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10 eCommerce Email Marketing Best practices to improve campaign ROI

Email marketing is in demand ever since people come to know, but marketing and attracting the target audience. It is because it...

Ecommerce Email marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most effective methods of increasing traffic or for an attractive broad audience. In digital marketing, the most successful strategy for engaging customers in eCommerce email marketing. It helps in pursuing people to visit your website and make some purchases. Email marketing is being used for years, and the reason it is still in practice is its effectiveness.

In most of the business, including the eCommerce business, the most challenging task is to make people stay on your website until and unless they buy something from you. It is ubiquitous that people come on your eCommerce website, but they leave without buying anything. But the only strategy that can help you in convincing them is email marketing. You can retarget the people who visited your profile and can offer them something they want. 

Email marketing is a way of communicating with your customers directly where you either win their hearts or could lose them. But in most cases, customers get convinced, and they buy something from you. If a person is looking for Bluetooth party speakers on your website, you can make them buy from you by pushing that person to purchase email marketing.

Multiple eCommerce business websites are using email marketing for increasing their ROI, and this is being a useful tool. There are many active users of emails, and therefore it gives you an incredible offer for improving the ROI which is in the end, beneficial for your sales and the progress of your company.

Why is email marketing in demand?

Email marketing is in demand ever since people come to know, but marketing and attracting the target audience. It is because it gives you a chance to get to know their demands directly. Communication is the critical factor for understanding the needs of customers and for making business strategies according to their demands.

It also brings the benefit of increasing your sales, because when you can convince them, they will recommend you to other people. And in this way, you will get new customers daily. The old one will become permanent, and also your company will be able to entertain the new one, which will as whole will cause a rise in the numbers of your sales.

Strategies of increasing ROI through email marketing

There are different emails marketing techniques by which you can increase the ROI of your eCommerce business, and they are:


With time the preferences of people have been changed now people prefer a personal email over a general statement. Because the world is all about personalization now, customers prefer to get a personalized email rather than general ones. Because the available emails are for people from different types and they for not a specific person.

It was acceptable years back when people were not so straightforward, but now they are, and they demand personalized. And to make this happen, you have to do segmentation of your customers based on gender, location of your customers, their preferences, and interest. It will then help you in targeting the right audience at the right time. It will also help you in creating a more personalized email which will increase the effectiveness of your email marketing policy.

Send welcome emails:

The first thing you can do to increase your ROI is to send a welcome email to your customer as soon as they sign up on your website. It will last impression on your customers, and they will automatically catch the attention of your customer for your products. Also, it is a gesture of kindness, and customers often love this gesture.

Focus on the subject line:

It is prevalent that we skip emails that are not attractive or having nothing that will bring our focus towards them. We always open an email when we find something of interest in its subject line. So, to make your email worth opening do work on their subject line to grab the attention of customers.

Make your reference game strong:

One thing that increases the line of customers is the referral program. Ask your customers to refer your company to other people and give your customers vouchers or anything else for referring you to other people. It will help you in bringing more people to your website and in making your old customers permanent.

Keep the frequency of emails low:

It gets boring if we keep on receiving emails from a brand every single day. And we often avoid opening their emails. But to manage it keeps the frequency of your emails low so when people see them, they won’t prevent them but will instead open them to see your offers.

Keep the interest up:

If we get emails for buying a particular product in a row, we lose our part in that product, and it is a very natural reaction. Because forcing someone to purchase something gets annoying and this changes your mind. So do not let the interest of your customers die by asking them to buy your product in your emails. Instead, give them option or descriptions by sharing blog post and stuff to keep their interest up.

Gain trust:

By using the user generating content gain the confidence of your customers. Because online purchasing is in, but it is still new, and people look for reviews so that they can trust you. Use user generating content in your emails to increase the trust of your customers.

Create appealing visual emails:

Everybody has a concept that emails are dull and rough, so they avoid reading it. But you have to change this concept by making them visually appealing and interactive so that customers open them whenever you send them your email. By visually appealing, it doesn’t mean that you have to add stickers or GIF, but you to make it look aesthetic.

Make your promotional emails classy:

The only way by which you can increase the list of your email community is to give offers to your customers. Promote your business by giving vouchers, coupon codes, and other such stuff off and on to make your traffic grow and to increase the ROI of your business. Please give them a discount and exclusive offers to keep them stay and also not to let them unsubscribe you.

Test your emails:

Test your emails off and on to check that if you are the customer will you open the email sent by your company. It will help you in improving your email strategy for improving your sales and the purchase of your products.

Track your Digital analytics:

Digital analytics helps you in knowing why some customer left you, and when they left you. By gathering information from digital analytics, you can bring those customers back by giving them new offers according to their demands. By tracking them do not keep it to just emails but use other tools to get them back.

Revise your strategies

If you will not make changes in your emails, then there is a chance that it will not stay effective. Because every plan is not suitable for every situation, you have to revise them to make things happen again.

Written by Nisar Ahmad
Nisar is a digital marketing expert from Media Hicon for many years. He considers bringing all the keywords to the top of his duty.

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