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How to Choose Right Web Hosting to host your website?

Most of the users might be unaware of this concept that choosing the right web hosting to host your website is one...

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Most of the users might be unaware of this concept that choosing the right web hosting to host your website is one of the toughest and wisest tasks; a webmaster has to do. Not all of the web hosting companies are equally good in the terms of providing their various services and features keeping the assurance of quality of everything.

So, today, I am going to point out a few things which you should keep in your mind while choosing the right web hosting to host your very own site.

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Things to consider while choosing the right web hosting to host your website:

1. How much amount of traffic do you want to handle?

This is the very first thing anybody having a website or going to start a website should know. Because not every web hosting will be able to handle a large amount of traffic. Low traffic sites can be managed on low-level web hosting servers but not the high traffic sites can sustain on them which requires high resources to run properly. So, you must choose a web hosting provider which suits your criteria. If you are a new blogger or want to start a new blog then I recommend you to stay with the low-level web-hosting so that your money is not wasted but once you start getting a large amount of traffic to your blog then either you can upgrade your plan or switch to some better hosting provider. If you are starting a new website or blog then I recommend you to start with a hatching plan. I started my blogging with a small plan with Bigrock hosting provider then upgraded it when I started receiving a large amount of traffic.

2. Identify the Type of Web Hosting You Actually Require:

On the basis of traffic amounts, your website has, you have to choose the type of Web Hosting. These days a lot type of web hosting services are available. Such as Shared Hosting services, VPS hosting services, Dedicated Hosting services, cloud hosting services, and specially optimized CMS based services like WordPress Optimized Hosting Services. Shared Hosting is enough to survive a website having a maximum of 30,000-40,000 visitors monthly. But if you are having more visitors than this then VPS or dedicated hosting plans are musts. More traffic requires more memory, more CPU, and more bandwidth. That’s why you need to identify what type of web hosting service may satisfy your traffic requirements.


learn the difference between shared and dedicated hosting.

3. Know the Features of the host:

Every hosting company is not going to provide you equal quality features. Those were the days when we have to be dependent on our local servers to run our website but not now. There is now multinational web hosting companies offering quality web hosting services with lots of new features. It’s better to choose a multi-featured web hosting which can help you not just running your site properly but also to grow it. Some of the features that you should notice are the One Click CMS installation features, easy FTP management, hosting analytics, etc.

how to find right web hosting

4. Point out the Technical Specifications of the host:

This is one of the most important things which most of the users having websites generally ignore because they do not have enough knowledge about the technical stuff that helps to run their site properly. You should know the technical stuff like the Server specifications such as the amount of RAM, CPU, the bandwidth that you can actually make use of while running your site. Having good security system is always the nature of best hosting company in India and every website owner must seriously think about it.

5. Does the web host provide emergency services?

This is what almost every web host should have. Hereby emergency services, we mean the services such as emergency backup services in the cases we want to have quick site migrations and major changes to our site. Sometimes, websites get traffic spikes and the web hosts are not able to handle it and consequently crashes. This might be the worst thing that may happen to your site if you are not checked out the emergency features at the time of choosing the right hosting for your site. Features like CloudFlare must be there in the hosting provider companies so that the visitors can see the copy of the website when the servers are not working properly or some other issue. So, that you can install free SSL certificate on your website using Cloudflare.

6. Offers are good to go:

Web hosting market is very big today, and web hosting providers their selves have high competition in promoting their services on the Internet. To attract more and more people towards their services, most of the web hosting providers offer time to time offers and discounts. You should take benefit of such offers. Many of the web hosts provide free domain name to start a website to new users, and this may help you save a lot to run your online campaign!

And there are hosting provider companies which I know and provides a free domain for their first-time customers and even the hosting price is too less. You can check the post on that “How can you get the cheapest web-hosting at Godaddy?” and “hosting with free Domain for just $12 for one year from 1&1 hosting” and “Modest price of hosting from Hostinger.”

7. Get the maximum Storage and Bandwidth:

Storage is where all of the data on your site from text to images are going to be saved. You might not be wanted to face storage issues while running your site. Likewise, Bandwidth is what requires serving your website to your visitors. Both if these fail to provide you the sufficient amounts, your site will go down and will not be able to serve your readers well. That’s why you must carefully choose the web hosting that provides the maximum Storage and Bandwidth amounts. Many services say that they provide unlimited storage and bandwidth but actually it’s not true they have some fair usage policies under which they have restrictions of both of these things.

8. Is there any special web hosting policy?

Some web hosting services apply some strict policies for their users. You should go with that one hosting service which is free of such strict policies and will be user-friendly. Many web hosting services offer new features but under lots of policy and terms, under which they do not actually allow us to get benefits from their services in general. That’s why it depends on you how wise are you in choosing the web hosting offering good policies.

9. Prefer the hosting offering right payment options for renewals:

Many web hosting providers offer limited payment options like payment via only credit card. This is not good as many people don’t make use credit cards while many make use of debit cards instead or some other ways for making payment. That’s why choosing a web hosting provider which has easy, and lots of payment options will be good in any terms, in the term of purchasing the web hosting for the first time or for renewal.

10. Ease of Migrations and Work Space Management:

Make sure the web hosting provider offers you the migration or transfer features at any time you might be in the need of these things. The most important thing under this is the workspace in which you have to work with your host. CPanel web hosting services are good to host almost every kind of website. Just you have to make sure whether your host offers so or not.

So, that’s our article about choosing the right web hosting to host your website. If you liked it, please do share it with all your friends on social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Thanks for being here to get the right advice. And even I want to hear your opinion about the Hosting provider companies but let me through your comments.

Written by Avnish Gautam
I am blogger from and internet marketer. Also, like to provide a good and complete guide about website making and promotion of it.

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  1. Hello, Avnish.
    Your blog was really informative for me. Because there are many people who can’t choose the right web hosting to host their website. I have a bad experience buying hosting from a local company. But their hosting service was very bad. Now I am thinking that if I was reading your post before purchases!

  2. This post really enlightens me. as a new blogger, choosing a web hosting plan is always a dilemma and sometimes difficult. this an eye-opener.

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