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Five reasons why Proofreading and Editing is essential for self-publishing authors

It is no surprise that self-publishing your book is quite a tedious task. While it is very understandable how you have to...

Five reasons why Proofreading and Editing is essential for self-publishing authors

It is no surprise that self-publishing your book is quite a tedious task. While it is very understandable how you have to start and finish the book all on your own, asking for a bit of assistance from a professional or
asking for guidance may help you in more ways than you may have ever imagined. We know how exhausting and mentally and emotionally draining it can be to put a book together. From the prologue to the epilogue, each word demands constant thinking, and the labor to put your thoughts into words can be super intense! Trust me, when we say we know Book writing better than you, you best believe
it. We also know how difficult it is to read everything that you have written; it is just like reading your own essay before submission. It leads to skim reading, and at times even second-guessing yourself, which usually leads to a lot of demotivation, discouragement, and lack of faith in your book. This is why we have professional proofreaders and editors to do the job for you. We at Book Writing cube have a team of experienced and expert editors and proofreaders who have had excellent command and years of experience in the industries and have contributed to one of the bestselling books! Here are five reasons why we think you need proofreaders and editors if you are self-publishing your Book:

Supervised Revision:

Once you have completed writing your book, there is definitely a need to go over the content and check for flaws and errors that need to be removed. A self-published author with limited help calls for an
extra helping hand. Most importantly, that assistance needs to come from someone who has an elaborate background in writing, editing, and proofreading books. And not just any books, the books from your genre and one of the books written by really notable authors. This person needs to be meticulous and precise in their analysis, so any revision that they suggest is well-calibrated and articulate. Basically, your book demands supervised revision, where your assistant and you both collaborate. They supervise and suggest what revisions need to be made and are also able to explain why.

Developing your manuscript:

There is no doubt that whatever you have conjured up until now is definitely state-of-the-art and truly what you want the world to know. It could be a great concept and a new groundbreaking one, but wouldn’t it be
great if you were able to make it sound more refined and enticing. Such editing and proofreading will further develop your manuscript and lift it to a whole new level. Sometimes our words sound better in our heads than they do in writing; it’s best we put in a little effort and make our manuscript better
before publishing it.

Checking for errors:

It often occurs that while we are scribbling away our thoughts, we are too busy catching the train of our thoughts that accuracy and refinement are not our priority. We often end up making minute mistakes like spelling errors, grammar, and punctuation errors that bring our book down to an immature level. Other than that, there can be style inconsistencies that could distract and disappoint the readers and may even cost us a reader. This is why asking an expert for their assistance and someone who is not emotionally or intellectually invested in the creative process as you are, is essential. It helps weed out these format and readability errors, make the necessary changes for the book’s success, and ultimately lead you to be the bestselling author!

Fact-Checking and articulating thoughts:

It is very often that we are rambling and our brain is too invested in our imagination that we end up mistakenly and subconsciously fabricating facts to fit the narrative of our book better. Sometimes we are just aloof and don’t know the whole truth. For that purpose, it is imperative that we really need a third person to go through our draft, fact checks everything and articulate the rambling, and make it more pleasant to read. The book’s main purpose is to grasp and completely captivate your reader’s attention and convince them to read further. The only way to do it is to keep your thoughts and words streamlined and keep the sentences more articulate. That’s the only way to go. You need a third person who clarifies your perspective and makes it sound more refined.

Feedback and increasing relatability:

While you as the author of the book, you are the main component of the creative process. Your editors and the proofreaders are the review committee that you pay to get the most honest reviews and unfiltered constructive criticism. This criticism comes to you most professionally and comes from someone who has an elaborate career in writing and selling books. This person knows what sells and how it sells. This person also knows how important the relatability factor is to selling a book to the reader. If your reader is not able to connect or relate to your book, chances are they may only read it once, and that’s that. If you are able to build a connection with your reader through your words, you earn a loyal fan who will keep a lookout for your latest installation and whatever you come with it. They would recommend you to every book club and all their friends, and probably keep your books in their lifetime collection. A skilled editor and a proofreader would help you in enhancing the relatability factor of the book and make sure that the reader finds a connection to the author. Rest assured, we know it is completely impossible to connect to almost every single one of your readers. Still, our book has to have something that someone out there can build a connection with and probably start seeing the author as an inspiration. Most autobiographies and motivational books do excessively great, depending entirely on their relatability factor.

These are a couple of reasons why we at Book Writing Cube personally recommend that you need an editor and a proofreader. There are other various reasons to require an editor and proofreader as a self-published author. At the same time, there is no single reason why you should not get one.


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