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7 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2024

If you are even remotely associated with the field of marketing then this article will help you to follow the important digital...

If you are even remotely associated with the field of marketing then this article will help you to follow the important digital marketing trends in 2024. Because when it comes to marketing, a simple pamphlet on your car’s windscreen or a billboard on the highway does not suffice the modern needs of marketing. Earlier it was considered as an inefficient way to advertise your product to the maximum number of people, but now since digital marketing has broadened the horizon, it has become clear that your marketing strategy is only efficient and effective if your product reaches to the right audience at the right, time in the right manner.

1 – Messaging And Social Apps

7 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

We are always on the go and have very busy schedules but we are never too busy for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. What I am trying to say that we all know to market our products at a well-populated place and in these times, what could be more filled with people than the Social application platforms. This is the place to focus your energies in 2024 because be it a celebrity, a normal consumer ranging from elderly to kids we can access all of them via social apps. So, don’t be a penny pincher and realize that it is wise to spend a good chunk out of your marketing budget of 2024 on these apps.

2 – Artificial Intelligence

We have all witnessed how Terminator saved the world. Just like the Artificial Intelligence-driven terminator, digital marketing can also excel further in 2024 with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence can collect data and respond in ways where we don’t have to waste our human resources anymore. For instance, a good example of Artificial Intelligence would be that it can give you a list of users searching for a particular item in a defined period. You can use Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing in many ways, you can have your advertisement reach to a specific group of people. If you are patriot Michael Jackson fans, let’s say, your product can be advertised to people who have searched for Star Wars Jacket and Michael Jackson Costume on the same day or hour.

This digital marketing trend will definitely bring you closer to your potential customers in 2024.

3 – Chat Bots

Chatbots can be said to be a part of Artificial Intelligence. This will ease most of your problems in 2024. With the chatbots, your customer care along with your marketing operations can work 24/7 and there is no need to hire people for night shifts. Chatbots are considered polite and it’s a win-win situation for everyone. According to the latest survey chatbots can reduce your human resource marketing needs by 70 percent. Cost-saving and automation will be one of the most important KPIs to achieve success in 2020.

4 – King Of The Jungle

It is important to recognize that in the digital world of today, mobile phones are the king of the jungle and hence proves to be the best place for digital marketing in 2024. Focusing your digital marketing efforts on mobile phones will not only give you access to countless customers but will also ensure your product’s virtual presence in everyone’s pocket. Popups in our mobiles can be helpful instead of being irritating mostly. So, remember to direct your advertising to everyone’s mobile in 2024.

5 – Video Marketing

7 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

This is considered the most interactive form of digital marketing. This can be taken to a whole new level in 2024 as it is already linked with YouTube and almost any platform you can name. Even gaming apps offer Video marketing. We all know it’s better to see an advertising video to get some free coins rather than playing the game for 10 mins. This will bring your product into the notice of new customers and that is all that your marketing needs require.

6 – Transparency

7 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

Digital marketing in 2024 will allow you to be more transparent in front of your audience. Increased transparency means increased customer confidence in your product. You can let your customers know in real-time exactly what quantity of your product is remaining in stock or what specifications can be altered in your product. It is therefore wise to educate your customers and enable them to see some aspects in real-time so that they can feel comfortable when it comes to your product.

7 – Target Advertising

7 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

This is indeed the most important of all the digital marketing trends in 2024. This is because with the smart utilization of the target audience you can reach your customers at the right time in the right place in the right manner. Imaging reaching to your customers at the end of the month when they are left with no salary money. Such efforts will definitely be in vain. On the other hand, just consider reaching to your customer just as he/she is near one of your outlets. This will definitely increase the chances of your customers visiting your stores. You can also use this to target new customers who are currently using some alternative products or are the customers of your competitors.

You may find many other digital marketing trends and its good to grasp over as much as you can but in 2024 you have to realize that certain digital marketing trends will be very costly to ignore. People are now digitally educated and know how to compare a product in terms of quality, quantity, and cost before purchasing. Therefore, it is important to take acknowledge the fact that our customers are digitally educated and we can take advantage of this by marketing ourselves in an effective and efficient manner to ensure the survival of our business. As the digital era is moving at a faster pace, 2024 will ensure an immense growth in digital trends.

Written by Ruben Wilson
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  5. Indeed, mobile phones are the king of the jungle in the digital world today. People nowadays do almost everything through their mobile phone – social interaction, shopping, researching, etc. It’s really a good idea to invest our digital marketing efforts on mobile phones as it will not only give you access to countless customers but will also ensure your product’s virtual presence in everyone’s pocket. Great article!

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