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10 Writing and Proofreading Services To Refine Your Website Content

Sometimes writers perceive the idea of assessing the quality of their texts for websites with the help of services like “it’s impossible...

Writing and Proofreading Services

Sometimes writers perceive the idea of assessing the quality of their texts for websites with the help of services like “it’s impossible to check the harmony with algebra.” Let’s say: far from everything that the author considers to be harmony is such, and even a superficial check on one of the popular services can reveal a number of system flaws. This is not to mention the banal non-uniqueness of the text, self-repetition, illiteracy, and so on. The list can belong.

When somebody makes a request like “write my essay for me“, you won’t delegate it to the computer of course, but write it on your own. However, it is always a good idea to check your content with additional tools.

If authors work with such services, they usually use one or two. They also check the text for basic parameters there: uniqueness, keyword density, the number of vague words and phrases. They have favorite services, as well as the ones they don’t like, but not everyone can substantively and reasonably tell about the advantages and disadvantages of each.

“What services do you use for checking texts that you write yourself and which you order to others?” – we asked this question to SEO experts, product managers, marketers, IT consultants.

According to the survey results, we compiled a list of the most mentioned services and then began to dig and systematize the data: what is good, special, and useful for those who want to refine their website content.


An excellent essay writing service that can both help you with producing and proofreading your texts. According to their official website, the service aims to match the most qualified writer to your order. For this, handmade writing hires the most seasoned experts from various disciplines.


Automatic spell checking, punctuation, stylistic mistakes online. You can choose the rigor of text analysis (from a personal letter to scientific papers). In addition, the program checks what is written for plagiarism and immediately shows whether a similar text exists on the Internet.

If you just need to comb your work slightly, and you are familiar with English grammar, this resource is the perfect solution. You receive the finished result (all comments and recommendations for correcting errors) within a couple of minutes. The work will be banished according to the 250 basic rules; they will offer synonyms and remove unnecessary words.

Regardless of which use case you choose: installing a browser extension, online version, or connecting a selected tariff, the check is carried out equally quickly and clearly.

Previously, the free version worked only seven days, and then you would be charged a lot of money (from $ 30 per month to $ 140 per year). Now they have released a basic version with all the necessary features for free!

In the paid version, there are a few more features, matching of synonyms, integration with MS Word, 24/7 support, and plagiarism check. It is useful for those who write serious texts in English.


The service identifies non-unique texts, plagiarism (distinguishes it from correct quoting), and is constantly being improved. Considering the algorithm, it is only known that this is the company’s own development, and it can not only detect copy-paste but also determine poor-quality rewriting.


  • There is no check queue, the check itself is carried out quickly;
  • You can configure to ignore specific sites;
  • Very simple minimalistic interface, important information is always in sight;
  • You can check the texts and web pages, a list or by mask;
  • Basic spelling checker at the Word level;
  • There are paid options for webmasters, including constant monitoring of content – if you drag the article, you will immediately find out about it. There are also discounts.


  • Just five checks per day for unregistered users. The volume of texts – no more than 3000 characters.
  • It is inconvenient to check large texts. The window is small;
  • There is no deep check, only a standard one;
  • If you start editing the text in the scan window, tags are removed from all non-unique fragments at once;
  • Often, the service produces different results when checking the same text within a few hours.
  • Registered users have the opportunity to make up to 20 checks per day; the volume of one text is up to 10 thousand characters. For authors, in most cases, it is enough. Studios, webmasters, customers will have to purchase paid access to check more tests.

Language tool

Online service that checks texts for spelling and grammar. There are extensions for OS, browsers, Google Docs.

Declared advantages:

  • Checks style, punctuation, grammar, logical errors, spelling, typos, extra punctuation, and repetitions;
  • Offers correction options for most bugs;
  • Many supported languages. There is automatic detection. There is even gradation of American and British English.


A useful tool for writers: reduces editing time and improves readability.

ProWritingAid is a world-class editor that should be available to any writer. Improves your writing so that your editor can concentrate on the content and style, and not work on readability.

Help in correcting grammatical and spelling errors is always helpful. But sometimes it is necessary to get feedback that exceeds the quality provided by most automated tools.

After loading the text into the application, the software will generate a list of suggestions for improving the style of the document. ProWritingAid also offers simple options like anti-plagiarism and grammar check.


For authors who not only write unique texts but also develop the design of publications, Scribus is the ideal application.

Why? This is a free, high-rated publication application available for most operating systems (MacOS, Linux, and Microsoft).

The disadvantages include some problems for beginners due to the professional orientation of the software. However, the layouts can be controlled by adjusting slightly to the software.

Zoho Writer

The application is a free alternative to Word and has a simple interface. You can even sign in to your Zoho Writer account from a smartphone and enjoy the versatility of formatting and editing options.

Want more? For those who still use Word, Zoho Writer also has a handy plugin that can merge two programs together.

Many authors do not like Microsoft Word. Especially it is not loved by those who do not need a lot of unnecessary functions, only complicating the work with texts.


A service that will help you find words for your text. All words are displayed by frequency of use. You can specify a word and pick up synonyms for it, words for phrases and similar phrases. If you do not have enough vocabulary – and you definitely feel its lack – use this service.

Just the word

A resource that will help not only pick up words, but also check the frequency of their use and even find words of certain parts of speech.

Collins English Thesaurus

When choosing words without a thesaurus, you basically lose a great resource for improving content quality. No matter how many words you know, the thesaurus knows more, so choose and memorize new words, and learn to use them in context.


Developers provide authors and customers a lot of tools to help better their website content. All services have flaws, but we will forgive them for this. While the development and support continue, the services will be improved and bettered, and the development of AI systems will sometimes bring them to incredible heights. We will only envy their flight of thought.

And it’s very cool that now any author can choose an online assistant who helps to identify and eliminate errors and weaknesses that are specific to his texts.

This article provides an extensive list of freelance applications and sites that help organize remote work or offer tools for text management. Although this list can be supplemented with a much larger number of useful resources, the ones mentioned above are the most popular and highly rated.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

12 Replies to “10 Writing and Proofreading Services To Refine Your Website Content”

  1. Thanks for informing about these amazing tools. I have been using Grammarly for proofreading and editing purposes. It is a good tool but the free version does not cover all the features so it’s better to get a paid one or hire a translation service.

  2. Yes, Grammarly is one of the best tools you can use in content writing. Sometimes we just make a mistake unknowingly and It helps us to improve our writing. I’m already using Grammarly and I will try other tools you mentioned. Thank you for share this information.

  3. Hi Robin,
    That’s a complete resource for new bloggers in the industry. I got some new names from here. Will definitely give them a try. I am sure they will help me deliver a attention-grabbing content.

  4. Thanks for writing this guide. I myself am a writer and this guide helped me a lot for proofreading 🙂

  5. I personally use Grammarly for proofreading my all content for my website. I even have their premium version that helps me in a more advanced way.
    Anyways, Thanks for the list.

  6. All of these are excellent tools when writing. I myself use Grammarly and it has worked out as the best of the tools you have mentioned in my experience. I also love that Grammarly has a mobile app as well.

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