for its entirety. YouTube also realizes your YouTube videos can have viewers‘ attention, and they will get the reward with higher search and recommendation rankings. You want to find this metric in the watch time report.

4. Average View Duration:

The average percentage viewed duration is the entire amount of watch time divided by the total number of video plays (including replays). This measure refers to the video’s ability to engage users.

Perhaps, your video isn’t engaging your viewers, your video bounces quickly, and you will get an unimpressive view duration. Or else, if your video can engage your audience, your average total watch time and duration time will increase at the same time. Also, you can boost your recommendations and search engine rankings. You can also find this metric in your watch time report.

5. Engagement:

Engagement is the most crucial factor in YouTube video marketing. The engagement refers to the comments, likes, shares, and dislikes that give all the marketers valuable subjective data.

Comments establish a clear picture of your videos by the viewers. Sharing the video helps increase the watch hours value and improve brand awareness since the audience shares content that confirms their ideal self-person. Likes and dislikes can help to explain the audience’s thoughts; moreover, you can continue with this style or not. If you want to see this engagement result, get YouTube’s Interactions Report.

6. Playlist Engagement:

Playlists are a perfect way to segregate your videos in a proper manner. It helps your audience select their favorite topics easily and prompts them to keep watching, which obtain watch time for your channel. The ultimate goal of creating a playlist is to improve YouTube watch time for your videos.

The benefit of playlist engagement is analyzing two important metrics in the report: Average time in playlist and views per playlist started.

Views per playlist start: The average amount of video views your playlists.

Average time in playlist: The average number of times that audience viewed the videos in your playlist.

These two metrics are low performing, creating the playlist with videos to get the highest retention rate.

7. Subscriber Growth:

Increasing subscribers is the ultimate goal of every YouTube marketer. Subscribers only the most loyal fans globally because they only say the positive & negative via comments. Subscribers are essential to growing your channel because YouTube will send notifications when you upload new videos and feature them on their homepage.

According to their YouTube Subscriber Report, it will show your locations, videos, subscribe growth, etc. This information helps to resonate with your subscribers and target new subscribers. Give priority to your subscribers; you will make videos, improve your watch time, and boost your search rankings.

8. Impressions Click-Through Rate:

Impressions click-through rate calculates the video’s performance to suggest viewers watch your video after seeing it on their recommendation section, homepage, or trending section.

A high click-through rate means your title should be excellent, and your video’s topic resonates with many relevant audiences on YouTube.

A low click-through rate but high engagement means that your videos are specific to the audience attracted by the content. Look at the YouTube analytics tab in YouTube Studio to study this metric. If you want to see the metric, then use the check for YouTube Studio.

9. Card Click-Through-Rate:

Cards are sliding panels that motivate the audience to take a valuable action while watching a video, like subscribe to the channel, watch another video, or click through to a different website.

Every cards’ click-through rate defines the action your audience prefers to take while watching your videos. It can help the most engaging card in each of your videos, subscriber growth, boosting your watch time, or increase the website traffic!

Analyzing the card click-through rate improves the optimal timing, duration of your cards, and placement timing. You can also find your cards’ metric in the cards report.

10. Unique Viewers:

It is the total number of audience who watched your videos in a specific period. In this way, the measurement helps you understand the authentic size of your audience.

You can use this metric to measure the engagement of your subscriber’s in the videos. Whether the unique audience is less than your subscriber count, then your subscribers aren’t interested in watching the video as much as they could be. If you want to find this measurement under the views and audience tab, to use YouTube Studio.

11. Traffic Sources:

You can get an external reference links website or other social media that insert in your videos. YouTube referrals like the recommended section, search, and the homepage all the traffic sources.

The Traffic Sources report explains how users can find your videos and which sources attain the watch time and most views. You can see the info for optimizing your video marketing strategy. Traffic sources are more critical to develop your video and reach the audience easily.

12. Keywords:

Keywords are also an essential factor for video marketing. In YouTube’s Search Report says, you can see the most popular queries raised from viewers to your videos. How does your video get rank on SERP pages? Placing keywords in the content helps to get rank quickly. Add the keywords in the video title, description, and tags.

Hence, adding keywords is the best marketing strategy. If all questions are slightly different from your video’s topic, consider to update your video with content gaps, and add the keywords to your metadata.


YouTube analytics helps to determine the entire story about your video success rate. But you should keep the fundamentals in mind. After posting every video, you should know all the metrics because these metrics show the success rate. Your video should be informative, funny, etc., but grab the audience quickly.


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